swan scene

Sterling Hyltin and Tyler Angle in Namouna, New York City Ballet, October 2013. © Paul Kolnik.

The final pas de deux is playful and tender; the two lovers (Angle and Hyltin) dance side by side and for each other with kid-like glee, as well as in each other’s arms. In an expression of his joy, the hero flings his bride into the air, catches her and lowers her, with a whoosh, into a swan dive. The scene is as triumphantly joyful as the finale of Sleeping Beauty.

anyways remember in s3 when emma did the whole flirty “you couldnt handle it” line and then killian dumbass jones thought he was bein real clever by saying “maybe YOU couldnt handle it” (CleverTM & SuaveTM ComebacksTM) but then emma surprise made out with him and he stood there for ten mcfreaking minutes afterwards staring into space and contemplating the fact that he was certifiably the wrongest he’d ever been in his whole life and also Screwed