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name: Kathie

nickname: Kat

zodiac sign: Aquarius

height: 5′2 ½

orientation: bi pan bi+ idk

nationality: american

favourite fruit: honeydew

favourite flower: meh? Yellow rose

favourite scent: vanilla or lavender

favourite animal: my mom’s dog piper

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: chamomile

average hours of sleep: 6

cat or dog: both

favourite fictional character: Regina Mills and Emma Swan

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: visiting every birthplace and grave in my family tree

blog created: 2 years ago I think

number of followers: 2606

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as promised, I’ve reached my first 1k followers, so as a thank you, here’s some cool people you should maybe look into following too. bolded ones are people I interact with regularly ;)

an aside for swen: not all the ouat people I follow are exclusively sq shippers, or even sq shippers at all. they are lovely people nonetheless, but don’t follow simply on the assumption that they’re swen


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I want to wish all my followers a 2016 filled with love and health

A special shout out to these wonderful people that make my Tumblr such a wonderful experience:  @juicecupswanqueen @scarimor @exquisitliltart @helveticabrown @angstbotfic @violetscentedwriter @nyczsq @paradoxalpoised @theswanmillsfamilysingers @anothershadeofgreen @helebette @alabamacmiles @swanqueen-morrilla @swan-queen-is-magic @beautifulsq @sgtmac7 @whiteorchidtblr @spoonofevil @ioliviajanae @delirious-comfort @deemnfic @darkparadiseprodz @dalliance-amongst-the-stars @angtequilajolie @beautifulincentive @rafstein @mauscapade @swansaloft @sultrysweet @sqreceipts @a-e-radley @jinxtergrid @kimmiehier @malefistache @mel35 @mlether1 @sandcastlemaker @barbie-shoes @dailylparrilla @dakota829snow @ouatfashionfinds @onceuponmyobsession @misscanteloupe @creature-a @reginalovesemma @devandclom @evil-queen-aesthetic @poetryinraindrops @aimtoothpaste @racethewind10 @ofthespookypumpkinvariety @coalitiongirl @absedarian @jewelmick @adelina-sq @notevildear-wicked @etotheswan @rosesdancinginmymind @calmskiesfierynights @onceuponameta @aunicorndumbass @taraetoo @alittlepinkvial @sassyyetsimple @aryousavvy @korderoo @negativeblue @skinnylittlelesbian @shady-kat @lzclotho @fictorium @swanqueentfln @trinaregina @gleedcanon @i-heart-mean-girls @swingqueen @hunnyfresh @swanqueensails @thebutterfliesofswanqueen @whyweloveswanqueen @calculaic @wistfulwatcher @sabbath-purr @swanqueenbigbang @bv-ray@littlebamflamb @after-world-chronicles @ouathinktank-metacommentary @spookshowbabyx @weinzapfel @booklandreeve @ao3feed-swanqueen @chilly-flame @dncrnthedark @swanqueen-fanfic @misslane1981 @mistress-of-misanthropy @funnylesbianshipper @swenappreciation @swanning-and-queening @regalducky @swanqueen-fangirl @reginagifs @ladiesincaps @alwayswanqueen

I love you swen! Swan Queen is here to stay!


I’m not very good with photoshop so this challenge is open to anyone who wants to help me with a post.

In a nutshell, I made this:

but it’s kind of ruined by the beard and I really want it fixed so with all your imaginations combined (captain planet theme song playing in my head right about now) can someone photoshop me a solution. 

Reblog with your entries. Winner gets TO TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO ZERO.

Just kidding. All entries will get a reblog and my lifetime praise. Please keep my URL on it and throw yours on too if you want.

I can’t really ask you to keep it PG given the context but can we keep it clean team? No nudity. Nothing offensive. And please keep the ship war to a minimum (apologies in advance outlaw-whatever shippers).


TL;DR - remove/replace beard from my pic for my praise and lifelong friendship