swan diving

Sterling Hyltin and Tyler Angle in Namouna, New York City Ballet, October 2013. © Paul Kolnik.

The final pas de deux is playful and tender; the two lovers (Angle and Hyltin) dance side by side and for each other with kid-like glee, as well as in each other’s arms. In an expression of his joy, the hero flings his bride into the air, catches her and lowers her, with a whoosh, into a swan dive. The scene is as triumphantly joyful as the finale of Sleeping Beauty.

it snows on earth c:

rose sips tea and reads a book indoors while regularly checking to make sure that The Aesthetic is intact. she deigns to make one (1) snowman

dave makes a perfect replica of sbahj out of snow. rose tricks him into licking a mailbox. she tells him the only way to unstick him is to cut off his tongue and then records his worried indecipherable screeching

dirk has only ever seen snow from the internet so while he knows its cold he doesnt know its That Cold. he sticks his bare hand into the snow and his expression just. flattens. he says nothing but he’s screaming inside

roxy hasnt ever felt snow either but she thinks that texture-wise it’s like cotton balls so she performs a flawless swan dive into a snow drift and emerges 2 minutes later with pneumonia and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen 

  • Chabashira: Hey hey! Tenko has a question!
  • Ouma: Oh, what could that question be?
  • Chabashira: If Ouma is such a big supreme ruler, why couldn’t he just bail himself out of jail?
  • Ouma:
  • Ouma: I’m broke.
  • [Kiibo comes swan diving in]
  • Kiibo: I heard someone’s functions are not working properly. Someone is “broke”.

what i say: oh yeah u could say i like the rvb s9 soundtrack

what i mean: [kicks a trashcan] BACK IN BLACK HARD AS STONE [throws a rock] NEED NO FRIENDS WORK ALONE [does a flip] 3 ON 1 BUT THEY SHOULDA SENT 4 [executes a perfect split] EVERY TIME U GET UP BACK ON THE FLOOR [swan dives off a cliff]

The Signs as Weird-Ass Ways to Die pt. 2
  • Aries: Drowned in honey
  • Taurus: Jousting at a Ren-Faire got too serious
  • Gemini: Turns out there really is a musical note that can kill you!
  • Cancer: Took a swan-dive into a volcano
  • Leo: Killer clowns don't just exist in horror movies
  • Virgo: Pissed off a fake scientist
  • Libra: Knifed, but lived long enough to consolidate their own crime scene
  • Scorpio: For once they're not the one doing the backstabbing
  • Sagittarius: Autoerotic asphyxiation gone way too far
  • Capricorn: Pissed off a lesbian
  • Aquarius: Chainsaw accident
  • Pisces: Friendzoning someone can be dangerous

Nothing you say will convince me that this isn’t exactly what Frisk and Papyrus did when Sans finally fessed up to Tori.  Sunglasses and all.  Also yup, going to shipping hell in style, I don’t care, they’re too cute.