swammi swan


okay I’m sorry for SPOILERS but I love this little fart so much, at the very least this scene from Serenade.

Just, the song’s amazing and his moves and the SWANS 

you have to be able to tell by now I love those birds.

jfc if I was a barbaloot and this guy came along with this number, I’d be down and off the tree in a heartbeat 

torture-ler  asked:

Torture had wandered off yet again, not having a clue where he was and honestly not paying enough attention to find out. It wasn't until he ran straight into a solid surface and fell that he glared up, then froze. A Truffula tree. It was. Is it? It is. Holy shit. He shot a hand up, pointing at it and letting out a shocked, continuous yell, "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh-"

Paisley was sitting under one of the many trees in the Truffula Valley, soaking in the rays from the bright yellow sun. Her eyes were closed and she smiled gently feeling the warmth on her face. There was a small barbaloot curled up and resting in her lap. 

Suddenly there was a loud scream, the swammy swans flocked into the air in shock, and the little barbaloot in Paisley’s lap jumped to attention. The Brunette herself was jolted into awareness. Carefully she placed the barbaloot to her side and went to investigate the noise. 

It didn’t take long to find the source of the very loud screaming. “Sir..?” She started softly, carefully approaching the man. “Sir is something wrong?” She said a bit louder, standing a couple trees away. 

I like listening to Owl City :> ‘To The Sky’ for this drawing

Hopefully I’ll finish it one day. Will probbaly add lots of swammi swans to it. My swan Isabella will be the one there looking at Oncie - she’s the one who offered to show him 'her’ version of the Truffula valley.

Also went with just the pencil brush this time, seeing what happened. Not bad. Normally for sketching I use the marker brush, but this brought out a different effect and I like it.