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Neal…Baelfire…I just want you to know that you're a great guy. If…if something were to happen to you, it wouldn't go down quietly. You'd be missed, and you'd be loved. Heck, you're loved right now. Thank you for giving us what you did in the time you spent in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest…and no matter what, please know you'll be remembered. Good characters - I mean good men never truly die, so long as they're not forgotten.

  • Snow:We're honouring Neal by naming our son after him.
  • Emma:I honour Neal by keeping reminders, like the keychain and the yellow bug and this photo.
  • Killian:I honour Neal by telling his son about him and teaching him to sail just like I once taught Neal, long ago.
  • Rumple:I'll honour Neal by becoming a better man and here's how. I'm going to try to kill the mother of his child and make his friend my puppet for a while before killing him. Then I'll free myself from the dagger, gather all the power in the world and rule supreme as overlord of all the realm, using magic. That's what Bae would have wanted.
  • Everyone:
  • Neal:I am going to turn in my grave so hard you can use me as a turbine in the next power outage.

neal cassidy/baelfire appreciation week
day 7: free day/au
Bae and Emma meet in the Enchanted Forest

               After fleeing Neverland, Baelfire returns to the Enchanted Forest, making a home out of the forest while still on the run from his father. He meets the Princess, who fast becomes the one person he trusts. Over the years, they fall in love in hidden, secret places. 

Neal was such a true love for Emma.

Jennifer Morrison at the Fairy Tales Convention 

According to clarkegrfin who attended the panel, Jennifer spent a while going on about how Neal. She basically said that Neal was Emma’s true love and how Emma had to accept his choices and see why he made his decision to leave her. Jennifer said that Emma really did love Neal and that she had to accept that she still loved him.