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Prompt // credit to @ SwanQueentfln // If you hate me that much, you need to stop letting me put my fingers inside of you. It sends the wrong message.”

Thanks for the prompt! Again credit to @swanqueentfln //

“If you hate me that much, you need to stop letting me put my fingers inside of you. It sends the wrong message.” Emma growled as she stood now in silence opposite the brunette in her office. Regina looked up from her paper work and walked over to where Emma was standing, she took of her glasses and made the room fill with an incredibly uncomfortable silence. “Ms. Swan, let me tell you a little secret…” Emma gulped terrified she’d stepped over the line. “I like… no. I love it when you put your fingers inside me and I love putting my fingers inside you and feeling how wet you get at my touch to your pussy.” Regina paused pushing emma up against the wall, and pulling her pants down, Emma started breathing heavily “I know what you want and you know what you want…” and with that the brunette took of Emma’s underwear and thrusted two fingers inside the blonde. “You will obey me Ms. Swan and no matter what, you will do as I say. Got it?” Emma just looked into Regina’s chocolate brown eyes “You may speak Saviour. Although I think you’re the one who’s going to need saving tonight” Regina smiled as she pushed her fingers in and out of Emma’s throbbing vagina making her oh so wet. “Got it.” Emma replied with a grin. Regina removed her fingers from emma and licked them clean leaving emma sexually frustrated “We can finish this at mine later.” But-“ Emma tried ”-Nu uh. What did I just tell you. You will do as I say. I will see you at mine later and don’t be late.“ Regina cackled before walking back to her desk and letting emma put her pants and trousers back on and walking out the door excitedly but extremely frustrated with Regina for not letting her come.


I’m not very good with photoshop so this challenge is open to anyone who wants to help me with a post.

In a nutshell, I made this:

but it’s kind of ruined by the beard and I really want it fixed so with all your imaginations combined (captain planet theme song playing in my head right about now) can someone photoshop me a solution. 

Reblog with your entries. Winner gets TO TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO ZERO.

Just kidding. All entries will get a reblog and my lifetime praise. Please keep my URL on it and throw yours on too if you want.

I can’t really ask you to keep it PG given the context but can we keep it clean team? No nudity. Nothing offensive. And please keep the ship war to a minimum (apologies in advance outlaw-whatever shippers).


TL;DR - remove/replace beard from my pic for my praise and lifelong friendship