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Prompt idea 💡: Emma and Regina are in a relationship but haven't told anyone yet. Emma becomes pregnant ....

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma rushes into the Mayor’s office, quickly locking the door behind her before approaching Regina’s desk. 

The brunette looks up quizzically, frowning at Emma’s frantic movements, “Is everything okay? Are you okay?” 

Emma nods, “I’m fine…more than fine…we just have a situation…”

Regina’s frown deepens as fear fills her heart, “You went to the doctor earlier…is it bad news? Are you dying? Please god don’t be dying…”

Emma shakes her head placing her hands on Regina’s arms and rubbing them up and down in soothing circles, “I’m not dying but we might have to tell people about our relationship.” 

Regina tilts her head to the side in confusion, “What does the doctor have to do with our relationship?” 

Emma smiles vaguely, “Well…” she drawls out before handing Regina a photograph. 

Regina gasps, stunned, happy tears filling her eyes as she looks at the grainy image, “Is that…are you…a baby…”

Emma nods interrupting Regina’s rambling with a kiss as she replies, “I’m pregnant…so we’re going to have to go with two revelations in one.” 

Regina grins, “Well if Snow wasn’t going to faint before…”

“Faint?” Emma asks shaking her head, “I’m predicting screaming…really excited screaming…”

  • Henry: Okay, Mom, Dad will be here any minute. And I'm begging you, no fighting.
  • Emma: Hey, I'm not the one you need to worry about. I have moved on. Neal is just a speed bump in my rearview mirror. I wouldn't mind slamming the car in reverse and backing up
  • Henry: Mom!
  • Emma: All right.

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         “ My superpower may not be perfect,
              but with you Regina,
             I always know when you’re lying.
            This time you’re not. You didn’t do it.  ”

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Regina:I was so worried about how I was going to raise him, I didn't even notice... Emma: We already had. then we got grownup!Henry half a season later

That line didn’t fit the episode, so I agree with you it’s tied in with what we’re seeing now.

Also when Regina first saw the Charmings in the wish realm, Regina mocked them for being so old… which in that moment I was almost certain there’d be an older Regina in our future… and spoilers make that more likely.

They said they’ve been planning season 7 since Thanksgiving, so it’s normal we’re already seeing hints in those episodes.

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#you can’t close a chapter on this show without one last hope speech from Snow White

“This isn’t the end. I mean, maybe of this book, but it isn’t ‘the end’ end. Now we get to see what’s next. 

Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing, but living with that kind of belief? That’s the most powerful thing of all. That’s hope.

So you ask, what now? Now we get to keep going on. We get to keep doing what we love. With the people we love. An ending isn’t happiness. Being together is.”