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If this doesn’t scream predator than I don’t know what does. This truly gives me the creeps and makes me see, even more than I already do, how extremely toxic and disturbing this relationship is. Emma was too young to be with a man so much older than her. 

This right here shows how young Emma was. And you wanna know the sick part of this, besides everything else about SF/ST, is that some people in the SF fandom might actually think this is still cute.. and I just… that is just so wrong on SOOO many levels.

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I firmly believe that Neal IS the Wizard of Oz.

I firmly believe that he’s been on the soundstage filming bc he is the Wizard of Oz.

And I firmly believe, he comes back and kicks ass in a major way and is not the one to die. 

Also, I firmly believe that the reason Emma kept asking about Neal is that she does love him and the only reason she said Hook’s name after taking the potion is because she remembered him. Not because hes her true love.

After 2 years of town building, Swanfire finally has a dream address! It’s a little less structured than other dream towns, and it’s not perfect, but it’s mine. 


If you visit and take pictures, I would absolutely love to see them! You can tag me or use the tag #town-of-swanfire Thanks!

Forever bitter that they killed Baelfire/Neal

And NOT because I shipped Swanfire (which I did - I thought they were perfect for each other) but because Neal was an important character in his own right. He was Rumple’s beloved son and Henry’s loving father. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because him and his father were FINALLY beginning to build a new relationship with each other. I will never be ok with Neal’s death because they robbed Henry of getting to know his father, a man who genuinely wanted to get to know his son the second he found out he existed. The son he willingly fell into a portal for when he had no idea where that portal would take him AND he had just been shot. He knew he could be going to his death but he did it so Henry wouldn’t grow up without his parents. So that Henry WOULDN’T have to grow up the way he and Emma did. As a boy Bae was willing to leave everything behind and go to a new world to be with his papa. He was willing to sacrifice for his papa who became CURSED for him. And when Rumple failed to go in the portal with him (something Rumple regretted immediately and forever!) Bae did not become a horrible, bitter, angry and selfish person. He remained as sweet and caring as ever. He gave up his freedom and for all he knew, his life, for the darling family. He was always stern but loving to his father, correcting him when he gave into the darkness (when he was a child, when he found Gold and Lacey bullying Whale, and in when he was with his father in Neverland). So, no, I am not still and forever upset that Neal is dead because I wanted Neal with Emma. I am upset because Neal was MORE IMPORTANT than serving as one part of a stupid love triangle. I am upset because Neal was a GOOD person who should have had the chance to be a father to Henry and to have a relationship with his papa.

I’ll admit it probably would have bothered me if Emma picked Hook over Neal (because I honestly don’t think that would make any sense) but if she did, you know what? I would have dealt with it. I would have gotten over it if it meant that Neal got to be a father to Henry. He also could have helped with Snowing family missions. He was smart, he was resourceful, he was caring, he was MORE than an eye-candy love interest! Which is more than I can say for Hook or even Robin to be honest (I ship outlaw queen but c'mon, Robin has contributed like nothing to this show lately except for sperm to Zelena). But that’s the writer’s problem, not Robin’s.

A friendly reminder that the people writing OUAT are the same that wrote LOST. They also did a love triangle on there as well with Jack, Kate and Sawyer. 

Sawyer was considered a “bad guy” aka Hook

Jack was considered a “good guy” aka Neal.

Kate had romances with both.

And who did she choose in the end?


So basically, since history is sort of repeating itself with OUAT, Emma will be ending up with Neal because it’s almost the same triangle with sort of the same storyline. 

Just sayin

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anonymous asked:

I wish I have as much hope as you have in swanfire. I really want them endgame, really, but the way media promote cs, the fact that - let's be honest - cs shippers are more numerous, I feel like the show is now write for them, because they can't allow to lose them. Even if I do like Hook it pisses me off that everyone is so forgiving with him and so harsh on Neal. Little bit sad about it but hey, it's just show ;) (thanks for your blog xoxo)

I like to think positive. The media may like CS but they ain’t shit. Excuse my French but sometimes I want to tell them to kiss my ass. They’re spreading them because they’re “hot” that’s the media. They like HOT stuff. SwanFire was planned since the beginning. They didn’t have to make Neal, Baelfire, they even thought about changing it but they loved it so much.

CS is new, and the fans want it so bad that A LOT of them cry to Adam about it and even smash SwanFire/SwanQueen’s that ask about their ship or about Neal. I am one of those victims.

Yes they’re doing it to make them happy. They got a kiss. Big woop. And the media spoiled it to wild them up which made them more vicious and violent and disgusting against SFers.

Adam told us to keep hope. Neal told (unconscious) Henry to keep hope. Emma spoke about starting to lose hope when she saw Bae’s tally marks on the cave’s walls.

They’re all about hope. So I’m gonna hold on to my hope for them to get their happy ending together.

It is just a show. A pretty damn good one. But I can’t help but love fictional characters! ;]

practically-disney-in-every-way  asked:

Hello!! So I had a question :) Do you think theres hope for Swanfire? I just feel like fans on twitter, the ABC producers and media are shoving captain swan down our throats so thats the way the writers have decided to go. I just love Neal and Emma together so much and I just hate how the beginning of the season Emma kept saying how devastated she was Neal was gone and how she always loved him, then kissed Hook and now its a thing. And next weeks promo isnt making me feel any better :(

There’s always hope for SwanFire. The media likes CS because they’re hot. Remember ABC controls the promos and the media controls the sneak peeks. Not Adam and Eddy.
Like Emma said, she feels she can’t enjoy herself because she’s the savior. There’s a speed bump in her journey for a happy ending. If it wasn’t for Pan, then charming would have taken Emma to granny’s for her date. True love isn’t easy Mary Sue stuff cause fate likes us to suffer. Long journey means better results.
Captain Swan is just too forced. After Hook told Neal that’d he’d back off, he went straight for Tink to get something. He just made himself a man slut right there. Thinking with his D and going after someone else after walking away from Emma whom he was so determined to win over. That just makes me think that if they ever did get together that if they fought and he walked away, he would find someone else.
Id say more, but I’m getting really distracted right now. :P