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Hello! Yes, this is quite random, but Jin's crooked fingers are adorable and need more love, goodbye!

they aren’t crooked fingers, it’s a medical condition called hypermobility syndrome or swan neck deformity which causes his joints to move beyond the ‘normal’ range

that’s why we’ll see him wearing braces because it could actually become painful sometimes

but yes, give him lots of love

Medical Astrology

❝   Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. ❞

Medical Astrology has been practiced for centuries over centuries and still remains in practice to this day - although it became much humbler as modern medicine evolved and astrology transformed into something wildly interpreted as “humbug”. Even some of those who study astrology still seem to have a false understanding of what exactly medical astrology is and therefore don’t believe in it themselves.

So to clear up any possible misconceptions before I start: Medical Astrology is NOT the stars telling you that you’re going to have a specific condition because one of your placements suggests it. As with most other things, there’s a lot that comes into play: Other placements, on one hand, but especially, and I really want to stress this, things like how you treat your body, accidents that you may get into, DNA, … you get the drift.

I already mentioned it, but medical astrology only SUGGESTS higher risks for specific ailments. It does NOT predict them. (Transits, however, CAN - but even they don’t promise for you to get the disease or whatever ailment is supposed to happen. This is another topic, though.)

Having said that, I will make another post for very specific conditions, for this one I’ll only talk about some general things like what signs/houses/planets rule what body part and what role everything plays. Also, I do NOT take responsibility for what you do with this information. I’m not trying to scare anyone, I’m just passing on some of my knowledge.


  • Aries/1st House: rules head, face (and everything in it), brain, hair, vision
  • Taurus/2nd House: rules throat, voice/vocal cords/tract, neck, thyroid, weight
  • Gemini/3rd House: rules hands, arms, nerve system, shoulders, lungs, brain
  • Cancer/4th House: rules alimentary canal, breasts/chest, stomach
  • Leo/5th House: rules heart, chest, upper back, spinal column, spine
  • Virgo/6th House: rules intestines, nervous system, digestive system, spleen
  • Libra/7th House: rules skin, lumbar region, kidneys, buttocks, lower back
  • Scorpio/8th House: rules genitalia, bowels, reproductive & excretory system
  • Sagittarius/9th House: rules thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, liver
  • Capricorn/10th House: rules skeletal system, knees, joints
  • Aquarius/11th House: rules calves, ankles, circulatory system
  • Pisces/12th House: rules feet, toes, adipose tissue, lymphatic system


  • Sun: general vitality, spine, heart
  • Moon: digestive & lymphatic system, stomach, female organs
  • Mercury: central nervous system, hands, brain
  • Venus: throat, kidneys, ovaries
  • Mars: muscles, head, adrenal glands
  • Jupiter: growth, pituaitary gland, liver
  • Saturn: skin, hair, bones, teeth, immune system, spleen
  • Uranus: neural activity, aura, parathyroid gland
  • Neptune: pineal gland
  • Pluto: metabolism, pancreas

Now we know what the involved parts represent, but not why and how that is. So to use medical astrology properly we have to make the connections between these aspects (hint: aspects can play a role too, but one usually puts more emphasis on houses/signs + planets) and know about some common themes:

  • SATURN suggests struggles & weakness in the assigned body part(s) of the sign/house he resides in.
    • e.g.: Saturn in Gemini and 5th suggests trouble with breathing properly (in extreme cases ailments like asthma) and back problems
  • URANUS often makes for “abnormalities” or strange/unusual conditions.
    • e.g.: Uranus in Taurus and 3rd can indicate rapidly changing weight and somewhat differently formed fingers (in extreme cases things like swan neck fingers)
  • STELLIA can cause trouble due to the excessive amount of energy bundled in (a) certain body part(s).
    • e.g.: An Aries (head/brain) stellium can make for strong or chronical headaches
  • EXTREME DOMINANCE works like a stellium as long as the dominance is very prominent.
  • CHALLENGING ASPECTS can lead to trouble as well -  one has to look at the planets involved and the houses/signs they’re in for this one to know more.
    • e.g.: A VERY afflicted/”damaged” sun in the 6th might in extreme cases indicate a heightened potential to suffer of a heart attack.

      I of course didn’t cover every theme, every aspect, everything that is important, but with your new-earned knowledge you should have a solid and basic foundation with which you should be able to work. As I already said, I’ll make a separate post with very specific ailments which I will also describe (the why and how) that I will then link in this one.

      As Medical Astrology is its own branch of astrology and therefore gets more and more complex the more you dive into it, my ask box is always open if you should need clarification or help with interpreting something.


      Ragnar and Ivar Appreciation post. (None of these gifs are mine, found them all on weheartit, give me a shout if you want crediting)

      I needed more Daddy/Son screen time. They made me emotional. They still do. Infinitely more than Ivar and Aslaug. 

      They also made me have extremely disturbing thoughts.

      Also; I’ve just become suddenly and weirdly attracted to Ivar’s neck in the first gif

      rising/ascendant + appearance
      • Aries: Average height, lean yet enduring body, sharp and angular features, prominent and arched eyebrows, broad forehead, pointed chin
      • Examples: Rihanna, Cara Delevingne
      • -
      • Taurus: Below average height, dark hair, round face and neck, dark and reflective eyes, delicate bone structure, round-shaped or turned up nose, full lips
      • Examples: Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Tonkin
      • -
      • Gemini: Thin or medium built, often tall, long arms and hands, oval face, high forehead, sparkling and intelligent eyes, separated front teeth, dark and long eyelashes, pointed jawline, well shaped forehead
      • Examples: Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga
      • -
      • Cancer: Medium height, soft features, round face, high cheekbones, thin hair, prominent eyebrows, small nose, plump lips, soft skin, long limbs
      • Examples: Angelina Jolie, Sharon Tate
      • -
      • Leo: Average or above average height, rectangular head, wide forehead, broad shoulders, thick eyebrows, thick and fine hair, keen and almond shaped eyes
      • Examples: Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Knowles
      • -
      • Virgo: Thin body, heart-shaped face, clear eyes, bright cheeks, down-pointing nose, well-shaped and modest lips, dimples
      • Examples: Ariana Grande, Emma Watson
      • -
      • Libra: Heart-shaped or oval face, light and almond shaped eyes, refined nose, rounded chin, soft and smooth skin, swan-like neck
      • Examples: Hayley Williams, Britney Spears
      • -
      • Scorpio: Rectangular head, wide shoulders, magnetic eyes, well defined lips, prominent cheekbones and nose, often brown and thick hair
      • Examples: Katy Perry, Keira Knightley
      • -
      • Sagittarius: Sporty and athletic body, often very tall, broad forehead, sparkling eyes, large teeth, wide smile, full lips
      • Examples: Lily Collins, Cheryl Cole
      • -
      • Capricorn: Small to average height, slender body, sharp features, serious eyes, straight nose, long neck, often short hair
      • Examples: Naomi Campbell, Megan Fox
      • -
      • Aquarius: Slightly curved eyebrows, big and light-colored eyes, nicely-shaped teeth, wavy and glossy hair, height varies from average to tall
      • Examples: Marina Diamandis, Amanda Seyfried
      • -
      • Pisces: Below average height, round face, large and round eyes, small teeth, short limbs, fine hair, slightly curvy
      • Examples: Hannah Murray, Vanessa Hudgens
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      Professor!Negan x Reader

      A/N: Did I mention I love Professor Negan? Because I loove Professor Negan. This is full dark smut, with extra smut on top. Negan is pretty dominant/possessive in this fic. Also, this is kind of long so forgive me! I do hope you enjoy it though, and feedback and comments are always so appreciated! xx 

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      || Part 1 || Masterlist ||

      Originally posted by loveviral


      “Love, whether newly born or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance, that it overflows upon the outward world…”

      You breathed out a heavy sigh while closing the book in your hands. Trailing your digits along the spine, your eyes followed the movement of your fingers to read the title. The last time you read this novel you were fifteen, naïve, and oblivious to the important lessons the story was trying to tell you.

      Now you were suddenly drawn to Hester Prynne’s character; a woman who lived her life in sin just as you were now living yours. 

      Instead of the red “A” written across your chest, you had the letter “N” etched deep in your heart and it was a painful scar that only you could see and feel. 

      You found yourself caught in a toxic game of tug and war. No matter how many times you pulled away, Negan gripped the noose tighter around your neck and drew you back in.  

      He wasn’t making your new position as his “mistress” any easier. 

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      Someday I will stop talking about these two dresses. Today is not that day.

      Grace Kelly’s wedding dress (designed by Helen Rose, two-time Oscar-winning costume designer) is a masterpiece. Rich materials, exquisitely tailored. Part of what makes this gown so appealing, though, is its proportions. The cummerbund extends from the waist to the underbust, which gives visual lift to the bust. The bodice is essentially three different sections—the cummerbund (solid), the bust (lace over solid), and the upper chest/shoulders (lace alone). Each section is roughly the same size, meaning the rule of thirds has been applied. Everything is well-balanced visually.

      Another important thing to remember is that women in the 50s generally wore different undergarments than women today. Kelly was most likely wearing a girdle, which helped shape that slim waist, and the skirt had a significant crinoline and probably had hip padding as well to achieve that silhouette.

      Kelly’s dress was produced by a team of 36 seamstresses in six weeks. Despite the close fit of the lace bodice, seams are virtually impossible to find. Hiding seams in lace is not an impossible task but it is time-consuming; it involves overlapping lace appliqué on the seams. The swan neck is also perfect, flowing without wrinkles over her collarbones and laying flat against her neck. No matter how she holds her arms, there is no strain on the bodice.

      And then we get to JMo’s cosplay version. 

      The proportions are off. The cummerbund doesn’t come up high enough. The result is the illusion of a low bust. There’s also no excuse for the bottom edge to be flipping up like that. She isn’t wearing a girdle (which, I can’t really blame her) and also has little or no hip padding, so the dress as a very flat silhouette. The skirt pleats are weirdly off-center, but the line of buttons is not (how is that even possible?). With her arms out on either side, the bodice is straining across the upper chest. The swan neck isn’t flush like it’s supposed to be and the lace edge isn’t even symmetrical. It’s closer to the buttons on one side than the other. An attempt was made to mirror the lace across the placket but the sides are off by enough to make it look weird.

      And those seams are visible from space.

      Sure, this is a recognizable copy, but in the same way that Yo-Yo Ma and your eleven-year-old nephew both play the cello. At this stage, I’m forced to assume that the costume department had two days and one fitting with JMo, or that they’re actively trolling everyone with this thing.

      Kitty Fic: kyknophobia

      kit and ty take a walk in the park - read on ao3

      wrote a drabble and im super nervous but for my fav boys i defeated my fear

      (warning for discussion on death/grief, los spoilers and swans)

      please enjoy if you decide to read!!

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      Do you have any resources that could give me a good overall explanation of dinosaur classification? I’m pretty new to paleoblr and I get mixed up with all of the names floating around. Thanks and sorry if I bothered you!

      I don’t - but I’ll be happy to write a bit!

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      Seven retired sea captains

      1. John F., 82. Claimed to have sailed on the Mayflower, the Erebus, the Lusitania, the Lisbon Maru and the Sloop John B. On closer inspection had been renaming pedaloes at the local boating lake. Possessed a fetching swan neck and a great pair of pedalling thighs. Once laughed in the face of a choppy Northerly.

      2. Lord Sir B. de F., 67. Both feet up to the knee in Davey Jones’ locker. Creaks in the Northerly Wind. Once sat for the portrait on a bottle of rum.

      3. Captain Q., 99. Fishy. Had her beard plaited by mermaids in ‘67 and has kept them in ever since. Hears bells in the deep. Also bells everywhere else too. It is possible the mermaids put bells in the beard, they are tricky like that.

      4. Admiral Gruff, 201, owner of a lonely heart. Deceased. We have tried to remind him of this last fact many times. He never would listen. That is how he came to get deceased in the first place. Anyhow, if you want to hear some salty tales his is the grave at the top of the cliff, knock once and ask for Gerald.

      5. Mme. Carruthers de Squawk, 88. A dashing figure in a frock coat. Once surfed across the Mediterranean on a ship’s biscuit. Best known for putting one too many r’s in 'Arr!’. Inventor of the pineapple.

      6. Captain M., 12. Captaining backward. Will shortly be finishing up his retirement and taking up a place on a grizzled sort of last voyage across some unknown sea or other. Has drunk of the cherryade of the fishes. You met him once in Cromer but neither of you remember it. Heave ho.

      7. Captain B.-E., 87. Known for his fingers. Most fingers of any captain ever. Whole cabins full of the things. More fingers than you. Still never got the hang of the piano. Rumours that he was the walrus are untrue.

      Where I Lay my Head

      So Killian’s voice in ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ has taken on tentacles and consumed me. Here’s a little piece to tide you over.

      Me: Honeymoon fluff!

      Reality: Not even close.

      She clings tight to him when its over, when she’s back from that wretched fairy’s hellhole and in his arms, and has seen her parents and son safe.

      She clings tight to him and he does to her because she was in his bloody arms when the curse hit and then she wasn’t and he needs to feel her against him to breathe.

      So really, at first he doesn’t think anything of it.

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      You have terrible handwriting

      Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts

      Newt x reader



      Originally posted by forever-proud-nerd

      Meandering into the great hall, you were greeted with a sea of giggling girls and apprehensive looking boys, clutching envelopes, ranging in colours from, red to pink to delicately decorated, to plain white. A little confused you made your way to your table, plopping yourself down, and grabbing a slice of toast as the rack floated by, adding a generous spread of marmalade.

      You were just about to bite into the delicious breakfast, when an owl dropped a piece of parchment on your plate. That was odd, you had already written to your parents this week.

      Beginning to panic, you hurriedly picked up the letter, only for your worry to ebb away as you realised that the parchment was folded extremely neatly, into the shape of a swan.

      On the swans neck in cramped handwriting, was written, ‘open me, please.’ Still utterly bewildered, you had drawn the attention of a handful of younger girls. It seemed a shame to spoil such a lovely piece of craftsmanship, nevertheless you did as the swan asked, and began to unfurl it with cautious fingers.

      you recognised that spidery handwriting, the owner of it sat next to you in potions, a faint smile tugging at your lips at the thought of newt spending hours poring over this piece of parchment. Your smile only grew wider as you read,  the beautiful words.

      You were positively beaming as you searched the hufflepuff table, looking for a particular mess of auburn curls.

      You couldn’t find that curly mop anywhere in the great hall. Disappointment filled your chest, as you checked your watch, there wasn’t time to look for him elsewhere, as you hurried your way to charms.

      Words from the beautiful letter floating through your mind, as you impatiently drummed your fingers on the desk, the clock seemingly standing still, as you waited for your potions class, at the end of the school day.

      Eventually potions came around. As you headed down to the chilled dungeons, nerves began to build in your stomach. The beautiful letter, might not have even been from newt, after all the person hadn’t signed their name, you only had the handwriting to go on. Could it possibly be that your besotted brain was playing tricks on you?

      You warily made your way to your stool beside newt , taking several deep calming breaths. “Are you alright? You look a bit pale’ his brow furrowed with concern, ‘I’m alright, just a long day.’ You reassured him, as the professor began the lesson. You however were far more interested in the handwriting of the boy by your side.

      Butterflies began to flutter in your stomach, as you checked the curve of each and every letter that he scribbled down. Newt must have felt your starring, as he looked up from his work, a slight smile at the corner of his full lips. A twinkle in his eyes, as he saw your own giddy smile.

      “you have terrible handwriting you know.’ You teased a little flirtatiously, “not so bad that you couldn’t read my letter. I hope you liked the swan.’ He teased back. Both of your smiles wider than they had been before, as newt’s cheeks flushed.

      You gently placed your hand on his, where it sat on your shared desk, before he intertwined your fingers together.


      Have a great day and be safe

       What could the Loch Ness monster be?

      This is a question that plagues the mind of many monster and cryptozoology enthusiasts. For years people have speculated and wondered what the possible creature living in the loch could be. Lets take a look at some of the caniudates. 

      A lake sturgeon

      • A popular guess is a lake sturgeon. These fish are native to the lake and can grow up to 8 feet long. This fish also matches the description of hard crocodile-like plates on the back, which is a common theme in Nessie sightings. 

      Surfacing Tree

      • When trees become water logged and sinks to the bottom of the loch they can stay down at the bottom for years. When they resurface they release bubbles and then float to the top giving off the illusion of a creature coming up for air.


      • There have been eels known towash up on the shores of the loch and these are large enough animals(some growing up to 10 feet) to match the description of a large unknown creature swimming in the lake. 

      Swimming Elephants

      • Back when circuses traveled through england circus owners would allow their elephants to swim in the loch. Elephants swim with their trunks sticking out of the water. This makes the classic swan neck shape that is common throughout nessie sightings in the water. 

      A plesiosaur

      • One of the more fun ideas about Nessie is that she is a surviving plesiosaur from the triassic era. Though if Nessie was a plesiosaur she wouldn’t be able to move her neck in the swan like fashion as plesiosaurs necks were unable to move like that. 

      An unknown species

      • The last option for Nessie is she could be an undiscovered species that has eluded people for eons. A species that has humps, crocodile like plates, a swan like neck, and can survive in the cold waters of the loch. 

      So what is Nessie? 

      She could be any of those things until we know exactly what she is or isn’t and I think that’s the fun of the Loch Nes Monster. It can be whatever you want to be and no one can tell you otherwise.