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Harsh Realms Chapter 12: Thin Places, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction
Crime reporter, Emma Swan's star is on the rise. So when she is suddenly fired in a "corporate restructuring", she doesn't take it all that well. Cue the drinking. The daytime TV. The unexpected offer to man the phones of her brother's best friend's floundering PI firm. With rent past due, and options limited, Emma agrees. How hard could working for Killian Jones be? CS Modern AU.

12. Thin Places

To say Killian hadn’t been expecting her to just lay one on him, well, the way he froze up like carbonite beneath her fingers could have given that away. But the way he broke free from his momentary stupefaction with a frustrated groan against her lips, or the way his hand slid around her waist, pulling her against him? Well… that may have said something else. And the way he kissed her back?

Not really part of the plan. Though to call it a plan might have been a tad generous. A whim. An impulse. Whatever it was that had led Emma Swan to be sucking face with Killian Jones in his living room, holding onto the lapels of his jacket for dear life as they scooted backwards, Emma falling back onto the couch cushions, taking him down with her.

Killian Jones was a pretty orderly guy. Emma had seen the inside of his refrigerator, and someone had gotten a little too cozy with his label maker. This Killian didn’t kiss like an orderly guy. This Killian kissed like a man driven to the brink of sanity, his frustration fast giving way to lust. Oh yeah, there was plenty of that, if that bruising claim on her mouth was any indication. Men. Such hot-blooded creatures.

At least she’d gotten him to shut up.

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