The notion of “I will wait for you to be ready” is always, always, always more romantic and captivating than the “I will win you over and you’ll be mine” mentality. Every. Single. Time. 

heplacedthestars  asked:

Why are you anti hook?? 😐🙀

[adele voice] hello

(the following mess is just my opinion. if you like hook, that’s great! i just…don’t.)

why don’t i like hook? because i’m petty -no, actually that’s not it. 

well it kind of is but let’s start from the beginning.

now i started watching ouat from season 4 [cough cough] not because of frozen, what? [cough] and i had heard about captain swan and it seemed to me one of those solid ships and i never felt any reason to argue against it.

hook seemed…stale. i’d seen his type before in YA novels. that kind of white guy ‘swagger’, the british accent, the dark hair, the intense eyes, the arrogance that somehow looks “charming”.

i mean, let’s be real, colin o’donoghue is pretty. and i completely endorse and appreciate that.

but hook as a character…eh. i could basically tell what he was about to do before he did it. he was like a male manic pixie dream girl? like more of a concept and eye candy than an actual character.

i didn’t dislike him, but i was too busy crying over elizabeth lail and georgina haig to bother with him too much.

and then i found ouat on my netflix and decided to cycle through the first three seasons on my end of the school year binge last year.

and that’s where it crumbled.

it’s my firm belief, and i don’t know if this was confirmed or not, but i feel like hook was originally supposed to be like august or zelena or aurora, like maybe a two to five episode character? maybe a season-long character, at best. 

because he felt like a passerby. he didn’t feel too important. and i did actually like him. he was dastardly, yet funny. 

but he also did really bad things. and my memory is fuzzy at best, but i do remember he did some pretty bad things.

he was compelling to me, but he didn’t have regina’s allure. i didn’t really…want to care about him.

and then he just…didn’t leave.

they were pretty good about tying up his backstory in seasons 2 and 3 and i actually really liked his tale. season 3a probably did the best by him. he had a brother, he was a real captain who went through real tragedy.

and then [sighs] then came the love triangle.

now let’s rewind a little bit, back to neal cassidy my angel, my precious one, my love

the second i met neal/baelfire for the first time, i was glued. his childhood was tragic, horribly, horribly so. abandoned by his own mother, and then he was forced to watch his father gradually turn into such a despicable monster that he chose his own power over him.

and he was still kind. he was still sweet, gentle. not a saint, no, not by any means, but still.

and he and emma shared that. a lost girl, a lost boy, both stupidly in love and both trying to survive.

was neal tortured? probably. but he didn’t use that as a crutch? he had every chance to be evil and he never did.

not only that, but he and emma had a child together. and no, i’m not saying he should have ditched her and let her go to prison, of course not. but you can’t deny that emma still loved him so much, more than she could even bear and he felt the same.

so when emma and hook kissed for the first time, i was like

because emma and hook’s relationship was more of a slap-slap-kiss routine. for me, at least, it didn’t have the same appeal. sexy, maybe, but it lacked substance. they as a unit lacked substance. like i just felt that putting the relationship there was…bad storytelling? sure, they were two pretty people who could exchange sassy lines, but that wasn’t enough for me.

also, they way hook talked about wooing emma seemed really creepy? like that whole “i won’t stop until you say yes” mantra is really…gross to me. “when you say yes”; it’s not romantic in my eyes. maybe it was supposed to come out different, but compelling romances aren’t just driven completely by one side, and usually when the other side isn’t as forward i feel like the other should, you know, take a hint

but i think people really liked it? and hook still wasn’t leaving. so episodes go by, i keep watching.

and then neal died. 

and i was like

i was livid. and it seemed awfully convenient, at least to me. neal and emma had confessed their love to each other, and then he died. and hook still wasn’t leaving.

and that’s where the pettiness lies. to be completely honest, one reason i don’t like hook is because i like neal better

so then, i get to season 4 again. my perspective is tainted, and i’m bitter and salty but nothing really happens so i go on to season 5.

season 5 season 5 seASON FIVE.

the real mess.

and i can complain about season 5 in another post, but watching emma and hook, they seemed so forced. i heard a good rule of thumb once: if a couple has to kiss for people to see they’re in love, you’re writing it wrong.

not only that, but hook suddenly became so important that emma appeared to be prioritizing him over other people, and i nitpick because this is a show about family, so i felt like we’d see more of emma and her parents and regina and…i don’t know, her son than her and hook.

and then we learn the real reason emma went dark. 

because she didn’t want to move in with her boyfriend

ok, i shouldn’t put it like that. but at this point, i felt like the writers were beating a dead horse with emma’s emotions. emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, yes. and they are valid. but proper character development dictates that emma should overcome that. and i know she’s scared, especially because people she loved have been ripped away from her, but at the same time, i didn’t like how it was written. i didn’t believe the darkness had to be about…him.

and now most of my bitterness stems from what i believe to be bad writing. i don’t agree with emma’s decision to turn hook dark to save him. but at the same time, he took that opportunity to instantly become such a douche. emma and rumple didn’t necessarily go around terrorizing everyone the second they became dark but hook just went right for it.

and then they’re spending season 5b trying to do what looks like to me damage control. hook suddenly has a really sad childhood and his brother and all this stuff and this is why you should feel sorry for him and it’s like um…great. not working for me.

tl;dr: i don’t hate hook, but i don’t like the way he’s written. i don’t feel like colin is getting the room to act at his full potential.

he isn’t a compelling character for me.

i don’t like the way captain swan was introduced into the show, nor how they interact. i feel like neal and emma, and in turn, michael and jennifer are more natural and have better chemistry on screen. this is biased thinking, but there it is.

and finally, i don’t like the way they’re trying to quickly whitewash him. i feel like that he’s done some really horrible things in his life and he needs to spend time answering for them, and i don’t think he can achieve that by putting the burden on emma and using her as a sort of morality pet, using just her as a motivation to be good or noble.

he needs more time.

[so thanks for reading my graduate thesis on why hook is not my favorite. again, these are personal opinions and i’m not trying to attack anyone who feels differently, but this is what i feel. also, i just tag ‘anti hook’ because it isn’t fair to post my negative opinions and shove them in the faces of people who do like him.]

Are the writers purposely making C$ extra revolting so every ship loathes this one relationship above all else? Because I don’t understand it other way. 

• They killed Neal to make way for this toxic ship.
• They have fucked over Rumple’s character to prop up Hook.
• They’ve screwed over Regina’s development to prop up Hook too.
• They blatantly parallel SQ and C$ but suddenly #nohomo applies.
• They continue to steal from RumBelle for C$ and give them NO screen time.
• Snowing is forgotten and their relationship with Emma is sidelined to continue giving more screen time to her abusive relationship with Killy. 
• What even is Swan Believer anymore, if Emma’s happiness is her boyfriend?
• Now they’re also killing OQ while C$ can continue to suck face? 

And I’m here like “Wasn’t Hook a corpse rotting away?” 

How many times before he dies for good? They can’t continue sacrificing other characters and stories - much better ones - just to glorify this bastard.

This is either Once Upon a Hook or the writers are jerks who are having a laugh at the fandom’s expense. Is it too much projecting of their high school bad boy fantasies, or are they actually aiming for everyone to turn against C$? 

I don’t know… I just don’t see how the majority of the audience would stick around for only C$. I know *I* can’t endure another Hook season.

We All Know What Would Have Happened if Neal was the Dark One instead of Hook
  • Emma:I turned you into a Dark One.
  • Neal:Okay I'm really pissed but hold that thought.
  • Neal:*poofs*
  • Rumpelstiltskin:Finally a minute of quie-HOLY CRAP BAE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??
  • Neal:Hi Dad. So I'm a Dark One now and I'm having these really strong urges to kill a bunch of people. Advice?
  • Rumpelstiltskin:First things first, eat a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.