swanqueen for the win!

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Could you explain to me why you want SwanQueen to win the zimbo poll? The showrunners and the actors have said SwanQueen is not going to happen. They give you just enough scraps to sustain your interest in a non-canon non-ship that's never going to happen and that ran out of steam 3 seasons ago. Fanfic/fanart is a headcanon. Canon doesn't support any of it. Btw, I don't care about any of the couples in that poll. I'm just curious why you want to reward shitty writing and queerbaiting.

Because I like swan queen. So I want it to win. Do you think these polls impact anything!? Lmfao it’s not rewarding anything. Even if show runners gave a shit about some poll, the winner would be something that doesn’t exist on their show. That is obviously not for them. I love swan queen. I love it more than anything else on that list. So I want it to win. Y u mad? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You know whats sad?

All the hate against swanqueen fans would look IDENTICAL if swanqueen got the endgame canon spot on the show.

We cant win, canon or not.

Remember what was it season 3 or 4 when we all talked about how we need to prepare for swanqueen being canon as much as not, as it would have the same harsh fall out?

Well im bringing that back up.

Be careful, shut off anon if you have to… up to, during and after the CS wedding is going to be very bad.

  • Me @ a con: who would Regina bed, marry & kill between Robin, Mal & Emma
  • Lana: oh tough...Uhm well, she would definitely bed Mal
  • Writers: fuck not this shit again
  • Lana: Uhm so if she beds Mal uh...
  • Writers: prepare yourselves..
  • Lana: She would marry Robin and kill Emma
  • Me: ...
  • Writers: ...
  • Swen: ...
  • Haters: ha!
  • Lana: ...JUST KIDDING! She'll kill Robin and marry Emma! Duh! Swanqueen rules! Love wins! SWANQUEEN WOOOOHOOO!THAT WAS A GOOD CHOICE RIGHT?!

Please keep voting in the OUAT FAN CHOICE AWARDS ROUND 2

Here are our suggestions:

Favorite Actress: Lana Parrilla / Jennifer Morrison

Favorite Quote: “I made you a promise I intend to keep. Everyone deserves their happy ending.” - Emma

Favorite Episode: 4x05 Breaking Glass

Favorite Scene: Emma wanting to be Regina’s friend - 4x05

Favorite Family: Swan Mills Family

Favorite Character: Regina Mills / Emma Swan

Ultimate Ship: Swan Queen

For some categories like favorite scene there are more than one choice for SQ/Swan Mills Family but we should focus on one so that we will have a chance to win this category.

AfterEllen’s poll

Hi! I have a lot to say about this poll and the important thing to talk about is the hate that is happening right now. SwanQueen and Bechloe ARE powerful fandoms right now and I know both can win without cheating or asking for help to the “enemies” so to speak even tho they’re not. 

I am so mad and disappointed at the attitude I’m seeing in the social media. I am getting so tired of seeing my two favorite fandoms in the whole world fighting as if this poll is, I don’t know, their reason to live or something. Yes, I know the reward of winning this, and I know how hard it is to have an interview about your OTP with Morrilla or Sendrick. And yes, I get it and I accept it, I would love to see it happening, with someone that really wants to talk about it, even if it’s only Lana like it happened last year. BUT there’s no reason to start a war or insulting or even ask for help to CS or Jeca shippers. Because we can do it on our own.

I talked to my favorite Swens in the world and to some weirdos who I admire so much and we all agree that this hate is nonsense and useless. So stop saying that the other fandom is cheating and vice versa, because we’re so lucky our OTP is being recognized by the media and the most important people, the actresses (or don’t you remember Lana tweeting Fyval’s song about SQ and saying “this is for all the swanqueen shippers…”? Or Anna tweeting #BechloeIsReal and Brittany supporting it with “So real. So proud”?).

Femslash is so important to our generation. Remember that. 

Respect each other because love is louder than hate.

Nieve (Proud Swen and Weirdo/Idiot)