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Swanfire Appreciation Week:
Day 8: Enchanted Forest AU:

Tangled! Swanfire AU by @zoe19blink

SWANFIRE TANGLED AU: in which Regina is desperate to stay young, so she steals Baby Emma for her magic potential. Neal is a thief, trying to buy his way out of the kingdom, and Emma is just a girl, tired of being trapped behind four walls. Cuteness ensues.


Swanfire Appreciation Week
Day 7: (Free Day) AU– Bandit Princess!Emma and Merry Man!Baelfire

Exiled by Queen Regina after her sleeping curse was broken, Snow White and her Prince Charming lived as bandits and fugitives, aiding their former kingdom and protecting them from the crown in any way they could, raising their daughter to do the same.

After escaping Neverland, Baelfire found his way to the Enchanted Forest, and once again in hiding from his father. Following an accidental run-in with the Merry Men, Robin Hood takes Bae under his wing and welcomes into his band. 

Eventually, the two fugitives meet and fall in love. 


Swanfire Week Day 1: Friendship
Make something that shows what makes Emma and Neal such a good match. How do their individual character traits/strengths compliment each other.

So there are a lot of scenes that show the friendship between Emma and Neal but this one always sticks out to me. Even after everything that’s happened, they  can laugh together so easily (you never really see either of them smile or laugh like this with anyone else). Also the line “I just want you to be happy Even if it isn’t with me.” shows what a good match they are for each other ‘cause in my opinion true love is wanting what’s best for the other person no matter what.