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rbnesss  asked:

Would you be so kind as to reveal who wrote the awesome Halloween song for the Halloween Special?

Lol Dan Povenmire X)

Can’t recall if anyone else helped compose it (was just told Rob Hughes and Martin Olson did help with this one; from above post i wish those credits were posted on imdb) but Dan and Swampy pretty much has top billing when it comes to writing the songs. Now and then, if someone else has an idea, they can pitch it to Dan (Taking a Stroll from Perchance to Sleepwalk was written by one of our character designers).

  • Dan Povenmire: How we explain Buford is that he's not really a bully because he's not really mean to Baljeet. They're actually sort of best friends, but they've just sort of assumed that that's their role because [Buford's] the big, tough guy, and [Baljeet's] the skinny, smarter guy.
  • Swampy Marsh: He's a kid who's trying to live up to the reputation he created for himself. But he's really not very good at it.
Hunger Pains

It was late morning, almost lunch time, and Swampy is still sleeping. Doesn’t matter if the sun was making her hotter than normal, as long as she wasn’t needed for the day, she could sleep all she wanted.

Suddenly, an ear piercing scream ran out, and it startled Swampy so much, she fell out of the bed. Rubbing her head, she gets up and checks outside her window and is shocked. A Blu Scout being tightly wrapped by the coils of Toastie. It looked like the Scout was begging for his life, while Toastie looks like she went completely feral. Swampy also notices that Toastie doesn’t have her weapons out against the pinned Scout, and is wondering what she’s gonna do with him.