The 3rd of my Pokémon variations, this time it’s Pidgey :D I haven’t seen one done with Pidgey, and I like baby pokémons so here is one. For clarification here I’ll list the inspirations for the variations: 

1. Normal Pidgey  2. Cardinal

3. Blue tit   4. Golden oriole

5. Barn Swallow  6. Bullfinch

Me: *remembers that Harry has two swallows tattooed on his chest flying towards one another*

Me: *remembers that swallows mate for life and that they always fly home to one another*

Me: *listens to the lyrics “if I could fly…I’d be flying right back home to you…*

Me: *thinks about Harry writing this song while he and Louis are apart and Louis writing Home during the same time*

Me: *dies*