swan watches casshern sins


All right, that’s one episode down.

And in this episode, we meet Ringo, the cutest thing since Nel Tu from Bleach. Or maybe she preceded Nel. Whatever the case, cutest thing that I’ve seen–oh, no wait. I saw Honey after seeing Nel. So the cutest thing since Honey. Maybe. Honey’s pretty cute.

Though Ringo is a lot less terrifying. She just says that Casshern is pretty and gives her name and says things very matter-of-factly before asking what they are (e.g.: “Are you a human? And what’s a human, anyway?”). She’s quite adorable, though she doesn’t like the sight of her new pretty friends ripping the guts out of machines….

And the episode ended with Lyuze coming face-to-face with Casshern. LET THE SEXUAL TENSION BEGIN.