swan queens

  • Snow: I'm cold.
  • David: Here have my jacket.
  • Emma: I'm cold.
  • Regina: What? [taking off her coat] I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on to Emma] now look, I've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else's hat] how long have you been cold? You should have told me something sooner.
Glazed Pumpkins (SQ Halloween Prompts) 6th Prompt: Or the one in where the two of them are vampires

Glazed Pumpkins Masterpost


Asked by @draven260 ;)

This is going to need a slightly longer Author’s note I’m afraid. This prompt was created due to two stories I created… this very same year (I think(?)) called Power Game and Blood Right. Power Game was the first of the two in were I depicted Emma as a Van Helsing-type of character hunting a vampire answering a prompt regarding that kind of world. It was somewhat popular and I got asked for creating a multichaptered story. Swarmed as I was with many things I couldn’t do it so but I wrote what I called at the moment a mirror fic in where instead of making Emma the center of the scene Regina was the one narrating the scene. Recently, I was re-asked if I was interested on creating something in the same world that those two prompts were placed and considering how we are in October I decided to write a story for this series. It’s not necessary to have read the other two one shots to understand this one though but if you want to do so I recommend reading Power Game first since that was the order in where I wrote it and I think Blood Right has things that could get lost without reading Power game first.

Enough of me, on with the story 😉

The thick fog covered the forest floor, making it invisible and iridescent under the moonlight that bathed the high plateau in where the forest first and the small city second poured out of it, towards the tall, black spiked mountains which tops weren’t visible to human eyes.

The eyes that spied the main path towards the village cozily created at the forest edge, however, weren’t human and as the green on them shifted slightly towards a darker shade the red leaves of the trees kept on falling like solidified drops of blood, the same one that stained the lips of watchful figure whose leather jacket -a hue a shade darker than the red of the leaves- got lost against the trunk of the trees that surrounded her. Right hand on a tree, Emma picked up the handle of the dagger she had strapped around her midriff with her left, weighing its weight as she moved slightly to the left in where the jarred windows of the village could be seen alongside with the titillating orange hue of the candles that filtered the silver glow of the moon.

Any minute now, she thought, licking the underside of her fangs, feeling them beginning to elongate. The moon was at its fullest, the village was quiet and covered in fog and the smell of magic and power was thick enough her senses tingled as she kept on staring to the village, blood beginning to dry on her lips as she stopped breathing, blocking as many input of the outside world as possible.

Any second now….

At her back, a figure stepped from the shadows. Behind her rivulets of the thick fog awakened and fell, crawling up the black ensemble the newcomer had, something decidedly not appropriate to the chilling breeze that kept on rustling the red leaves above. Tilting her head, the new figure smirked and caressed Emma’s neck with one finger, the movement eliciting a reaction to the younger vampire who hissed and turned before realizing who, in fact, had bothered her.

“I don’t know why you insist on doing stakeouts.” Regina said, teeth gleaming. She was less of a messy eater than Emma was but the tips of her still unsheathed fangs were tainted with red and she caressed them with her tongue while kneeling next to the blonde, the fog at her feet curling on her lap like a playful kitten. “We could call for the darkness, wait in the shadows and…”

“Scare them to death.” Emma replied in the rehearsed discussion they always had whenever a waiting time was involved. “Those villagers called for us because they know we are resourceful, not monsters. Showing them…”

Regina huffed, staring at the biting points Emma was always careful to cover whenever they had an assignment; the cloth around the blonde’s neck could fool a human but not her and for that she rolled her eyes, playful on her boredom.

“We are not monsters, dear. Remember that.”

The words made Emma smile while not looking at anywhere else but the seemingly calm path in where the swiftly dancing shadows of bats could be seen, swiping back and forth. The term monster had been one she had loosely used at first, back when she had first started the transition. Regina hated it and, with time, Emma had learnt to use it only to annoy the older vampire. Which could come in handy.

“We aren’t.” She conceded just in time for a spark of magic to ignite next to her, flames licking her hands. One of her traps have been activated. Regina growled in anticipation at her side, changing the weight of her body as a bigger silhouette, one covered in fur and definetely larger than a usual dog despite the four paws and vaguely-shaped alike snout, appeared just at the edge of the trees at their right, the blackness of its fur a striking contrast against the pearly white and fiery red of the fog and leaves. “That, however…”

Regina’s hands ghosted on Emma’s neck as she lowered her shoulders, letting the shadows engulf her. The brunette had much more experience with their magic and so she kept Emma grounded as she moved forward, the world lines of black, white and red. The creature emitted a surprised yelp, one Emma quickly silenced by stabbing it at some point of the muscled shoulder of the creature with the dagger in where silver had been dusted at some point of its creation. The flecks of silver burnt the flesh of the monster, weakling it enough for Emma to hold it while Regina reappeared at its back, holding the shadows around her like a cloak with a slightly bored expression.

“Next time I want to be the one who chooses the place for our Honeymoon.” The vampire said seconds before lifting the creature as Emma shackled it, her pale hands almost disappearing in the thick fur before she glanced at Regina, brows arched.

“Weren’t you the one who asked for something different?”

The older vampire smiled as she saw the blonde put down the werewolf, not a hair out of place. She is learning.

“And what about keeping with this… pastime is any different?”

Emma laughed, taking the jab for what it was worth; boredom. Scratching absentmindedly the two old scars she had beneath the cloth on her neck she approached the brunette, caressing the black lace that covered Regina’s upper body, a mock, a loose mimic of the first time they had seen each other.

“You like it.” Her whisper was born out of smugness but she could see a similar expression on Regina, the fog around the two of them beginning to engulf them, answering to the other woman’s commands.

“I like many things about you.” Regina replied, stopping her movements with one finger on her chest, drawing circles and lines on top of Emma’s unbeating heart. “This horrible leather jacket is not one of them…”

“Poof us out of here and take it off me.”

Regina complied just as the werewolf began to stir, its howl echoing in the forest from where the two vampires were already very, very, far off.

Isn't it strange to think that some people will never know what it's like to be in fandoms?

They’ll never spend hours scrolling through tags on tumblr

They won’t pterodactyl screech when they see their otp

They won’t know how to handle ship discourse

They won’t stay up late into the night reading fanfics

They won’t get into heated debates over a problematic fav

I respect them, but it’s strange to think that my friends and family will never know the simple things about being a fangirl (fangirl being a gender-nutural term)

Metallic Ink... now on FFNET!

In case someone still uses that site. Lol

After the reveal I’ve started to repost the story I wrote back on FFNET. The first two chapters are already up so… comments are deeply appreciated!

Due to a sudden series of murders in where everything seems to point to the drug known as “Dust” (Which also fuels almost the entirely of this world in where magic is a relic of the past and only machines are able to use the dust as their gas) Emma and Regina, members of the Division -The Police force of this world- led the case in where the only one in whom they can confide is each other. As they go deeper into the case they discover that, magic, perhaps, is not as dead is it was thought it was.

Ch 1

If straight girls keep calling each other their girlfriends then I’ll just start calling my dog my boyfriend and if anyone thinks it’s weird that means they think it’s more likely that I’d date my dog than another woman.