Mete and drenc (food and drink)

Flǣscmete and fisc (meat and fish)

  • þæt cicenflǣsc - chicken 
  • þæt cūflǣsc - beef
  • þæt scēapflǣsc - mutton
  • þæt swīnflǣsc - pork
  • se fisc - fish
  • se sǣmete - seafood
  • þæt flicce - (joint of) ham
  • þæt mearg - sausage

Wæstmas and wyrta (fruit and vegetables) 

  • se æppel - apple
  • sēo eorðbeorge  - strawberry
  • sēo peru - pear
  • sēo hindberge - raspberry
  • sēo wīnberge - grape (lit. wine berry)
  • sēo cerse - cherry
  • sēo pīse - pea
  • sēo bēan - bean
  • se cawel - cabbage
  • sēo bēte - beetroot
  • sēo more - carrot
  • sēo feldmoru - parsnip
  • se nǣp - turnip
  • þæt hwītlēac - onion

Drencas (drinks)

  • þæt wæter - water
  • þæt ealu/bēor - ale/beer
  • þæt sēaw/wōs - juice  
  • þæt wīn - wine
  • sēo mēolc - milk
  • sēo meodu/medu - mead

sēo butere - butter

sēo cīese - cheese

se hlāf  - bread

þæt ǣg - egg

se swamm - mushroom

þæt hunig - honey

Megan has been single this whole time, and she hasn’t once rolled any wants to do anything romantic. But she kept bringing the same friend home from work, day after day - she never wanted to do anything, but after a while I couldn’t help but notice that this friend would always follow Megan around, heart-farting over her and generally looking like a love-struck puppy.
What the hell, life is short, right?


I can’t remember the last time I threw a Toga Party… Actually, I can’t remember if I ever have. Tri-Var’s first party was a success! Kimber tried way too hard to be spontaneous and rambunctious, and Jasmine made progress with her new boyfriend. Nigella was there too as the sorority’s only Big, but for some reason, her “toga” was actually a short satin nightgown. (Is that a… thing that flirty Sims do?)


Revived by Jude Farrington, The Urele-Oresha-Cham Fraternity may not have been active as long as Tri Var, but it’s already turning heads with its relaxed attitude and loud parties. Down-to-Earth Jude is determined to make the house succeed without his wealthy parents’ assistance, but he still does rely on his childhood friend Ayden Swamm. Ayden might be one of the tallest, most chiseled and imposing men on campus, and the oldest member, but he’s painfully shy. If there’s a toga party he’d rather be inside playing with his womrat.

The newest member is the impressionable jock Drake Tang. Nice kid, very friendly - just doesn’t know when to keep it in his pants, not even around his dad’s new wife. Mid-terms aren’t the only thing he has to worry about now… Well, if he ever worried about them to begin with.

Coby Brabant (now calling himself “Coby Jones”) was adopted by the Swamms after running away from the cult he was born into. He’s latched onto Anthony, the first “normal” Sim he met on the outside, and kind of hero-worships him - which in turn is helping Anthony clean up his act.

The two of them have made fast friends with the Galloway boys, who are going through a rough patch at the moment after the death of their parents.

Geez, this is a sad backstory for such a happy picture.