swamp walker


Thunderbolts #156 by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker, Jason Gorder, and Frank Martin.

1 - The cover - Cover art by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach. Cool cover, although I would like it better if more than one of the characters on it appeared in the comic (not counting Cage).

2 - Page 5 - I love the middle panel here. Satana and Man-Thing make a cute couple, depending on your definition of “cute.”
“No one has ever inscribed the worldsong into the swamp walker! I couldn’t believe it either!”

3 - Page 6 - Satana introduces herself to the rest of the team. She gets a little friendlier than one would expect from the daughter of Satan. Also, I would love to see the original of this page, just to know what’s going on under those word balloons.

4 - Pages 8 & 9 - The interviews begin. Shocker, Troll, and Centurius.

5 - Pages 14 & 15 - More with Shocker. I love how Abe likes him because they’ve both beat up Spider-Man a few times. Boomerang interviews with John Walker, and Centurius schools Fixer on who the smartest man in the room is (pretty sure one of the word balloons is misassigned to Fixer when it should be for Centurius, though).

6 - Pages 16 & 17 - The last interview, brilliant scientist Dr. Calvin Zabo. But they don’t want him…

7 - Page 20 - Kev Walker draws the best Mister Hyde. He usually doesn’t get this big, but it looks cool, for sure. Kind of a King Kong thing going on here, too.