swallow's song

  • <p> <b>Yuri hater:</b> you suck!<p/><b>Viktor:</b> You swallow<p/><b>Phichit:</b> [plays the song "i am the one who dont need a gun to get respect up on the streets"]:<p/><b>Yuri and Viktor [walk out holding hands]:</b> <p/><b>Leo and Guang [flower girls but with cash]:</b> <p/></p>


아직 나는 여전히 똑같은 나인데
예전과 똑같은 나는 여기 있는데
너무나 커져버린
거짓이 날 삼키려 해
“I’m still the same me–the me from before is still here, but the lie that’s gotten too big is trying to swallow me up.”

Song: Lie

time to shut down

There are several widely spaced, yet firm knocks on her door.

Honey forces her eyes open and flits them over to the clock on her phone, which says almost a quarter to four. In the morning. Four AM. Zero-four-hundred hours.

If it was anyone else at the door, she would be more than just irritated–she does love her sleep–but as it is, she knows that knock, and even so late, and so tired, her stomach does a little flip.

Tadashi is leaning his head against the doorframe when she pulls the door open, eyelashes fluttering against his pale cheeks, and he looks like he may have fallen asleep in the thirty seconds it took for her to get there.

“Hey,” he mumbles, looking up at her blearily, bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey,” she responds.

She knows this look of his: dark circles under the eyes, chapped lips, and a raspy, husky voice when he says, “Honey, can I sleep here tonight?”

Standard “problem with the project” look. Her mind flashes to Baymax sitting in his compartment, possibly making popping and whirring noises, which leads to thoughts of Tadashi bent over his work desk, grimacing as he calculates and configures. 

Ah, more flip-flopping in her stomach.

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The Seven on a Roadtrip....
  • Their song on the trip:
  • Percy's song: Swallowed in the Sea by Coldplay. Percy sings this in the car, exaggerating the emotions and howling some parts. Everyone wants to tell him shut up but they don't. Finally, Annabeth smacks him and tells him to shut up "or she won't give him a kiss later".
  • Piper's song: Barbie Girl by aqua xD She lipsyncs to this while twirling her hair. Jason gives her puppy eyes. Everyone else pretends not to see.
  • Jason's song: A sky full of stars by Coldplay. He sings this to Piper around the campfire. She gives him puppy eyes. They end up kissing. Eventually all the 7 all end up kissing.... except for Leo because Calypso isn't there.
  • Annabeth's song: Shake it off by the queen Taylor Swift. Just before going into the girls' tents, Percy catches her lip syncing and dancing to Shake it off. He joins in and they end up having an epic Percabeth moment.
  • Frank's song: What makes you beautiful by One Direction. He embarrassingly sings this out loud when he thinks no one is watching. Hazel catches him and thinks that he's adorable.
  • Leo's song: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. Percy and Piper hear this coming on the radio and they try to switch it off but they're too late. When the chorus starts, Leo accidentally burns down a tent by setting himself on fire and screaming "THIS GIRL IS ON FIYAAAAA"
  • Hazel's song: I'll be seeing you by Bing Cosby. As she listens to this old, old song, she thinks of Sammy, and she smiles.


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A date. She was going on a date. She was going on a date with Zen.

One minute she’d been gone, dead to the world. No, worse then dead. She didn’t think she’d even existed.

And then, just like that, she was back. For a moment she’d been so scared. The last time she’d been here was because of a terrible monster, one that wanted to kill their friends and steal Zen’s heart. That clock tower had been her prison once, but now…she wanted to make it her home.

Home…no, not just a home. A castle. And she would live there, happily, with Zen.

(He liked her! He liked her back! He-he loved her, she still couldn’t believe it. He was a god, but he’d fallen in love with a sad little dead girl. It felt too good to be true, to be here and for Zen to feel the same way that she did about him, but both those things had happened. Her prayers had been answered, and then some.)

And now she was going on a date, to eat food she would never have been able to eat when she was alive, with the prince charming she’d been dreaming of since she was a little girl.

Zen’s hand is warm, and she squeezes it as they make the walk to the restaurant that he’d picked out for them.

“Have you been here before?”

it goes churning to the pit of my stomach; the pill i swallowed / a winter song- she sings november’s welcome, as you leave me yearning for the end i followed down the road / dark alley questions; our dumpster bodies / crime scenes- you, killer; clean handed lover / martyr- its getting harder. and harder to hold her closer / farther from the knife i sleep with under my pillow, and the holy words i speak before its tip touches my cheek / she yells shoot me; no gun to her head, and i all too willing / hands gripping- strangling every spec of the smile i wore.