swan x jones


Imagine Emma and Hook spying on you and Peter’s conversation

Peter: Bird, I don;t understand what the point of this movie is.

Y/N: Its a Disney movie, it just nice. There’s one of you too!

Peter: Well then, I must be of the best villains of all time there.

Y/N: Close! You’re a redhead that wears green tights and Hook is really ugly and weird. Kinda funny if you compare it to seem life.

Hook *mumbling*:Bloody hell. Me, ugly? How could that ever be? This seems terrible

Emma*mumbling*:Shut up, I don’t want to get caught!


valentine’s day - Captain Swan 
                      { Emma Swan & Killian Jones } ♥
                         “I guess my armor’s been on for such a long time 
                            that I… sometimes I forget I don’t need it with you”


-Anon request

Dating Killian would involve…

  • Heated, passionate kisses
  • Him teaching you how to sail his ship
  • Becoming close friends with Emma- who’s glad to have another badass female around and thinks you’re pretty damn awesome
  • Being taught how to read the stars
  • Telling him you love the leather and guyliner
  • Rough, dominant sex
  • Hating Mr Gold for doing what he did to Hook
  • Calling him ‘Hook’ whenever you’re trying to seduce him ('Oh, come on…Hook…’)
  • Becoming close friends with Baelfire (Nick)- who you originally met in Neverland while on the Jolly Roger and grew close to. He’s always looked up to you and when he meets you again in Storybrooke, the two of you hug tightly
  • Dates on his ship, alone, with a picnic