Swan Queen - Western AU

(…AKA The Reluctant Savior VS Dark Swan showdown with a western twist no one asked for.)

Wallpaper [1920x1200px]

Hi-Res full-body solo pics [Emma] [Regina]

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This was inspired by both this awesome fanart by @akvilon-ru and this sketch by @pinkrabbitpro.


Swan Queen AU: Cop and Scientist/Buddy Cop Show [1/?]

Medical Examiner Dr. Regina Mills meets her new Medicolegal Investigator Emma Swan.


Detective Regina Mills meets her new partner Detective Emma Swan.

Choose your own adventure AU!

ETA:  hey peeps, katiepult wrote a short vignette for this! :) 


Swan Queen Week Day 02: Roommate AU (+ Carmilla cross-over)

Regina: I could get it.

Emma: What?

Regina: The sword. I could get it. Pressure depth and nitrogen narcosis aren’t really itches for a vampire.

Emma: That would be… I mean, you’d be risking your life and if your mother found out she would…

Regina: Yeah, well, my mother fed the only person I cared about to a monster and maybe I don’t feel like letting that happen again.

Emma: Wow, that’s… I mean, I know that you’re not just doing it for me, but seriously…

ReginaDon’t be an idiot. Of course I’m doing it for you.


Swan Queen Week Day 01: Meet-Cute AU

Regina: I’ve never seen you here before.

Emma: I’m new in town. I’m originally from Boston. Mary Margaret insisted I go to the party so I could meet and get to know the people around here.

Regina: And since you’re here with me right now, I’m guessing you didn’t do any of that.

Emma: Not true.

Regina: Really. So, who did you meet?

Emma: That pretty girl Regina. If she’d let me, I’d really love to get to know her, too.