swallow's song


아직 나는 여전히 똑같은 나인데
예전과 똑같은 나는 여기 있는데
너무나 커져버린
거짓이 날 삼키려 해
“I’m still the same me–the me from before is still here, but the lie that’s gotten too big is trying to swallow me up.”

Song: Lie

anonymous asked:

Could you write a niall blurb about being mad at eachother and he keeps trying to fix it every time he does whatever it is wrong by buying chocolate an flowers and your tired of him doing that to make up for his wrong doing?

Niall had been known to disappear when he was recording.  When the two of you started dating, he took off after your third date because the group was in the middle of recording FOUR.  You didn’t hear from him for almost two weeks.  You moved on, even said yes to a date with another guy.  So when Niall called up the night before your date like nothing was wrong, it took him three hours to get you to understand.  

What made you finally crack and give him another chance?  Any man who would spend three hours on the phone trying to convince you he wasn’t playing with your head was probably someone worth taking another look at.

When the group went off to record Made in the A.M. it wasn’t such a shock.  In fact, you weathered the almost three week absence rather well.  You had classes and exams to take your focus anyway.

Besides, when Niall finally returned…he was good at making it up to you.  Very good.

It had been a week since he’d kissed your forehead, told you he would call you later and walked out of your house.  He hadn’t called or texted since.  It was like he’d dropped off the face of the earth.  He didn’t even come home for a change of clothes.  

And it wouldn’t have bothered you, if he hadn’t left you sitting next to an empty chair across from your parents at an expensive Italian restaurant.  Your mother did what she always did, she tried to ignore the elephant in the room while your father boisterously exclaimed that he loved Italian food and this was some of the best he’d ever had.

Humiliated didn’t even begin to explain how you felt.  Alone, empty, betrayed and generally pissed off came close.  

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time to shut down

There are several widely spaced, yet firm knocks on her door.

Honey forces her eyes open and flits them over to the clock on her phone, which says almost a quarter to four. In the morning. Four AM. Zero-four-hundred hours.

If it was anyone else at the door, she would be more than just irritated–she does love her sleep–but as it is, she knows that knock, and even so late, and so tired, her stomach does a little flip.

Tadashi is leaning his head against the doorframe when she pulls the door open, eyelashes fluttering against his pale cheeks, and he looks like he may have fallen asleep in the thirty seconds it took for her to get there.

“Hey,” he mumbles, looking up at her blearily, bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey,” she responds.

She knows this look of his: dark circles under the eyes, chapped lips, and a raspy, husky voice when he says, “Honey, can I sleep here tonight?”

Standard “problem with the project” look. Her mind flashes to Baymax sitting in his compartment, possibly making popping and whirring noises, which leads to thoughts of Tadashi bent over his work desk, grimacing as he calculates and configures. 

Ah, more flip-flopping in her stomach.

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my acoustic covers » turn // she’s like the swallow ♫

featured in: episode 3x04, when anna’s getting ready to marry hewlett

background info: traditional folk song from newfoundland. lyrics of the show version follow the version published by the english folk song collector maud karpeles in 1934. vocalist of the show version unknown (at least i couldn’t find any info?!). in the show, only the first two verses are sung but i sang them all because… why not.


she’s like the swallow that flies so high,
she’s like the river that never runs dry,
she’s like the sunshine on the lee shore,
she loves her love but she’ll love no more.

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Kacchako Week Day 0


Day 0: Rainbow

“Looks like we both forgot our umbrellas today, huh?”

Bakugou turns as Ochako’s sing-song voice comes from behind. She steps out of the gym, with a towel coiled around her neck and that fucking smile that was always on her face, and comes to his side to take refuge from the rain.

With a “tch”, he thrusts his hands deep into his pockets and slouches against the wall. “I didn’t forget mine,” he emphasizes, “I left it in class.”

Puzzled, Ochako cocks her head to the side, “isn’t that the same as forgetting it?”

“It’s not the fucking same!” She snorts and struggles to hold back her laughter as Bakugou’s infamous temper flares. “I remembered to bring it but I just left in the fucking classroom!”

“Hmmm,” Ochako hums in faux contemplation before finally shrugging, “sounds like forgetting it to me.”

“Fuck you! Do you wanna fucking die?!”

Laughing, she pats him on the shoulder and almost immediately his temper dissipates and all he can pay attention to is how her hand remains on his shoulder. The two of them fall silent as the downpour crackles in the background like white noise, softening the edges of the campus with watercolor hues of grey-tinted indigo. Charcoal ash clouds roll across the grim sky, plump and heavy with the weight of the rain.

“I didn’t see you at lunch today.”

Ochako’s soft voice breaks the silence.

“I had shit to take care of,” he mumbles unconvincingly and she grows quiet and pulls her hand away, sensing the aloofness in his voice. “Well,” she starts bashfully, “will…I see you tomorrow?” The edges of her voice are tinged with hope and it makes him feel guilty because he wanted to see her but he needed to end this – whatever they were – before he ended up regretting it.

So he throws his shoulders up as if to shrug away the question and mutters, “I dunno.” The lie feels heavy on his tongue, “it’s not like I keep a fucking schedule for this shit.”

He hears her hum in thought before she admits quietly, “I enjoy it though.” A pause and then, “spending time with you, I mean.”

He whirls around to look at her, his mouth gaping and eyes wide as her words strike him like a thunderbolt, shaking him to the very marrow of his bones. They play over and over again in his mind – “I enjoy it though. Spending time with you.” – and his rouge heart is desperate to respond in kind; to tell her that he felt the same way, that he wanted to be with her for just a little longer, to hear her voice and her laughter for just a little longer.

The disappointment is almost palpable as the sky begins to clear and the grey clouds grow increasingly punctured with streams of sunlight. “Looks like the rain’s cleared,” Ochako announces, holding out a hand to test her theory, then turns to look at Bakugou. She stops, giving him the chance to say something, and then smiles sadly when he doesn’t. “I guess I’ll see you around then.”

She takes a step and, before he realizes it, his hand shoots out and grabs hold of hers. Ochako stops in her tracks, autumn eyes wide with surprise as Bakugou keeps her anchored to place with his nervous grasp. His fingertips tremble with the words he cannot say but are reflected in his wide-eyed gaze: I’m sorry. Don’t go. Stay. Stay a little bit longer.

He then blinks, as if waking from a spell and realizing what he was doing. Flustered, he makes a move to let go but Ochako stops him, interlacing their fingers and tightening her grip.

“Bakugou-kun?” She encourages him softly. Pride was a hard pill to swallow but the song of her voice makes him brave and fills him with the courage to say the words he was too afraid to say.

“Tomorrow,” he promises breathlessly, “I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Her face brightens with a smile and she nods in acknowledgement. “Ok.” She closes the gap between them and leans up to plant a chaste kiss on his cheek before pulling away with an embarrassed giggle. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

She lets go of his hand and, with a wave, breaks into a run, leaving him in stunned silence.

In the spring of his 3rd year at UA, Bakugou learned two things.

First, that he was hopelessly in love with Ochako Uraraka.

And second, she kissed as tenderly as a rainbow kisses the sky after the storm.

I was moving some bird nests from a house cause construction and didnt want them to die and well that nest of babies is a nest of mummies and its just super cool.Probably cant keep them since MBTA cause I think they are either swallows or song sparrows but possibly house sparrows.Better safe then sorry tho since baby birds are so hard to tell apart.

The First Time (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a Bellamy imagine centered around “I just need a chick I can grind with, shine with, spend every dime with, and ball till it’s over. Swear that ass you got behind you got me standing at a attention like a soldier” Lmao thanks 😂❤️💕

A/N: hell yeah i can, sorry it took so long i was a bit stuck with this one as i didn’t know exactly what you wanted so I hope you like it xox 

Now that the Ark was on the ground, the parties became a thousand times better. First of all, they were no longer filled with people who only went to get drunk - there’s music. Actual music! It’s blasting from inside the Ark, being heard perfectly. You smile, sipping on your drink as you sway your body to the music. Bellamy smirks, looking at you through his lashes. He puts his hands on your hips, pulling you against his own body. It’s too crowded for Bellamy’s liking and he doesn’t like how when everyone walks past they brush up against you. 

“How is it that your body alone makes everyone else so… irrelevant?” He leans closely to you, his perfect lips brushing your earlobe. Shivers run down your spine and you feel a tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach.

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Perpetually​ abysmal oscillations

String quartet strung along
Cherrywood gallows,
Play a ballad
For the angels

A high note hung
From your bleeding tongues,
Would be
Such a pretty sound
To swallow

So swill the song
And keep it down
It won’t be long
Till you

But for now your frown
Keeps you around,

Bad vibes

~deAngelo “ fuck your vibrations ”

Stigma- story version

Summary (Stigma 4th verse):  

Stop crying and tell me something
Tell me, I am a coward
“Why were you like that to me back then?”
“I’m sorry”

Genre: Angst, smut

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

A/N: forgive me for my mistakes in advance! Thank you 💕I think the concept of writing a fanfic from a couple of lyrics of their own song is really interesting, so I’m going to give it a go :) Maybe some of you might not like how I interpret the lyrics but I’ll put in all my effort ;;; Please read well ❤️


You huddled in the corner of the dance studio, your frame shaking uncontrollably as you allowed your tears to fall. You bit your lips to prevent your sobs from spilling out but just like every other time, they spilled. You were crossed at yourself for showing your weak side continuously, frustrated that you had just made everyone realise that you were just a big fat crybaby. Your classmates were all dancing well, so why couldn’t you have done the same.

You felt like a big disgrace to your dance teacher, you had frequently wondered to yourself why you were even in this prestigious performance arts and music school. In Busan, you felt like your skills were good, actually you felt that it was one of the best, people often complimented your dancing  and singing skills.Maybe your ego was too big.

“Y/N,” you heard your name being called and you immediately tucked your head between your knees, your hands gripped your legs so tightly that your knuckles had turned white. 

“Y/N, why don’t you go to the recording studio to get your mind off whatever you are thinking now?” Your dance teacher suggested kindly, placing one hand on your hunched shoulders.

You looked up at him, gratitude shining brightly in your eyes. There was a reason why you like your dance teacher, and all the more reason for you to not let him down. Being bad at dancing was one thing, but singing was definitely something you were good in. Not the best but good enough to be praised by the teachers. Singing definitely helps you to relax, so you muttered your thanks and got up. Leaving the dance room and escaping from all the critical stares coming from your classmates.

You got to the recording studio and halted in your steps. Your eyes widen in shock as you saw him in the vocal booth singing. Your ex-boyfriend. Kim Taehyung. You trembled and stood rooted to the spot, whatever the vocal teacher beside you was saying went in and out of your ears. Why is he here? You told him to get out of your sight, but here he was months later, before you.

Please, please, please don’t let him realize that I’m here… You pleaded silently.

Move, move! I don’t want to talk to him again so move! You told your body which was still stiff from the initial shock.

Taehyung raised his head up and his eyes settled on you. You saw his body stiffen and he missed a beat of the song. You swallowed painfully and rushed out of the recording studio when your legs began working right again. Your breathing was ragged when he finally caught up with you in the corridor panting wildly, you backed away from him slowly, hands clenched against your pants. 

“Y/N…” He whispered as he made his way closer to you, his brown eyes were stormy and darker then usual.

“Don’t come any closer to me, you disgusts me.” You spat as you back away into the staircase exit. You could see the hurt that had appeared in his eyes clearly. 


He was your boyfriend a few months ago, before you entered the school. At first you felt the distance between both of you had increased and asked him about it, but he being the jerk he was, shook it off and said, “Princess, you’re just being delusional.”

You went home one night and caught him in your room with a girl you don’t even know. They were sucking their faces off on your bed - yes, your fucking bed, the girl had her pants off, grinding her hip against his groin. Her hands were hung on his hunched shoulder and he had his hands on your crumpled bed sheet.You slammed the door open with such force that the sound resounded throughout the whole house. Fortunately your parents weren’t home that day.

Both of them jolted out of their intimate position, the girl hastily put her pants on and prepared to leave your room. Before she could leave, you gave her a tight slap across her ass of a face and cussed loudly, causing both of them to flinch, “Fucking bitch, better not appear in front of me again or I’ll slap you a hundred more times because this one slap is definitely not enough for me.”

The girl left hurriedly after that, her hand cupping over her reddening face. You turned towards Taehyung and glowered at him, making your way towards him as fast as you could. 

“How could you do this to me! I trusted you for goodness sake why couldn’t you have told me when I had asked you why you were being so distant from me.” You cried out in frustration as you stood before him who was staring wide-eyed at you.

“I-I…” He tried to say something but decided against it.

“Give me a reply at the very least, damn it!” You shook his shoulder hard when that was all you’ve got as a reply.That was when you smelled the smell of alcohol on him, you gritted your teeth as you rummaged through his pockets to find your house key that you had given him on your first year anniversary as a couple. 

“Get out of my sight,” You hissed and shoved him out of the door before slamming it right in front of his face. You held on to the door knob as you felt your knees went weak, you let out a shaky breath before crumpling onto the floor. Your tears never came, your heart was just too weak for them. 


“Let me explain myself Y/N…” Taehyung pleaded as he made his way down the staircase towards you, his eyes were staring into yours searching for a hint of hesitation for him to break through the walls you’ve built for him. 

“You should have done that a few months ago.” Do not let him in. In he goes and you’ll repeat the same mistakes again.

I know, I know that very much Y/N! I’m a coward for not telling you the truth alright?” He whispered harshly, his face contorted into such painful expression that you felt your heart squeeze.

Taehyung placed his hand on the railing of the staircase in front of you to stop you from moving further. He leans in and you gulped, averting his eyes. He spoke softly, “I’m sorry that I brought her into your house that night, I was drunk-”

“Do you actually think I’ll believe anything you say now?” You hissed and took all your willpower to look at him straight in his eyes, challenging him.

“Listen!” He urged you, his hand shook your shoulder with such force that you had almost whimper.

“I was incoherent throughout the whole hip grinding and snogging shit that the bitch was doing to me but I swear I had kept my hands off her.” He said.

“And you let her in my house,” you stated, raising an eyebrow at him.

“She took the key from my pants after I told her where it was, thinking that she was you.” Yeah, yeah sure.

“Did you know what I was thinking about when she was on top of me? At first I thought the kiss felt good, because I wasn’t seeing you much back then as I had to prepare to enter this school. I was craving for you to touch me and the thought of you riding me gave me a really bad boner. Bad enough that I had to relieve it myself.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“But then, I realized that she wasn’t you and that was the moment I knew I had fucked up big time. That was also the moment you came in and gave that bitch a slap across her face,” A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth at the thought of the bitter memory. 

“School?” You said, surprised by the fact that he was preparing to enter the school. You remembered telling him that you had gotten a scholarship for the school and he was really distraught by the fact that there would be a chance where your relationship with him would turn into a long distanced one as Busan and Seoul was quite far away from one another. 

“I tried applying to multiple scholarship agencies while brushing up on my singing and dancing skills. I was devastated when I failed the first few, so I went to the bar, drinking my ass off and yeah…things got out of hand. But then after that incident, I practiced really hard and finally passed the audition for a scholarship. Sadly, I wasn’t able to tell you…” Taehyung looked really depressed by now, his head hung low, his voice was in a muffled mess.

Knowing all these, you couldn’t help but to place you hands on both sides of his head and kissed his hair. “You should have told me about it, you wouldn’t have met that bitch if you did…”

Taehyung held on to your shoulders, head still dipped downwards with guilt, “I’m sorry, I wanted to only let you know when I had succeeded…”

You kissed his hair again and tilted his head upwards so that he would look at you. You kissed his forehead, his eyes that were damp with tears and gave a pecked on his soft full lips. Without opening his eyes, he captured your lips with his, gently biting and pulling your lower lip until you part your lips for him to enter.

You felt your knees buckling beneath you, but before you fell, his strong arm supported your back and carried you. Taehyung placed you on the railing of the staircase and continued grazing his lips with yours. He stopped for a moment, letting out a deep breath as he looked at you, his hands fell to his side with guilt.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have acted hastily, you haven’t even forgive m-” He murmured before you leaned in and brushed your lips against his.

“Satisfy me first.” You smiled as you caressed his cheek.

“Will do, princess,” He whispered as you saw his genuine smile for the first time.


Both of you got to his dorm room and he checked if his dorm mate was in before he brought you inside. He closed the door and locked it, before crashing his lips against yours again, while slamming you aginst a wall. You gasped at how rough he was but you loved it. Your hands went to grab his hair and tangle themselves in it. His tongue explored every inch of your mouth once you let him in and you hooked your legs around his waist as he carried you by your ass, dumping you on the bed.

“Take them off,” he ordered, you broke the kiss and slipped out of your pants. He pushed you back down onto the bed before you got rid of your panties and ripped them off with his teeth. He heaved your legs onto his broad shoulder, spreading them wide apart before bending low and breathing in the wet musty smell of your private area. You shuddered with pleasure with him atop of you, snuggling against your pussy .

“So fucking sexy,” He breathed into your folds and sucked the juices that came flowing out of your pussy as he twirled his tongue expertly earning various moans from you.

You arched your back to have him licked you at a better angle. Taehyung had his hands locked on your hips holding you down. He mumbled as he trailed wet kisses up from your cilt up, “You have no idea how turned on I am by your sultry moans right now.”

“Let me help, Tae,” You whispered between bated breaths, as you saw the huge bulge potruding from his jeans.

He looked at you for a quick moment before getting up and unzipped his jeans. You can’t help but notice how defined the bulge was with those boxers and you felt your fingers twitch with anticipation. Taehyung’s hands went beneath those boxers and took his hard length out, the tip was wet with beads of precum dripping out. He got onto the bed and climbed on top of you, your hands instinctively reached for his thick member before stroking it in a painstakingly slow motion.

“Fuck- This feels so damn good.” He groaned and you saw the small veins popping out of his cock from all that cum it was holding onto. Your fingers formed a circle and you placed his dick in, moving up and down, pumping his hard lenth.

“You are so hard for me Tae…” You whispered with lust as you licked that drop of precum that fell. Your tongue met the tip of his length and stayed there, twirling and licking the cum off.

“Are you having a hard time?” You asked and he nodded his head. “Let me help you release,” You murmured against his lenth as you continued pumping.

He groaned as he came into your mouth, filling you with the salty substances which you swallowed without hesitation. You sucked him dry afterwards and he let out a breath of thanks. He lay you down onto the bed again, him on top of you as his hands went beneath your shirt and slipped you out of it. You swallowed as you moved your fingers cautiously over his fine toned abs while he work his way with your bra strap.

You gasped as Taehyung cupped his soft lips over your nipples, he sucked at it and twirled his tongue playfully. “So beautiful.” He muttered as his thumbs brushed over your hardening nipples, sending shivers of pleasure down your spine.

Taehyung trailed soft butterfly kisses up to the base of your throat, his finger slid down from your waistline to your wet folds, caressing them gently. You moaned into his ears as he held onto the base of your neck while he kissed your lips with quick pecks before going in for a passionate kiss. “I-I’m reaching my climax,” You spluttered urgently as you grasped hold of his shoulder, his idex and middle fingers were slowly slipping inside of you.

You felt your walls clenched against his fingers, trying to get used to the foreign feeling. You had lost your virginity to Taehyung months ago before the incident and you had never allowed any other guys to enter you. “You’re so fucking tight, Y/N…” Taehyung said through gritted teeth.

As you loosen up, he sped up, thrusting his fingers in and out of you in quick and swift motions. You gasped as you reach your climax, your body fluid had wet your pussy completely. Damn, this guy can make you so wet. Taehyung grabbed hold of his hard length with one hand while the other places your legs on his shoulders again, he tilted his member to where your cilt was and entered you in the very next moment. You cried out as fiery wave of pleasure coursed through your entire being.

One second he was on top of you and another second you flipped him around so that he was pinned under you. You rode him, moving your hips slowly and rhythmically until he groaned aloud, pleading you to move faster. You rocked your hips quicker and clenched your walls around his hard penis just to tease him a little.

Fuck!” He moaned as he pinned you under him again, thrusting in and out of your entrance and hitting your g-spot so many times that you had felt like fainting. He gripped your waist as he looked into your eyes, lust clouded his chocolate brown eyes. He panted, “I’m going to come, tell me where do you want me to do it princess?”

You swallowed and replied, “In me, right where you are now.”

He hugged you tightly as he came, grunting into your ear while he did so, which was so damn sexy. You moaned and arched your back as you came too, your bodies merging into one, the tingling sensation after the release stayed there as your bodies warmed each other.
Both of you lay wasted and naked on the bed as you cuddled each other. He sneaked a peak at you and you giggled, “What is it, mr pervert?”

“Nothing…Just wondering if I’m forgiven,” He said, uneasiness flashed on his face for a moment.

“Hm…Maybe?” You teased, as you kissed him gently, licking his lips till they opened for you. If he wasn’t stupid he would had known that you had forgiven him long ago.

“Want a round 2?” He broke the kiss and smirked at you, his eyes travelling down…

“Go to hell pervert.” You tried to act angry but failed as he started tickling you.

A/N: Yayyy! I have finally completed this one shot! I hope you guys liked it and read it till the end! Next up: Lie - story version (one shot)

take a chance on me

fandom: tvd
pairing: klaroline
words: 1.7k
rating: G

thanks to @garglyswoof again, Kenny is amazing! I wouldn’t be writing without your help! 

read on ao3

“There’s blood on your collar,” he’d told her.

Words that she’d perhaps given too much importance to; still, she had fled. It had felt too casual, too normal for her to think of them as simple words. He’d become a kiss when she woke up, a cup of coffee waiting for her, the smell of paint and a door already open.

It was unacceptable.

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A Galaxy of Shadow and Stars

A/N: This was one of the prompts I really struggled coming up with because I didn’t want to write a trope-y fic. In the end it might have turned into one, but I’m still happy with where it went. The title is inspired by this quote by R. Queen:

          I sailed seas of emotion
          to wander a forest of scars
          I am a dance of
          Light and darkness
          A galaxy of shadow and stars

“My name is Pride,” the child warbled, a quirky grin beneath its sing-song tone.

Riza swallowed and forced a state of calm upon herself, despite the substantial amount of sweat that accumulated on her brow. She refused to let it end with her life in the hands of a monster cloaked in a child’s skin. She refused to plead mercy. There was still so much she had left to accomplish; still so much she had to do. Riza knew that it was toying with her; its shadows licking eagerly at her heels for its own thrill. At any moment, she knew, it could choose to end her life. Every second from then on out was valuable, and she refused to waste it fretting for herself.

She took a shallow breath and pressed, “You say that you’re the ‘first Homunculus.’ What do you mean by that?”

It clicked its tongue with feigned disappointment. “Just what I said. Nothing more, nothing less.”

She could hear its shadowy tendrils slowly advance, hissing and spitting as they wound themselves across the ground that separated them. Riza stood unwavering despite herself.

“You’re truly brave, Lieutenant Hawkeye,” it mewled. “You’re planning to draw as much information from me as possible, aren’t you?”

She curled her hands into fists as her side, refusing the bait it had so neatly laid out before her. It was playing her game and using her tactics against her. To respond and indulge it would most certainly mean her immediate death. Instead she remained firmly in place, lips pressed together and unwavering.

“Impressive,” it purred, close enough for its voice to brush against her ear. Its proximity sent shivers up and down her spine, and her fight-or-flight instincts kicked in. Heart pounding, pulse racing, her body begged her to flee. To run as fast as she could. But she knew in her heart that moving would cause her untimely end, and the entire exchange up until that moment would prove pointless. Its hostage would die and the information they had exchanged would be lost. “Why don’t you join our side?”

Its question threw her, and her response was an unsolicited laugh. She felt the pressure in the air tighten around her, its intrigue and anger pressing down on her upon hearing her response. But she remained unyielding. “You must be joking,” she bit back. “What you seek are convenient pawns, not allies.”

It exhaled. “Is that so? What a shame,” it lamented. A voluntary gasp escaped her as the tendrils that had been nipping at her heels wove themselves around her ankles and legs. They intricately bound themselves to her chest and constricted as they continued their advance, pushing the air from her lungs. Her arms grew stiff and her neck immobile as they completed their advance, clamping down on every inch of exposed flesh her uniform allowed. “Well then… I guess you will die here.”

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More birds! First is order ANSERIFORMES aka waterfowl aka “is that a duck?”

You know who the fuck this is it’s the CANADA GOOSE. Not Canadian I’m sorry that’s the name. Also if we wanna be really douchey I’d reckon that these are CACKLING GEESE which depending on who you ask is either a separate species from the Canada goose or a subspecies. Cacckling geese look like chibi Canada goose mostly they just have a lil neck. There were a lot with bum wings which was sad :( including the one dabbling. But this is behaviour I’ve rarely seen CaGos do so it was really funny to see.

Here’s another one you fucking know who it is MALLARD DUCK. It’s a body of water in America of course they’re here. Also people are dicks and release domestic breeds at the ponds/lakes around here and they interbreed with wild ducks so they get weird patches and afros and stuff. They tend to be more willing to sleep around people but they’ll still slowly walk away if you get too close.

Next is CHARADRIIFORMES which are sorta a bunch of random things but mostly it’s wet birds that are gulls or have long legge.

So here’s some GULLS because this is a body of water in America. These are fucking impossible to ID. They can crossbreed so the traits can be blended. The “drity” looking ones are babies but they can either be fresh babies or 4 years old. And even though they look like babies they still breed? And multiple species will hang out together. I’m pretty sure a decent chunk are WESTERN GULLS aka the bird in the parking lot: western america edition. There weren’t any ducks in the water just gulls.

I only saw (and have only so far in my birbing career) one GRUIFORMES which is the AMERICAN COOT. Historically gruiformes has been the “I don’t fucking know” order and people throw in whatever the fuck they can’t fit anywhere else. The coot (not the mallard obviously) have creepy eyes and creepy lobed feet but they make really funny sounds and chase each other around they’re wonderful to watch. Look at the babies (not my pic). They’re really weird but really cool too!

Next is SULIFORMES which is this weird order that may or may not exist depending on who you ask. They were split up from pelecaniformes and are various wet birds like firgate birds, boobies, cormorants and darters. Today I saw the DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT. They have an orange neck beard that’s how you can tell. This dude is doing what they usually do, which is sit there and let their wings dry. They’re waterproof except their wings so they can dive far down to eat delicious clams but they need to dry out after before they can fly again. There was a colony on an old bridge here and because federal law the project kept being delayed because the cormorants wouldnt leave oops.

Finally is PASSERIFORMES aka passerines aka “bird.” About half of all birds are in here and it’s all the birds you’d think of as a generic bird. Swallows, finches, song birds, etc. Today I saw the AMERICAN CROW. I was starting to walk out of the park and heard him do a yell. He was in the tree so I had to triangulate the noise to find him. The pic is of his underfluffies because he’s impossible to see in a pic at any other angle. Fun fact IN THEORY crows are urban and ravens are rural but there’s at least one raven in Oakland (I can tell the difference because of the tail shape). There’s also at least one raven in SF, too, but that was “heard only” which, depending on who you ask, isn’t a real id. Birding is crazy!

So yeah enjoy my shitty bird pictures feel free to ask me abt birds