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  • Emma: Ok, let's go. We've got to act now to take down the Evil Queen.
  • Henry: Mom? What are you doing? We have the night off from heroing.
  • Emma: What? Why?
  • Henry: It's the American Music Awards tonight. We can just relax.
  • Emma: Are you kidding me with this?
  • Henry: It's not that big a deal-
  • Emma: The ONE thing I keep asking for. The ONE thing is a musical number. Not only do I not get that, they take us off the air for a night to do a whole night of them? Are you kidding me?
Fragile Design - Chapter 21

Summary - David Nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. He enlists the help of Emma Swan and Killian Jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of Storybrooke, ME. Two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.

Modern au, fake marriage

Rating: M…now that the cat is out of the bag, these two aren’t letting up.

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(image credit goes to the amazing @lala-mora (please don’t repost or copy; give credit where credit is due)

NOTE - Thanks to everyone who voted for this fic in the Captain Swan fanfic awards.  I hope the update lives up to expectations! 

Chapter Twenty One - Killian Jones


The words leave her mouth on a shaky exhale, her shoulders tensed up around her ears.  He wants to ask her to repeat what she’d said, but his mouth won’t work.  All he can do is stand there and stare at the back of her head as the ensuing silence threatens to crush them.

He doesn’t know how to proceed now that she’s confessed her feelings, but thankfully, his body seems to have a very clear idea of what his next steps should be.  He drops the spatula, eggs splattering everywhere and takes two steps in her direction.  She turns from the garbage bin just then, probably to check why he’s not talking.  Her mouth falls open on a gasp when she finds him mere inches away and he takes full advantage.  

With one hand cradling the back of her head, the other settles at the small of her back, his lips finding hers.  The kiss is electric, pleasure sparking over his skin in waves.  There’s a ringing in his ears that only grows louder as she moans into the kiss, her hands tangling in the front of his t-shirt.  She tastes like sugar and vanilla creamer, the sweetness on her tongue enhanced by her recent declaration -

I’m in love with you.”

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Best AU (Modern Setting)

Congratulations everyone! Don’t forget, voting starts November 19

6 by @xerxesrises

Amaranthine by @caprelloidea

And Now, Here’s Your Host by @allrightfine

Breathe Again by @hookedonapirate

Broken Dreams by @emmakillianfan

Can You Feel It Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue

Can’t Erase Me by @icapturedkindness

Close Encounters of the University Kind by @mryddinwilt

Conversations with Dead People by @bluestoplights

Dark Horse by @initiala

Ever Dance With the Devil by Krustybunny

Every Letter by @bleebug

For the Story by @nothandlingit

Friday (Saturday), I’m In Love by @high-seas-swan

Guilty your Honor by @shipping-goggles

Headlights Fading by @evil–isnt–born

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by @iminwinnipegthatsincanada

How Does Your Garden Grow by @theadventureofhistorygirl

Incarcerus by @qqueenofhades

Lethogica by @lifeinahole27

Lifted by Love by @seriouslyhooked

Maybe Next Year by @swallowedsong

Message in a Bottle by @icecubelotr44

My Constellation by @caprelloidea

Of Pumpkins and Parties by @belovedcreation

Openheart by midwestwind

Penetration Testing by @ripplestitchskein

Polaris by @bluestoplights

Pop Tarts and Pretzels by @startswithhope

Present all your pretty feelings by midwestwind

Remember This Moment With Me by @cutieodonoghue

Scar Tissue by @pocket-anon

Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies by @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable

Shower Streams by @accio-ambition

Souvenirs by @seriouslyhooked

Take your Time by Montana-Rosalie

Taking Back Neverland  by @whimsicallyenchantedrose

The Beach House by @flslp87

The Boy That Stood By the Sea by @captainjayharkness

The Cancelled Flight by @nowforruin

The Difficult Kind by @nowforruin

The Invitation by @kat2609

The Stars Walk Backwards by @nowforruin

Theoretically by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Tradition by @nightships

Traveling the Open Roads of Us by @imhookedonaswan

Viraha by @losttalongthewayy

With this Ring by @afairytaleprincess

World Unknown by @cutieodonoghue

Wow I can get sexual too by @swanisms

WWBD? by @niniadepapa

Yours to Keep by @cutieodonoghue

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royalswan’s christmas awards!

it was a lot of fun doing this last year - so here i am again!


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  • less than 50 notes? we’ll pretend this never happened and we can go decorate a christmas tree together or something :’)
  • there’ll be 1 winner and 1-3 runners up dependant on notes!
  • some categories might be removed.
  • deadline: 22ND DECEMBER. 

winners will be announced on the 24th december! :)


MICHONNE AWARD // best icon
LESLIE KNOPE AWARD // best theme
DAENERYS TARGARYEN AWARD // best edits (gifs/graphics) *
HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD // best fanfiction *
BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD // best overall
HINATA SHOUYOU AWARD // nicest blogger
EMMA SWAN AWARD // personal favourite

* pls add your link/tag for original content, just in case i can’t find it!

prizes; (under the cut)

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Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan aka #all the awards #all of them

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Best Alternate Universe (Enchanted Forest)

Best Alternate Universe (Modern Setting)

Best Canon Divergence

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Best Fluff

Best Smut

Best Emma

Best Killian

Best Secondary Character

Best Original Character



Vanessa. And where is she? When did we lose her, Ethan? She was standing in a quiet room, gazing up at a cross. She reached out, took it from the wall and put it in the fire. And then she was lost. And so alone.

Teen Choice 2016 Winners Full List

Choice Movie: Action/Adventure

Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure
Dylan O'Brien - Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure
Shailene Woodley - The Divergent Series: Allegiant 

Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Captain America: Civil War 

Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Chris Evans - Captain America: Civil War 

Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Choice Movie: Drama 
Miracles from Heaven

Choice Movie Actor: Drama 
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

Choice Movie Actress: Drama 
Jennifer Lawrence – Joy

Choice Movie: Comedy
Ride Along 2

Choice Movie Actor: Comedy 
Zac Efron – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Choice Movie Actress: Comedy
Chloë Grace Moretz – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Choice Movie Breakout Star
Daisy Ridley, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Choice Movie Liplock
Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Choice TV Show: Drama 
Pretty Little Liars

Choice TV Actor: Drama 
Ian Harding – Pretty Little Liars

Choice TV Actress: Drama 
Ashley Benson – Pretty Little Liars

Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi/Fantasy 
Once Upon a Time

Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy 
Grant Gustin – The Flash

Choice TV Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Lana Parrilla – Once Upon a Time

Choice TV Show: Comedy
Fuller House

Choice TV Actor: Comedy 
Ross Lynch – Austin & Ally 

Choice TV Actress: Comedy 
Candace Cameron Bure – Fuller House

Choice TV: Animated Show 
Family Guy

Choice TV: Reality Show 
Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Choice TV Villain
Janel Parrish – Pretty Little Liars

Choice TV: Scene Stealer
Sasha Pieterse – Pretty Little Liars

Choice TV Chemistry
Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn, Pretty Little Liars

Choice Summer TV Show
Teen Wolf

Choice Summer TV Actress
Shelley Hennig, Teen Wolf

Choice TV: Breakout Star
Matthew Daddario, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Choice TV Liplock
Jennifer Morrison & Colin O’Donoghue - Once Upon a Time

Choice Male Artist
Justin Bieber

Choice Female Artist
Selena Gomez 

Choice Music Group: 
One Direction

Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist: 

Choice Country Artist
Carrie Underwood

Choice Song: Female Artist
Ariana Grande – “Dangerous Woman”

Choice Song: Male Artist 
Justin Bieber – “Sorry”

Choice Song: Group
One Direction – “Home” 

Choice Summer Song
Fifth Harmony, “Work from Home” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Choice Summer Tour
5 Seconds of Summer, “Sounds Live Feels Live Tour”

Choice Music: Next Big Thing 
Hey Violet

Choice Song from a Movie or TV Show
Fifth Harmony, “I’m In Love with A Monster” (Hotel Transylvania 2)

Choice Female Hottie 
Kendall Jenner

Choice Male Hottie 
Harry Styles 

Social Media King
Cameron Dallas

Social Media Queen
Fifth Harmony

Choice Twit
Justin Bieber

Choice Viner
Lele Pons

Choice Instagrammer 
Selena Gomez

Choice Snapchatter
Kylie Jenner

Choice Fandom
One Direction- #Directioners

Choice Style: Male
Nick Jonas

Choice Style: Female

Choice Selfie Taker
Ariana Grande

Choice Dancer 
Maddie Ziegler

Choice Model
Kendall Jenner

Choice Music International Artist
Little Mix