Castiel Novak dies at the age of seventy-eight, holding the hand of his best friend, the friend he has loved for over sixty years without letting him know, the friend whose wedding he celebrated, the friend whose children he watched grow up, and his only regret is that he’ll never see those green eyes again, the green eyes no age or sorrow could ever change.

Thankfully, he is wrong. He wakes up in a house, a nice, big house he used to dream about when he was sixteen, was falling in love with the nice boy who sat next to him in English and imagined a future with him in a place like this, their children running about.

He smiles now at the silly dreams of a young boy, who for years wouldn’t understand that his best friend was heterosexual, his heart breaking over and over again when Dean went on dates.

By the time he met Lisa, Cas had grown resigned and content, and was happy for them.

He was part of their family, and he didn’t wish for anything more.

And now, in his Heaven, he can visit his memories whenever he wishes to.

And the house is everything he ever wanted - except for one thing, but it was an impossible dream that’s still circling in his mind, still giving him the Heaven he wished for when he was sixteen.

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