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Neal, I want to stay here. You don’t want to get back to Storybrooke? This is what I want. To be with you. Let’s stay. Maybe this could be our Tallahassee.


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If this doesn’t scream predator than I don’t know what does. This truly gives me the creeps and makes me see, even more than I already do, how extremely toxic and disturbing this relationship is. Emma was too young to be with a man so much older than her. 

This right here shows how young Emma was. And you wanna know the sick part of this, besides everything else about SF/ST, is that some people in the SF fandom might actually think this is still cute.. and I just… that is just so wrong on SOOO many levels.

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Neal? Hi Emma. Hey….

After getting a letter from Henry, Neal realizes that August was wrong about him needing to leave Emma. He shows up in Storybrooke to get his son back from the Evil Queen, help Emma to believe in magic so she can stop the curse, and maybe get his family back. If anything he will at least get Emma her family back. That was after all why he had let her go in the first place. To get her home. Now that he knows they have a son he can no longer stay away. He will do whatever it takes to save the ones he loves.(requested by Anonymous)

Neal/Swanfire unanswered questions

1.Why didn’t Neal acknowledge Emma kept their car after she got out of jail?

2.How did Emma even know where the car was once she got out?

3.Did Neal leave it in the parking lot near the prison?

4.What was the point in Charley’s girl during their seperate scenes in NYC?

5. Was that their song?

6. Why didn’t they incorporate it during their carousel date? Seemed like the most opportune time to do given the discussion with Home

7.Neal promised he would see Emma and Henry again. The latter never happened.

8. Belle told Neal Emma’s pendant was born of true love. A trinket that was able to jump realms, survive curses, several changes of clothing, and body absorption. Somehow survived the magical journey was never brought up again after the funeral. Did it have magic? What was the fucking point in labeling it as a True love totem if it didn’t go anywhere?

9. Why did Snowing name their child after Neal? Shouldn’t that honor have been left for Henry? Awkward and inappropriate. A&E lame attempts to sooth the Neal stans?

10. Where was Neal coming from in his opening scene in NYC?

11. What did Neal do for a living?

12. How did he leave Neverland? Did Tink play a part in that?

13. How old was he when he arrived in our world?

How did he come up with the name?

15. What was he doing in Portland before running into Emma?

16. How did August know he was Baelfire?

Why didn’t the show elaborate on the phone call where the cops came in and arrest Emma? (Adam claimed on twitter it was August)

18. Why didn’t they expand the conversation(s) with August after she got arrested?

Why did Emma spend two years in Tallahassee after getting out of Jail?

20. Was her baby blanket waiting for her inside the car after she got out of Jail the entire time?

21. Why weren’t the Darlings at Neal’s funeral when they brought in filler characters after his death?

22. Why didn’t they give us a Neal Cassidy back story centric episode? The show gave Hook two fucking centrics this season.. If they claim that his death was planned since the summer, wouldn’t they have fleshed out his character while he was alive instead of using posthumous flashbacks to expand a dead character?

23. Will Emma ever find out the man she is currently with is responsible for sending and abandoning Neal to Peter and the Lost Boys? To live on that island alone fearing for his life for over a century?

24. Will Emma ever know that Hook ran off with Neal’s mother? And is partly responsibly for leaving him without a mother?

Will anyone on this fucking show acknowledge how grossly inappropriate the CS relationship stands? Hook bedded Neal’s Mother. Ran off with her knowing she had a son (yet he went on with Bae about having a broken childhood of his own). Abandons Step son during fit of emo man pain. To then move on to the love of Neal’s life. Inheriting the life Neal should have had.

26.Will Rumple ever inform Emma about this shit?

27. Will Rumple ever discuss this shit with Hook?

28. Will Henry ever find out about this shit?

How did Pan have a drawing of Henry before he was born?

30. Why establish through a flashback this season that Baelfire enjoyed drawing and had a knack for it (like his mother), but never bothered to associate the same trait with Neal as an adult?

Why didn’t they just kill Neal during their portal scene a year ago?

32. Why make MRJ a regular to only kill his character twice?

33. Why did they cock block Swanfire with a cliche evil fiance whose arc never went anywhere?

What was the point establishing that Tamara was in love with Greg?

35. Why did Hook call Neal a villain given everything he put Neal through?

36. Why did Neal just fucking stand there listening to that BS instead of calling him out his hypocritical ass?

37. Why did Neal use dark magic given his vehement stance that magic had ruined his family? He knew Emma and Henry were safe what was the haste? Why dumb down his character (and Belle’s)?

38. How can Snow with no knowledge of magic somehow at whim know about splitting hearts, yet Rumple who is the Dark One,couldn’t find a way to save his own son?

39. They went back in time and brought back contrived shipping drama for OQ and a lame attempt to cash in on the latest Disney cash cow but couldn’t be bothered to save Baelfire?

What was the point in Neal’s death? A&E claimed the story demanded it. Zelena wanted to use the Dark One. Neal was the guinea pig. Snowing caused the curse. Rumple comes back and does nothing. Regina is the one who destroyed Zelena. Rumple merely avenged his son after his stupid decision. Rumple died as a hero in 311. His arc came full circle. He wanted his son to find a happy ending without him.

41. Did anyone know he sent Hook the note?

42. Did the Charmings ever know he was reason that led to their son finding Emma in Boston and coming to SB?

Will we ever know what his life was like after he left Emma?

44. Will we ever know if he went to Tallahassee despite August’s warning?

45. Would he have seen Emma from afar and said goodbye as he tried to start a new life in NYC?

46. Will we ever see how he managed to make his way alone in our world growing up?

47. Will we ever find out the true reasoning’s for abandoning their own unique modern fairytale for a harlequin cliche romance?

48. What was the point in Rumple asking Emma about Baelfire’s fate if he just decided to forget it and drink the potion anyway? To merely taunt the audience with one last Neal resurrection carrot? Would past Rumple at his peak obsession with trying to find his son even drink the potion? Of course not. He would have thrown Emma’s ass into that portal along with the damn potion. As a fucking seer he would have seen that his son wouldn’t have made that same mistake twice.

49. What was the point in Neal’s poster slogan?

All Meaningless.

Two Lost Children. Abandoned by their parents. Son of Dark. Daughter of Light. The curse and the Savior destined to break it. Two Thieves in our world. Finding a home with each other. Outside sources play a part in their temporary separation. The Little Guy who ends up becoming the truest believer ends up saving them in the end. They go off and live their happily ever after by the water.

That was the story. That was A&E’s fairytale. Three unique non-established fairytale characters. Fate. Love. Forgiveness. Watching their trials and tribulations as they stumble through the growing pains of reacquainting and learning to be a family and coming out of it on the other side stronger.

OMG I am tired of statuatory rape crap
  • CS shipper: if Emma was 18 when Henry was born, she must have been 17 when she got pregnant!
  • me: it takes 9 months for a baby to be born, not a whole year. she could have been 18 and 11 months old. thats still 18.
  • CS shipper: but there's no proof that she was 18
  • me: actually it is...
  • CS shipper: but...
  • me: end of argument. find something else to hate him for.

Omg, I want to seriously throw up, this is so disturbing, this is what Emma would have looked like when she met Neal. This is how young Emma was. Ugh, this hurts my eyes and soul..

And that last graphic is the scariest, look at Neal’s creepy face looking at Emma.. *shudders*

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Forever bitter that they killed Baelfire/Neal

And NOT because I shipped Swanfire (which I did - I thought they were perfect for each other) but because Neal was an important character in his own right. He was Rumple’s beloved son and Henry’s loving father. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because him and his father were FINALLY beginning to build a new relationship with each other. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because they robbed Henry of getting to know his father, a man who genuinely wanted to get to know his son the second he found out he existed. The son he willingly fell into a portal for when he had no idea where that portal would take him AND he had just been shot. He knew he could be going to his death but he did it so Henry wouldn’t grow up without his parents. So that Henry WOULDN’T have to grow up the way he and Emma did. As a boy Bae was willing to leave everything behind and go to a new world to be with his papa. He was willing to sacrifice for his papa who became CURSED for him. And when Rumple failed to go in the portal with him (something Rumple regretted immediately and forever!) Bae did not become a horrible, bitter, angry and selfish person. He remained as sweet and caring as ever. He gave up his freedom and for all he knew, his life, for the darling family. He was always stern but loving to his father, correcting him when he gave into the darkness (when he was a child, when he found Gold and Lacey bullying Whale, and in when he was with his father in Neverland). So, no, I am not still and forever upset that Neal is dead because I wanted Neal with Emma. I am upset because Neal was MORE IMPORTANT than serving as one part of a stupid love triangle. I am upset because Neal was a GOOD person who should have had the chance to be a father to Henry and to have a relationship with his papa.

I’ll admit it probably would have bothered me if Emma picked Hook over Neal (because I honestly don’t think that would make any sense) but if she did, you know what? I would have dealt with it. I would have gotten over it if it meant that Neal got to be a father to Henry. He also could have helped with Snowing family missions. He was smart, he was resourceful, he was caring, he was MORE than an eye-candy love interest! Which is more than I can say for Hook or even Robin to be honest (I ship outlaw queen but c'mon, Robin has contributed like nothing to this show lately except for sperm to Zelena). But that’s the writer’s problem, not Robin’s.


You sure you wanna be here? I’m not gonna leave you alone in this place. If something does go down with Tamara, I need to know you’ve got my back. Emma, if Tamara is hiding Regina here in her evil lair by the docks, yeah, I got your back.