swam song

Unlike Usual // Joshua

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Word count: 423
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The words to your favorite song swam through your stream of consciousness, your body swaying slightly as the bus drove from road to road. You leaned right in advance, just as the vehicle turned a corner. You smiled to yourself. Just like usual.

The bus slowed to a stop and the doors opened. Some passengers got off, new passengers filled the empty seats, and soon the bus drove off again, and you were back to minding your own business. Just as a new song played, you had a peculiar urge to look up. But maybe, you shouldn’t have.

Sitting right in front of you was the person that used to make your days a lot better; the one you shared all your thoughts with, and the one you hurt the most. Sitting right in front of you was Joshua and he was looking right at you with wide eyes. He seemed to get over the surprise fast though as his face melted into a gentle smile.


That voice, that honey-like voice that made your mornings, that voice that made your name sound so special, that voice that sang you to sleep when you can’t, and that voice that you heard so vividly in your dreams; it was his. It was him.

“Hey,” you smiled back.

“You still take this bus, huh?”

“Like always. You?”

He shifted in his seat, twiddling his fingers. “Just recently,” he nodded. And with that, silence.

The conductor’s voice came through the speakers after a while, announcing the next stop. Two more stops, you thought.

‘See you around?‘ ‘It was nice seeing you?‘ 'Bye?’ Saying that would be weird. How do you say a casual goodbye to the person you gifted with a painful one and with no reason?

The bus slowed to a stop once again and the doors opened.

“Well,” he said, bringing your attention back to him, “this is me.” He waved goodbye to you, albeit rather hesitantly, and all you could do was watch.

Right, you thought. It’s all different now. It’s not like before when he used to drop you off, insisting that he wanted to make sure you got home safe. This is not what you were used to. This was not like usual.

You turned around just as the bus started again. And he that used to always be by you, he that only loved you, he that wondered what he did wrong, now had his back turned against you, he that completely moved on.