Coffee and Bagel (1/5)

AN:  This is my thank you gift.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Thank you for your donations.  (And commissions! Standby if you’ve PM’d me, I’m getting organized).  Thank you for your prayers.  They mean everything to me.  So here is my surprise present, a Swanfire AU of Dharma and Greg.

Emma Swan was fed up. 

She had not had a good start to her morning. On the way to the office, she’d spilled her latte all over the ground and partly on her cream-colored blazer. She was running fifteen minutes late to an executives meeting and she had forgotten her lucky lipstick. The day could not get any worse. 

She missed the 8:46 train. She would have to wait for the 8:52 train and by then, it would be too late. She was sure to get a dressing down of epic proportions. 

Finally, her train arrived. Impatiently, she shoved her way on, battling sharp elbows and dirty looks—until she bumped into someone. 

“Excuse me,” Emma muttered, preparing to give the interloper an impatient look. But her blue eyes met warm brown and suddenly she felt weak in the knees. 

“No problem,” The man smiled at her cheerfully. He was…incredibly good-looking…stocky build, curly dark hair, a bit of scruff. He was not dressed stylishly or shabbily, somewhere in the middle. As though he gave very little thought to his clothes. It seemed a stark contrast to her crisp, tailored suit. 

She forgot how to speak English. 

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I went to Steveston and all I got was this lousy necklace

I picked this up in anticipation of a reaching a nice number in my follower count when in Steveston last month as a thank you to all you patient people who voluntarily put up with me on your dash. *tosses confetti*

Yes, this is the lamest giveaway you’ll ever see. Also, forgive the crappy, low light camera phone pics. 

Straight from It’s Posh, AKA Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop, is this lovely silver-tone swan charm. Pretty much the ultimate Swanfire symbol there is. You know, other than Henry.

Do you want it? Here’s how:

1. Follow me.

2. Reblog this post.

That’s it! On August 23 I’ll randomly pick a… winner.

For you lovely Rumbelle fans, I have a thing for you, too! No cheating, the same person is not going to get both.

Hey you know who loves Emma and never would have called her an orphan or tried to drag her family into the underworld, even if he was the Dark One bc he’s not a selfish and abusive dickhead?

We All Know What Would Have Happened if Neal was the Dark One instead of Hook
  • Emma:I turned you into a Dark One.
  • Neal:Okay I'm really pissed but hold that thought.
  • Neal:*poofs*
  • Rumpelstiltskin:Finally a minute of quie-HOLY CRAP BAE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??
  • Neal:Hi Dad. So I'm a Dark One now and I'm having these really strong urges to kill a bunch of people. Advice?
  • Rumpelstiltskin:First things first, eat a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.

Enchanted Forest AU: After returning from Neverland, Bae meets the princess in his secret hideaway that he has made in the forest to keep his father from finding him. Over the years, they fall in love in hidden, secret places and vow to find a way to be together without the cover of the trees and the night sky to shield them.