swamp cicada

So like an hour ago, husband and I would occasionally hear this thumping on glass, and we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from other than the back porch. For those of you who don’t know, we have a screened in porch. Every time it happened, I was fucking terrified. I mean the people who used to live here died. The husband died like 6 months before we moved in.

So anyway, we spend forever trying to figure out what this thing is, (I’m just hoping it’s nothing that’ll kill me). 

Finally it shows up for a split second for my husband when he steps out there and turns on the light. I managed to spot it through the window. All we knew at that moment was a huge bug. I was hoping like, Hawk Moth or something awesome like that.

So afterwards, I spend 15 or 20 minutes trying to find this thing now that I know it’s some kind of insect. Baby, our cat, gives us a clue. It fell in an empty pot that I was keeping some gardening stuff in. So I start pulling out stuff from there. 

It’s a huge cicada. A swamp cicada, which is an annual one. A lovely dark green. It took me a few minutes to catch it. I wound up having to catch it by hand and I hope I didn’t hurt it. I had to chuck it out the screen door into the grass awful fast because this thing was freaking out.

So that’s the first time I’ve ever caught a cicada with my hands.