swan lake variation

Most people don’t realize how athletic ballet is – you have to be so mentally strong to be a dancer.

One of the toughest things I had to do was Act 2 of Swan Lake when I was in the corps de ballet.  You have to stand very still on one leg in a position called b plus for what seems like an eternity, after jumping and doing hard dancing.  Your feet cramp and everything hurts.  When I first performed it as a teenager, I think I had tears streaming down my face.  But then you learn how to pace yourself and it becomes more enjoyable.

Another ballet is Theme and Variations, by George Balanchine.  It’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve done.  You get unbelievably tired, to the point that it feels almost impossible to get through. I’ve seen people throw up in the wings from exhaustion after it.

Isabella Boylston (ABT, 2014)


Guys…guys…there’s a version of Swan Lake where the swan is played by a guy!

@boopifer, this only fuels my need for a ballet!bucky fic. I think he’d make an excellent swan.

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You should definitely recommend some classical music!!!

i made this big list a few days ago and here r some more !! -

waltz of the flowers // tchaikovsky

bedroom pas de deux (manon) // massenet

finale (manon) // massenet

valse sentimentale // tchaikovsky

crassus and aegina pas de deux (spartacus) // khachaturian

spring // vivaldi

op.9 no.5 rv 358 // vivaldi

verklärte nacht op.4 // schoenberg

waltz no.2 // shostakovich

dance of the knights (romeo and juliet) // prokofiev

odette variation (swan lake) // tchaikovsky

garland waltz (sleeping beauty) // tchaikovsky


Evgenia Dolmatova (BLR)- Swan Lake Odette Variation