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Ladynoir Day 7: Mermaid AU

Note: You do not need to read the previous days first, but a few things will make more sense if you do.

A heads up for new readers. All of my Ladynoir July stories are one story, so I suggest reading them in order for everything to make sense. Here’s a link to day one.

Marinette had expected a relatively normal day. Goodness knew she needed one after the past few days. Everything was…confusing, to say the least. She’d finally taken Cat Noir’s advice and said hello to Adrien twice this week. Today, she thought the most exciting part of her day would be adding “How are you?” to her greeting to Adrien.

Unfortunately, an akuma had other plans. As she approached the school, Marinette watched in horror as a rush of water flooded the street. In seconds, a large dome of water covered Paris, and everyone inside suddenly found they weren’t quite human any longer.

Marinette’s eyes widened in shock as she looked down to see her legs had been replaced by a pink tail.

Today was going to be a bit unusual, she realized as a dog swam past her, slowly adjusting to its new tail. An akuma had turned everyone within the city limits into mermaids.

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Guess who actually wrote something for the first time in six months???

Anyway enjoy!

ffn ; ao3

It’s not that Anakin doesn’t like swimming.

In fact, once he’s out in the water, he finds it rather soothing.

But his inner Tatooine slave boy still freaks out about that much water being in one place.

It’s unnatural. Disturbing, even. But Padme loves to swim and Obi-Wan insisted Anakin learn when he first became a Padawan, so by now the activity is practically second nature to him.

Since his children have grown up on Coruscant and Naboo, it would stand to reason that Luke and Leia would take after their mother and love all water activities.

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It’s 3:15, I haven’t even been up an hour, I’ve had nothing to eat except potato chips and cream puffs with coffee. I’m still in my pajamas, I have a fat cat in my lap, and I’m watching the Swam Princess with Beauty and the Beast, Thumbelina, Hercules, and The Sword in the Stone patiently waiting for their turn in the VCR. Oh, and I’m a 17 year old who just entered her senior year. :D I’M SO MATURE!

@dapperdxisy prompted: darren giving him and chris’ kid a bath and him talking to the baby and completely loving it because it’s bonding time for him and his child then chris sees but doesn’t want to disturb them because he knows how important that time is to darren?

Darren’s a mess, soap clinging to his forearms, all the hair plastered to his skin. His shirt is on the floor by the half open door and the knees of his pajama pants are soaked through. He has an action figure clenched between his teeth as he makes supposedly-ferocious growling noise. 

Chris stands in the doorway watching, quiet. It’s not like Darren gets bashful but he still feels like bath time is Darren’s thing. They do plenty of things together as a family, but they have their things, too. It’s one of those little routines they’ve developed, like Chris reads the bedtime stories and Darren sings the night time songs, like Darren takes her for ice cream every Sunday afternoon while Chris writes and Chris takes her to the library when Darren needs to work out a tricky song. 

Darren spits out the action figure and wiggles his fingers at the squirmy little toddler. “And then the awesome scary badass little princess swam right up to the wimpy little sea monster and, what did she do?”

Water shoots up as little hands splash down hard in the water, over and over. What hope Darren might have had of making it out of bath time not soaking wet is gone, but Darren doesn’t seem to mind. He usually ends up actually in the water with her more often than not, captaining the mermaid boat while she turns rubber duckies into superheroes. 

Chris smiles and slips out to go check on dinner.