I imagine the sex.
The rattle of it,
the sharpness,
their tongues,
His & Hers,
matching towels,
coffee mugs,
hipbones aligned
into planetary
miracles. Mouth
seams full of light,
joints aching,
heavy with it,
curving their bodies
like swans necks,
his fingers, before,
the same fingers,
on a different body,
not mine,
less bulbous
and hesitant,
not mine,
open as a subway
station, eating
skin on skin on skin,
not mine,
like handprints
on foggy windows,
pressing her
into every shadow,
the same fingers, before,
pulling her throat strings,
swallowing her
into litanies of
greedy prayers, before,
not mine, before,
the grime of them,
furious with it,
—  Azra.T “Fuck You” 

It was once suggested that she was a swan in a past life.
“Your neck and shoulders need to be kissed” he observed to her with the pull of a thousand tides.
“They do”, she admitted.
But why bear her throat to a stranger?
- Brivany


Audrey Hepburn illustrations by George V. Antoniou (2015)

George V. Antoniou‘s project is a mixture of color and elegance. A fictional Harper’s Bazaar cover-editorial featuring the iconic Audrey Hepburn wearing exquisite designers’ pieces from the past and the present, defining her timeless beauty. Beautiful gowns like the “Swan gown” by Charles James 1950s on the cover, Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano Fall 2010, Alexander Mcqueen rtw 2008, and Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015 are featured in the series. All the headpieces are made by Philip Treacy.

“The presence of a swan is an important part of this series as miss Hepburn always reminded me of a swan, with her long neck and elegant posture.”

George V. Antoniou is a self taught digital illustrator from Cyprus.