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why do u support a ship where bakugou literally abused midoriya for 11 years of their lives and left long lasting anxiety and confidence issues not to mention the bakugou hasnt shown any in canon repentance or even anything less than DISLIKE of deku

If you paid attention you’d already know Bakugou’s display in Ch.1 where he told Deku to “take a swan dive off the roof” was explicitly called out as “going too far”, by his friends and Horikoshi himself in an interview. That isn’t his usual behaviour, so stretching that out over 11 years? Bb uuullllshit. It was established in ‘Kacchan VS Deku 2’ that as a child, Bakugou only pushed Deku away in reaction to how persistent Deku was with following him around. [That’s not abuse. ?] The manga frames this as bad behaviour, and bkdk shipping doesn’t support or romanticize it. Rather, it recognizes the process that’s being taken in canon to move them both away from it. 

Furthermore, Bakugou isn’t the sole reason for any of Deku’s issues with anxiety or lack of confidence, most of which are misconstrued. Everyone he considered close and admirable, including All Might and his own mother, emphasized the fact his dreams could not be a reality. Deku’s problems at the beginning came from multiple facets stemming from his quirklessness and the quirk biased society he lives in, it’s a dragging part of the narrative and has an explicit influence on not only Deku’s psyche but Bakugou’s as well, in the reverse direction. Plus…honestly, his mother is just as, if not MORE, jumpy and anxiety-prone as he is…Bakugou didn’t scar Deku for life, it’s just his personality and his circumstance. It’s hardly Bakugou, and it’s hardly destructive. On the other hand, you can EASILY prove his POSITIVE influence on Deku as a hero and person. Deku has, on numerous occasions, thought of Bakugou as an inspiration and a motivator– while coming up with moves, inspiring himself to fight, and ESPECIALLY in maintaining his dream to be a hero. Bakugou is one of the few important people in Deku’s life. Deku stated HIMSELF in ‘Kacchan vs Deku 2’ that DESPITE all of Bakugou’s bad traits and frustrating attitude, Deku always saw him as someone brilliant and amazing, and he felt this so strongly that he said Bakugou was someone closer to him than even All Might. If you can’t see the amount of positive influence Bakugou has on Deku you’re chunking out a large part of his character as well as Bakugou’s credibility + potential as a hero in this story. 

Bakugou’s “dislike” stemmed from fear and a misunderstanding of Deku’s intentions– not that it appropriates his behavior – but Bakugou and Deku are considered childhood friends and never enemies for a reason. There is little animosity of actual substance between them, it’s all illusionary on Bakugou’s end, as described in ‘Kacchan vs Deku 2’. Out of all the characters in BNHA the only one Bakugou has been emotionally open with has been Deku, and you wouldn’t spill your guts to someone you just absolutely despised. Bakugou just didn’t understand Deku, he saw Deku as someone condescending, sneaky, and messing with HIM, it was his own insecurities and ego that led him to this deduction, but it wasn’t against Deku personally. Bakugou just hasn’t *seen* and *understood* Deku until recently. He’s stated it himself, “things are going to be different now”, and that’s because he’s finally reached a point where he can see not only Deku, but himself and his aspirations more clearly. And he understands as Deku and All Might do that a good relationship with Deku is important to his growth as a person from thereon. They can only go up from here. 

You can’t rely on the just earliest chapters to assess the bkdk dynamic, it’s central to the plot of bnha, it’s been naturally changing and developing as the story progresses. Before you jump into people’s inboxes claiming 11 years of abuse you better have an argument that goes beyond the first 10 chapters of a 3 year old manga. If your analysis doesn’t include the positive development Bakugou has gone through in terms of his treatment of Deku, his opinion on Deku, his tone as a character and his narrative depth in general over the past 100+ chapters, there’s really no room for you to talk about them. Because you’re choosing not to pay attention to the direction of the story, and building false arguments on broken information. 

What WE support is the growth, development, and depth of a relationship between two characters who have an immense potential for greatness together. Their dynamic has been carefully written to encompass themes of hope, maturation, and rebuilding trust. There’s nothing abusive or destructive about that.    

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okay so, this is obviously about this post I made. There are a lot of things wrong with this ask, but let me just list down the top three:

1.) You claim that katsudeku is abusive, yet give me no proof to justify your statement. You send me this message in hopes to either try to change my mind or ridicule me for defending what i ship, yet you lack the source nor any explanation as to why you find this ship so ‘abusive’. You don’t just go around sending messages like this to people and expect them to actually take you seriously? I mean, we’re not little kids anymore who get angered and throw a tantrum just cause someone else likes what you don’t. Your way of trying to get me to see your point is both childish and disrespectful, and I find it both offending (because not once have I tired to tell any other account who does not ship katsudeku yet ship Katsuki with any other character in the manga that their ship is ‘abusive’ when Katsuki is such a “violent and abusive” character) and pointless (because, you’re obviously not going to put up a fight to prove your point and just did this to make me feel insulted.)

2.) The fact that you blatantly ignored chapters of Katsuki’s character development throughout the manga means that you still probably claim him to be the bully and Izuku as the victim. When in fact, starting from just the first chapter of the manga, you can easily see that Katsuki was not the only one who viewed Izuku’s dream of being a hero as “impossible” and “ridiculous.” Katsuki isn’t the sole reason for any of Izuku’s issues with anxiety or lack of confidence because most of the people in his life through out his childhood, even his mother and All Might (at the start) thought that his dreams were too far fetched for someone who was quirkless, it wasn’t just Katsuki who thought of him as weak, when even the quirk biased society he lives in saw Izuku as both weak and ridiculous for even dreaming of becoming a hero. Quoting from a statement made by explodo-smash: “Deku’s problems at the beginning came from multiple facets stemming from his quirklessness and the quirk biased society he lives in, it’s a dragging part of the narrative and has an explicit influence on not only Deku’s psyche but Bakugou’s as well, in the reverse direction.”  And further more, if you’re going to come at me with the well-known scene where Katsuki told Izuku to “ take a swan dive off the roof” I would like to say that it was stated by Katsuki’s friends that what he said was “going too far” for Katsuki’s usual behavior (meaning this is probably the only time Katsuki has ever said this to Izuku, and that was uncalled for) That isn’t Katsuki’s usual behaviour, so stretching that out over the years they’ve been together is complete bullshit. Another thing is the fact that throughout those years, not once has Izuku regarded Katsuki as a bully nor someone abusive (and with Izuku’s intellect and observant nature, he’d probably know if someone was bullying him), sure he’s aware of Katsuki’s foul mouth and asshole behavior, but not once has he found Katsuki abusive. It just goes to show us how much Izuku admires and cares for Katsuki, Izuku didn’t take Katsuki’s words literally and he most certainly finds him admirable despite Katsuki’s personality. Izuku always saw Katsuki as someone brilliant and amazing, and he felt this so strongly that he said Katsuki was someone closer to him than even All Might (can you believe that? The All Might, Izuku practically worships this man, yet he still finds himself drawn closer to Katsuki). If you can’t see the amount of positive influence Katsuki has on Izuku, then you’re pretty much ignoring a large part of his character and development as well as Katsuki’s potential of being a hero in this story.

I strongly believe that their relationship isn’t as broken or horrible as some people say it is. Izuku still obviously cares for Katsuki (if the numerous times he was worried for Katsuki’s well being and claims of Katsuki being someone “brilliant” wasn’t obvious enough) Katsuki was litterally the first one he confides about his quirk being borrowed, when he doesn’t even owe Katsuki this explanation, he didn’t tell his mom about this, but once Katsuki is in the picture and misunderstood the situation, Izuku just had to hell him. Also, Izuku being the only person whom Katsuki has been emotionally open to (he has shown both weakness and vulnerability to no one except for Izuku), despite having other friends he could have confined to, shows just how deep their relationship is as to what most claim to view it. You don’t just go showing and venting your pent up frustrations and troubles to someone you claim to “hate.” Let me also state that, once Katsuki found out Izuku wasn’t lying and did manage to burrow someone’s quirk, he took Izuku seriously and when he finally found out that Izuku was All Might’s successor and was able to clear up a bit of their misunderstandings in the past, he was willing to change. He even gave Izuku an advice for his new move!

Katsudeku shipping does not romanticize abuse nor do we defend what Katsuki said to Izuku as justifiable, but what we do support is the fact that, despite their rocky relationship in the past which was full of misunderstandings, there’s just too much good and potential in their relationship to bloom into something beautiful and positive. There are too many instances where these two boys have inspired each other to perform better. They literally balance each other out. The manga has given us scenes where Katsuki has positively influenced Izuku’s growth both as an individual and as a hero. They motivate and inspire each other to reach their dreams. Katsudeku shipping supports the growth, development, and depth of their relationship and it’s potential for a positive and beautiful relationship/ And honestly, I don’t find this abusive and I will continue to defend it despite what others claims to view this relationship as.

3.) And lastly, just the fact that you were immature enough to send this message to me without facts or reason other than wanting to make me feel bad for shipping something that I like is what I find so wrong about this message. I like what I ship, so let me ship it peacefully. I didn’t come here to ruin nor insult other people for shipping what they want, so let me and the other katsudeku shippers be. I get that you and many others may not agree with this, but quite frankly, we don’t give a damn. Spending the time to write insulting massages like this to other people when you can easily avoid the katsudeku tags is honestly a waste of your time and mine as well.

So, hopefully, this will be the last time someone tries to insult me for shipping what i like.

(Also, the fact that Katsuki was willing to admit and take the blame for Izuku and the fact that Izuku was also willing to point out it wasn’t just Katsuki’s fault just goes to show how much these two have grown both as an individual and in their relationship.)

Let me be real for a second here - I hate Bakugou Katsuki. I absolutely hate him. He tormented Midoriya for years, even stooping low enough to tell Midoriya to “take a swan dive off the roof”. He’s a horrible person. But he’s such a great character! Why? Well, there’s a few reasons -

1. He wasn’t always like that

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Seeds - YOI fanfiction, unrated, soulmates

this is extremely rough because i’m not used to writing stories in english anymore, also unbetad.


Soulmarks are always in the form of seeds on the lower back of a newborn baby. Only when the soulmate meets them in some form, even from a distance or, in modern times, over media, the seed begins to grow in the form of something natural – wild animals, wild plants, in less than 0.1% of cases into full scenes.

Soulmarks are always changing and developing, making fakes impossible. But once there is a skin contact between two soulmates, the main colors settle from faded into brilliance.


Yakov had not seen Lilia’s bare back in almost a decade, but he knew as well he knew himself that the black swan poised to take off from her skin was as sharp as it ever had been. He also knew that the bear on his own back was old and withered. But as long as Lilia was happy, it didn’t matter to him.


That Viktor’s seed would grow during his televised GPF gold win surprised exactly no-one. Viktor even played with the thought that his soulmate was Christophe, but Chris’ own seed grew only two years later into a magnificent peacock, which put an end to that line of speculation. He wished the excited teenager well, and congratulated him four years later on meeting his soulmate, but Chris could discern the loneliness in the Russian skater’s eyes.

Ever since, Chris would help Victor to see his soul mark during the nights spent in hotels between competition days, first with mirrors and then with the help of cameras connected to a laptop. The image of a snow storm rising, with a barely discernible flock of birds flying in the white fascinated the Chris as much as Victor himself. After the gala in Socchi, they finally managed to narrow the now visible forms down to white cranes, often used in Japanese art as a symbol of beauty.

Both of them knew what it meant.

Both of them cried.


Georgi’s seed was growing, but at a very slow rate and the flower it painted often withered and changed. The mark-reader told him that his soulmate was waiting for Georgi to grow into his potential, and that the broken seed itself was defined enough for him to have met his soulmate, but Georgi could not find out which of the hundreds of people he’d met in his first six months in the Senior circuit it had been. It was impossible to narrow the timeline further than that.


Yuuri’s  seed began to grow when he started in the international skating circuit, into a fledgling baby bird of no discernible kind. The American mark-reader Phichit dragged him to explained that his soulmate did not knew him well but already was taking inspiration from him. All of this made Yuuri feel even worse about the poor person bound to him.

Phichit later confessed that he’d realized that the bird was maturing and brilliantly red after Yuuri came back from Socchi, but had known that it would have made his friend feel worse, and held his silence.

The ever growing, almost phoenix-like bird of paradise on Yuuri’s back became later Victor’s favorite photo object (after Yuuri’s face, of course) and an Instagram sensation for years.


Mila had a sharply defined and very red vixen on her back. Both the growth and the definition had happened within one week, during a publicity program Yakov had done when she was a pre-teen. She didn’t talk about it to anyone except Yakov, and it was one of the reasons he accepted her a few years later as his only female junior skater.

Yakov never regretted his decision, but sometimes wondered if Mila did.


Otabek Altin’s mark remained for five years the misty nothing of soulmates meeting but not, in a crowd. He refused his parents’ offer to return to Russia, and moved over the sea and to Canada.

Years later, on the ever before the Grand Prix Finals in Barcelona, after meeting up with the other skaters and Katsuki’s family, and after returning Yuri Plisetski and his bags full of shopping to an irate Feltsman, Otabek reached his room and took his shirt off at once. Craning his neck uncomfortably, he could see that among the mist, strong strokes of black had appeared to outline a wolf facing the viwer had appeared.

Otabek threw himself on the bed and proceeded to smother his giddy and somewhat hysterical giggles in the pillow.

Keeping his famous  resting bitch face would be hard task over the next few days.


Nikolai Plisetsky was happy to see Yuri in between the summer camp and the beginning of the school year, but severely shocked not only to see Yuri’s seed growing but the form of its growth. He bypassed the state sanctioned mark-reader entirely and dragged his only grandchild to the old Matrushka who had learned her trade, including fortune telling and herbal remedies, at the knees of her mother and grandmother.

The old woman tsked when Nikolai told the child to take of his pants, but started when she saw the dark lines winding around the thin legs and hoisted him on the table to study the entire mark with large looking glass.

Finally she called Nikolai from the outer room where she had banished him and said: “First of all, your main worry: the soulmate is still young themselves, maybe a few years older than Yuratchka himself. But oh look – you only saw the young tree growing in the small of his back, but up here – it is a bird, small now but already flying high. This person takes such inspiration from our Yuri, and expects more and more of it. The trees shows that he knows that Yuri is growing and will grow more, but there are flowers ranking around it, blooming so delicately, he sees so much beauty in you too. Oh, the last time I saw a soulmark in the form of a scene my mother was still alive! What a blessing!”

Yuri, at the end of his tether, finally turned around and yelled, “Oi, hag! What about those lines? I need my legs to skate!”

The old woman laughed and cried at the same time, and helped Yuri to sit up on the bed and said: “Oh, Yuri! Those are the roots of the tree. Remember this, remember it always: no matter what you do, no matter what you feel, no matter what happens to you – your soulmate will never stop loving and respecting you! Oh, Nikolai, never fear, your grandson will be in the best hands!”


From the Soulmark Wiki

Bird: birds in flight usually meaning inspiration, see specific birds for more meanings.

Flower: Beauty, grace, but also passing. See specific flowers for more meanings

Bear: larger than life, friendly but dangerous. Creature of winter. See specific kinds of bear for more meaning.

Fox: small predator, thief, cunning, but also grace and ingenuity. See specific kinds of fox for more meanings

Wolf: both loner and team player, leader and follower. Guardian. Protector. As the predecessor of dog, he is “man’s best friend”. See specific kinds of wolf for more meanings

does anyone else find tumblr to be their safe place? cause I do. whenever I’m upset, or anxious, or angry or sad or happy and excited this is one place I can come to share it. It may not be practical but it relieves my anxiousness. 

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In your DNA/Bnha crossover, how does Izuku transform into Dark? I remember Daisuke used a picture of the girl he liked, but Izuku's never really shown interest in romantic relationships (other than being nervous about talking to girls, or people in general really). Also: All Might vs. Dark in a fight for Izuku's admiration is a really funny thought and I'm glad this au exists

Given that Dark’s manifestation needs to be caused by ‘unrequited first love’, its easy enough to warp canon to fit. In this verse, Izuku’s had a crush on Kacchan since they were little, and he’s spent most of his years trying to measure up in some way, but the day Kacchan tells him to “take a swan dive off the roof” it officially breaks him and makes him realize that no matter what he does, so long as he’s Quirkless, he’ll never measure up, history or no.

So when Izuku needs to transform outside of heists - because that’s something he’ll willingly hand over to Dark - he imagines Kacchan back before he turned into an asshole, back when they were still friends and he let Izuku tag along and only somewhat teased him about being ‘less’ than himself. The softer, better memories he knows he can’t get back. The unrequited love stays with him until the battle against Shouto, when Dark spies an opportunity post-battle and decides to nudge someone that’s a hell of a lot better for his tamer than “Kacchan” in the right direction.

It involves him making some threats against Izuku, Shouto basically telling him to stay the fuck away, and Dark wrangling a promise that he’ll stay away so long as Shouto never hurts him, and that if he ever catches wind of even a single tear that falls because of him, Dark will snatch Izuku Midoriya away for himself and never give him back.

(He’s not entirely lying. He’s perfectly fine with the idea of keeping his selfless, kind tamer for himself. These assholes don’t seem to appreciate him anyway.) 

And its less a battle for Izuku’s admiration between All Might and Dark than it is a battle of wills. Because Izuku will always admire All Might, no matter what. But after Dark comes into his life, he recognizes that All Might, like all humans, is flawed. He isn’t perfect. And so his fervor to become just like All Might falls back in favor of being a Phantom Thief.

It helps that unlike All Might, who tells him I’m sorry, you can’t be a hero, you’re Quirkless, Dark tells him you wanna learn to fly? Okay, I’ll teach you how to fly. You wanna learn to swim? I’ll teach you to swim. 

Dark actively feeds Izuku’s wants and desires, encourages him to be whatever he wants to be, to take what he wants for himself out of life. All Might is a hero however, bound by a Quirk, and society’s rules and thoughts that the Quirkless can’t be heroes.

Dark comes from a time where all that stood between him and the prize was his willingness to get from A to B in however many steps it took. As far as he’s concerned, that’s still all it takes - if Izuku wants to be a hero, he can be a hero. For All Might, who Izuku looks up to more than anything in the world, for these people with these perfect Quirks to continue to tell Izuku that he can’t do these things because he’s lacking something makes his blood boil. 

That is the conflict. All Might wants to protect Izuku because he thinks he’s going to die because he’s Quirkless and doing reckless things, and because he refuses to understand that Izuku is stronger than what he’s making him out to be.

Dark wants Izuku to spread his wings and soar like he knows the kid can do, and he wants the kid to love his life and look back on his time with fondness and know that he had all the chances in the world, and he’s not going to let some two-bit has-been snuff Izuku’s spark out just because it doesn’t fit in with society’s rules.

Serious talk on KATSUDEKU and BNHA

Okay okay why is NO ONE talking about the fact that Bakugou BULLIED Midoriya? Before someone gives me some hate reply and bs answer just because I don’t support KATSUDEKU and how I don’t support the gays, DON’T. Cause I want some LEGIT,HONEST answers about this bc this is serious. Don’t get me wrong bnha and all its characters are wonderful. I mean I buy physical copies of the volumes in English to support the author. I love Bakugou and seeing he got 1st in recent popularity poll, a lot ppl do. That’s great! I mean he’s a lovable character-he may be arrogant but he has skills and smarts to back that, he can be kind, and he has a dynamic personality-I get that. BUT I legit don’t get why ppl don’t talk about the fact Bakugou BULLIED Midoriya. I mean ppl may cover him by saying he has a sharp tongue and “oh he’s just being tsundere” BUT NO. HE BULLIED MIDORIYA. He literally calls him deku meaning useless and he is one of the causes why Midoriya has low self esteem, right? One of the thing he said is, “If you think you’ll have quirk in you next life…go take a swan dive off the roof!” from chapter 1. HOW IS THAT NOT BULLYING??? I mean one of the reason ppl love bnha and Midoriya is bc it’s an underdog story, rt? Midoriya is growing stronger as a person and hero and he can stand up to those who didn’t believe he can become a hero. I mean like come on. Shipping Bakugou and Midoriya is shipping a bully and the victim. I mean shipping characters are good and all -I ship yaoi, yuri, and hetero and heck I literally ship Midoriya with EVEYONE-but I wish Bakugou would at one point APOLOGIZE to Midoriya. At least if u ship katsudeku plz address this issue. It’s easy to ignore flaws and wrongs of characters ppl like but plz someone give me some serious input. It’s rambling but am I the ONLY one thinking this?

come forth into the storm

Marinette’s love for Adrien was a lightning strike, but Ladybug’s love for Chat Noir was thunder.

Read on Ao3

Words: 2596, Language: English

  • Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Rating: G
  • Warnings: None
  • Categories: M/F
  • Relationships: Ladynoir

A white day present for @caseverything for the @miraculous-valentine-exchange White Day exchange! This is kind of a loose interpretation of the prompt, and it’s a few days late, but, well. Hope you enjoy it anyway <3

Marinette had only fallen in love once before. She fell hard and fast, moving from unaffected to hopeless as fast as she could blink, the feelings assaulting her in the milliseconds her eyes were closed.

She accepted it and charged forward. She pursued Adrien in the way she did everything: with a single mindedness and determination that bordered on bullheadedness. She let nothing stop her, even when she became a puppet pulled into flailing movements by strings of anxiety and nerves.

Everything that happened with Adrien seemed to be a lightning strike, an unmistakable flash of light that seared impressions into her vision and left her blind to the world. She looked on even as spots danced in her vision and thought that this must be the only way to love. But she was so busy being dazzled by the electricity of her first love that she missed the quiet, steady rumbling of the after effects of the bolt.

That was how she let herself fall in love with Chat Noir.

She never even understood it was happening. She was so used to dealing with lightning that she forgot about thunder. But though the thunder may be slower, low and rolling and deep, it is just as powerful.

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OUAT - Captain Swan Fan Fiction (Rated M): “His Shirt”

So I have a headcanon that Emma just acts so adorably around Killian after their trip to the Underworld and that she enjoys wearing his shirts, so here’s a little something else I wrote!


Killian couldn’t remember when he had had a more tiring day.

After sailing with Henry, baby-sitting the young prince with David, and helping Belle out at the library, he figured he needed an extra night’s sleep to compensate for his exhaustation.

Taking the steps of the house two at a time, he figured Emma would be making dinner at this hour. He enjoyed those quiet nights with her where they could just spend their evening doing whatever they desired. As much as he enjoyed those pizza nights with her and Henry playing on that bloody contraption he called an “XBox”, he desired nothing more than a warm dinner (and perhaps some pleasurable activities afterwards).

He stepped through the threshold and had just hung his coat on the coat rack when he heard a squeal.

“You’re home!”

He yelped when a mass of wavy blonde hair obscured his view and Emma threw herself into his arms. She put her arms around his neck and he lifted her into his arms as her legs wrapped around his waist.

Burying her face in his neck, she murmured softly, “I missed you, I didn’t see you all day.”

He smiled at her affection, turning his head a tad so she couldn’t spot the massive grin on his face. His gorgeous Swan; he adored the way she acted around him now. They were far more open to each other than ever before. And he couldn’t remember a time he’d ever loved anyone like this.

“Emma, sweetheart,” he muttered, “I apologize, you know I had a long day.”

She sighed in his arms, “Well, you’re home now….I made you your favorite for dinner.”

He turned to look at her face, “Pasta?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, pressing her lips softly against his cheek and kissing him there. “I’ve got to plate it now before it gets cold….”

Nodding in understanding, he set her back down and then paused, staring at her attire. He was shocked to realize he hadn’t noticed it. She was clad red panties and one of his black pirate shirts with the sleeves too long and judging from the neckline (he thought with a groan), she wasn’t wearing anything else under it.

He followed her into the kitchen, the enticing aroma of food making his stomach rumble with hunger. She proceeded to dish out the pasta onto plates and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. The way her golden tresses fell across her shoulders, her delectable legs softly moving about the kitchen as she set the table, her gorgeous ass clad in that red, lacy fabric….his pants suddenly felt tighter than before and he longed for something more than food right then and there.

“Hungry?” Emma asked, indicating for him to sit down.

“Indeed, lass….but for something other than food.”

With a couple steps, he completed the length of the kitchen and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her over his shoulder. She squealed, enjoying the way he was palming at her ass, but didn’t protest. He was too impatient to climb the steps of their house, so instead he made his way to the living room where he sat down on the couch and pulled her onto his lap.

“Killian, the food’s going to get cold -”

“Sod that, we’ll just warm it up in that black box.”

“Microwave,” she corrected with a giggle, adoring his cute naive reactions when it came modern day things.

Rolling his eyes, he gently pulled his shirt off her and tossed it away, relishing in the delectable view of her body. Gently running his hand over one of her pebbled nipples, he took it in his mouth. She yelped and then let out a soft moan, enjoying his ministrations as he began touching her other breast with the same alacrity.

“Killian….” she moaned, holding tightly to his head and running her hand over his dark locks.

“Let me hear you, sweetheart,” he whispered, enjoying the way she was reacting to his affections.

He continued building her up but then immediately stopped as a need to taste her began growing. She let out a whine of protest when he let go of her breasts and indicated she should kneel at his feet. Emma did so, wondering what he was going to do next.

She made to open up his trousers, but he stopped her, “Your pleasure’s far more important to me, Swan. Take off those panties and lie on the rug.”

Killian got up from the couch and knelt between her legs, finding her core as wet and ready as he expected. He ran his tongue over her soaked folds, enjoying the squeals that came out of her mouth as he continued with his devotion. He kept on with his loving affections, building her closer and closer to her release until he lifted his mouth from her clit.

She let out a whine of protest, lifting her legs up, “Killian, what the hell….”

Deftly shedding his trousers, he nudged her to climb on top of him, something she took great pleasure in.

“You’re still wearing your clothes, babe.”

Emma picked at the buttons of his waistcoat and muttered to herself, “Why do you wear so much….”

Killian chuckled and grabbed her hand, “No need, love. Just ride me.”

She bent down to adjust herself and sank down on his cock with a soft sigh of release. Slowly, she began moving, enjoying the way Killian’s hand was rubbing up and down her backside and then squeezing her ass appreciately. She felt the vestiges of pleasure filling her body as she began getting closer and closer.

“Come for me, Emma. You’re so close I can feel it.”

She came with a yelp and felt his cock pulse inside her as her release also triggered his. Sighing happily, she set her head on his chest and relaxed.

Killian chuckled, “Sated, my love?”

Emma nodded, rubbing her hand on his chest, “I knew you’d react that way.”

“You little minx, seducing me like that.”

She giggled, “Knew you’d like it. Why do you anyways?”

He sighed, rubbing his hand on his chin, “I don’t know….maybe it’s because you were wearing not a stitch of clothing underneath it. Or perhaps it’s your legs.”

“What about them?” she asked, adjusting her chin on his chest so she could see his face.

“Well, they are, without a doubt, the most tantilizing pair of legs I have laid eyes on,” he answered honestly. “And your ass was on full display too, a lovely asset that is too.”

He continued his gentle caressing of her ass and then squeezed it, eliciting a squeal from her.

She smiled, “You hungry for food now? I spent an hour on that dish and it could still be warm enough to eat.”

She made to get off him and redress, but he pulled her back, “If you wouldn’t mind, perhaps another minute more on this rug, Swan….I missed you all day too.”

She nodded, understanding how he felt. After their trip back from the Underworld, she also couldn’t bear being away from him for a day. She supposed it was just temporary, because of the constant stress and worry of them leaving each other, of being separated forever. 

And right now, she was content for now to just lie atop him and relax for a few minutes more.


oh! okay, variation on this

only it’s not that Ed fakes his death, possibly to protect Ozzie somehow

there’s already some spec out there that the Court could find out that Oz is hopelessly in love with Ed and they use it to try and control him, threatening to kill/hurt Ed like they threatened to hurt Selina and Alfred with Bruce

so maybe Ozzie TRIES TO PROTECT ED by pushing him away - like firing him or something and forcing him to leave Gotham and stuff

and Ed is angry/hurt (moreso if perhaps they have actually confessed their feelings at this point and started an actual romance!), but Ozzie is insistent and calls security to remove Ed and everything

BUUUTTT either Ed is just super suspicious and so investigates things in secret and discovers the truth, or perhaps he overhears Ozzie talking to Katherine before he leaves the mansion and Ozzie is spitting vitriol at her like “how DARE YOU threaten the man I love!!” (bonus if maybe this is how Ed finds out Ozzie is in love with him!)

which is why Ed swans off and takes on the mantle of Riddler - it’s like a secret identity so he can stay in Gotham but remain hidden from the Court (though ofc it’s a pretty crappy secret identity because as soon as he starts with the riddles EVERYONE is gonna be like - this is TOTALLY NYGMA isn’t it? so daftness all round really, but oh well, it was a thought… :p)

500 follower fic - Winner Takes It All

@spartanguard and I are celebrating the sharing of our brains and the syncing of our follower counts with 500ish word fics. You can find our prompt list HERE  If you are blessed with patience in the style of Killian Jones, feel free to send us a prompt of your own!

Back after a short (ish) hiatus for Christmas and that general nuttiness we return with the rest of the prompts our lovely followers sent us.

My beautiful @brooke-to-broch requested #35 “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” (Of course she did LOL) and somehow this just wrote itself…

Winner takes it all

This had been a very bad idea. She had thought she would have an advantage - he didn’t know the game, the rules, the strategic decisions that should have put her firmly in the position of power.

Had things gone to plan, the scene in their living room would be significantly different at this moment. In Emma’s head there had been a pile of well-worn leather on the floor and a feast of hard torso and glorious chest hair for her eyes. Not to mention the flirtatious face above it all, suggestive winks and the knowing drag of tongue on lips that she knew would drive her crazy.

To be fair, she had seen plenty of those last two.

It wasn’t in his nature to be a gracious winner, not when the stakes were this high and the opportunity to beat her at her own game was there for the taking.

His eyes were taunting her now, his fingers moving melodramatically above his cards as he made his selection, as if the decision was worthy of his full consideration despite what they both knew was the foregone conclusion.  He drew the card out slowly, teasing her, delaying the inevitable.

“Just play it,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Ah, but what would be the fun in that, Swan?” he chuckled. “Perhaps this will be your moment. Your glorious comeback.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, cocking her head to the side as he waved the card in front of her with  a flourish.  Just as he seemed about to put her out of her misery, he drew it back, grinning wildly.

“Just so we are clear on the terms of our agreement. Swan, if you were to win this hand, you would ask me to remove an item of my clothing - my vest, for example.” Emma nodded, her teeth sunk in her bottom lip at the thought of undoing that multitude of buttons. “But,” he continued,”If I win, you will pay the same forfeit to me?”

Emma looked pointedly at the floor beside her - where her jacket, shirt and bra lay pooled already. His face as she removed her bra from under her tank top, with no flesh on show,  had been a small win in what had otherwise been a disaster for her.

“Play the fucking card, pirate.”

His tongue was doing disgraceful things on his lips as he placed his card on the pile.

Draw Four. Wild.

He waved the one remaining card in his hand at her. “Uno, Swan. Off it comes.”

Emma kept her eyes firmly on his - the sight of his feral grin and dancing eyebrows more than she could handle, she knew. Damn him to…well, not there, but somewhere equally as unpleasant… he knew exactly what buttons to push to get her hot and infuriated in equal measures.

“You still have a card left. Perhaps…” she started, her voice coming out in a breathy whisper as he inched closer to her, eyes flashing with heat.

He tossed the card on the pile as he reached her side, hand toying with the hem of her tank, her skin aflame where he touched her.

“You heard me, Swan. Take. It. Off.”

Perhaps next time she’d suggest strip Scrabble. Because it seemed even when she lost, she won…

Check out Kaitlyn’s take HERE

Like real life, only smaller

My fic entry for the capim-tinybang​ round JUSTICE and the utterly adorable art by selofain​.

Mini-Doom and his teeny-bots have taken over the main workbench again. The mini-Avengers stand ready to face him, Cap and Iron Man flanked by Thor and Wasp, with Captain Marvel and Spider Woman hovering above them. Spider Man clings to a lamp. Clint seems to be having trouble reaching the tabletop. Tony makes a note to improve the stickiness of mini-Hawkeye’s grappling lines. Real-Clint would probably not be having this problem.

Mini-Thor notices his comrade’s predicament and retrieves him, just as the teeny-bots surge forward.


It’s Steve, has to be. Everyone else is out for the night. Steve was supposed to be out, some kind of VA thing in Brooklyn. But Steve’s also the only person that would actually use the intercom before trying the door handle.

“Door’s open, Cap!” Tony calls over his shoulder. He makes another note. Captain Marvel’s flight is unsteady, he should check her over before the next scenario.

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tnlph  asked:

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Emma needs to take that man out shopping for some t-shirts.

the man makes the clothes

ask and ye shall receive, darling. 900 words of gratuitous hot-man-in-a-tee-shirt. [and this counts as a bday present to myself]

“Swan, I fail to see what’s lacking in my current wardrobe.”

“You will when it’s 80 degrees outside.”

As much as Emma loved the button-ups, waistcoats, and leather jacket that comprised Killian’s modern wardrobe, warmer weather was coming and it was high time for him to lose a few layers. However, the concept of a tee-shirt was completely foreign to him and being met with some resistance. He insisted he had been fine in a tunic and vest for years at sea; why should he have to dress any different now?

(“Because you’ve never experienced a Maine summer.”

“Just how bad could it be?”

“Think Neverland, but with sun.”

“Oh. Damn.”


And so she’d managed to drag him to the nearest Target with minimal complaints, and headed straight to the menswear section.

“What size do you wear?”


“Of shirt?”

“I’ve no clue; haven’t they got a tailor?”

“Not here, buddy.” Quickly eyeballing a couple hanging on a nearby rack, she took them and her pirate to a fitting room and told him to get changed.

(“But Swan, there’s no buttons on these.”

“I’m sure you’ll manage.”)

Not even two minutes later, she heard sounds of struggle coming from the room, quickly followed by an alarmed shout of “Swan!”

“What is it, Killian?” She asked, amused.

“This bloody garment is trying to suffocate me! You have to help.”

She sighed, gently pushed open the door that he’d forgotten to lock, and then had to stifle a giggle at the sight.

Captain Hook, the most feared pirate of the seas, a man who had literally gone to Hell and back, was trapped in a black tee wrapped around his arms and stuck over his head. She knew she should attend to his distress before his hook tore a hole in the shirt, but she was having a bit too much fun watching him struggling against the fabric…and maybe her eyes trailed down his chest and stomach, a firm (literally) reminder of part of why she wanted him to cut back on the layers in the first place. (When you’re built like that, it shouldn’t be hidden.)

“Swan!” His strained cry shook her from her reverie, and she finally took pity on him, carefully sliding the shirt down over his abdomen.

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