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heyyyyyy could u describe what each of the houses mean and where they are...? like 6th house is abt healing and it can be seen in working or jobs. thanks!

*So I got home a few hours ago from being out all day and my lazy ass decided to copy and paste what I wrote in my phone’s notes (I have astrological notes written down in my phone and I plan to transfer them to a journal soon) but I slightly modified them since they were written a while back but this shit will still probably look poorly written💀💀

Astrological Houses🌙🔮💫:

There’s 12 houses in astrology and each house has to do with certain areas of life like

✨1st is basically you,this house is connected to physical appearance (face mainly),how u act in public,what ur like when people first meet you, the image you try to portray to others, the side of you most visible to others

✨2nd is what you have,money,your personal values or what you feel is important,self worth,how you make your money as well as how you spend it

✨3rd is how you communicate and share your ideas and information,thinking patterns, how you receive information and learn,
early schooling(everything before college),transportation,siblings,aunts and uncles,short runs/trips

✨4th is family,homelife,usually the mother or the softer parent,residency,private life,early life as well as later end of life,roots, what makes you feel safe and at home,

✨5th is what personally gives you pleasure,personal hobbies,your dating/romance/sex life,creativity,sports, art(house of creative expression),your children(if u have any),money through gambling,lottery,

✨6th is like ur work environment,coworkers, how you handle obligations,how you maintain your physical health, what affects your health,how you go about your daily routine and handling what needs to be done,pets,work ethic

✨7th is long term/ close relationships and partnerships(best friends,business,the marriage partner) lawsuits,open enemies(bullies,court,etc),how your relate to people

✨8th is sex (attitude towards sex/sexual nature),death,taxes,the occult/psychic phenomena,money through inheritance/marriage,taboos,secrets,what’s hidden, attitudes towards intimate relationships and intimacy which can include the sex in serious relationships

✨9th is religion,philosophy,personal belief system,higher education
(university/college),foreign countries,
travel(to far places mainly),churches, how you go about these things

✨10th is career,reputation,ambitions,what you’re known for,personal achievements,where you strive to be in life I guess, a parent(usually the father)

✨11th also has to do with goals as well as hopes and dreams(wishes),your friends and how you go about making friends,personal popularity,groups,clubs, organizations (fame relates to this house in terms of fans and popularity while 10th house also relates),this can be money made through career or what you get out of achieving your goals, humanitarian causes

✨12th house is the house of sorrows and frustrations,self undoing,
what’s kept secret/repressed,
privacy (like the 4th and 8th house in a way but on a deeper level) ,dreams(sleep),sleeping patterns,alone time,solitude(this house also relates to prisons,asylums,old homes,hospitals and institutions like that),psychological health,secret enemies, what you may feel is missing from your life, planets in these houses swallowed up in the seas of the 12th house and the traits of these planets don’t really reach the surface to others


moodboard: wrathful sirens

                           my love wasn’t swallowed / by the sea / the humans came                                and / made her bleed / so now all their love / shall be                                         swallowed / by me

Did You Know?

that 바다 (ba-da) if we rearrange the letters to 받아 (bad-a), they are different words with entirely different meanings? one is a noun another is a verb, a declarative, informal, present tense– verb. but both are still pronounced similarly,

바다 (ba-da) = sea, ocean
받아 (bad-a) = to accept, to take, to receive, to endure, to suffer, to bear

and how amazing is it that both meanings are conveyed perfectly in this song ;)

somehow i (was) walk(ing) and (to my pleasant surprise it’s) the sea (that) i come to
(and) from this sea i, look on the seashore
(at those) countless grains of sand and the fierce and harsh wind
still i, (it’s the) desert (that) i see
i want to hold the sea, *swallowing you whole
but then doing all that (will) make my throat thirstier than it was before
i.. everything that i know, is it truly the sea..?
or is it the blue desert
oh no

들이켰어 actually means ‘pulling you/bringing you in close’ but his next lines were ‘makes my throat thirstier than it was before’ which is why 들이켰어 can also be interpreted as ‘swallowing/gulping you whole’ the metaphor :’)

also in the beginning when namjoon said he ‘came to the sea’, the –네 is a verb ending which indicates an admiration or a pleasant surprise, so essentially namjoon was walking mindlessly and somehow ended up at the sea, to his pleasant surprise. from here, we are let know how positive namjoon sees the sea as, and when he’s in the sea looking at the gazillion grains of sand and the harsh wind that blows, the sands to him, seem endless no matter what, like a desert.

which is why when namjoon said he wanted to hold the sea close to him, wanting it whole, he’s asking if that is okay, to take it all in, swallow them whole, swallow the pain away, even when he’s not sure if that would be right, if that would even take the pain away, because life can be like that. life is like that, vast, with all odds and ends. 받아.

and when hoseok says

i don’t know i don’t know
if right now it’s the waves i’m feeling yeah
i don’t know i don’t know
if it’s the sandstorm that i’m still being chased away yeah
i don’t know i don’t know
if it’s the sea, if it’s the desert, if it’s hope, if it’s despair
if it’s real, if it’s fake. shit

i know i know right now my hardship is
I know I know to overcome it is by
I know I know i have to straight up
the only place i can rely on is myself
think positive, swallowing dry saliva
even when you feel uneasy, even when you feel the desert
it’s the beautiful namib desert (that you feel)

im crying at how hopeful hoseok is, saying the desert is beautiful when he well knows how ruthless and unforgiving namib can be, did you know? that namib is the oldest desert on earth? that despite it’s geological nature of being almost entirely barren ‘an area where there is nothing’, like vietually no rain exists there, but there are still wildlife? that the only reliable source of water they got is from the fog, the mist that the harsh wind carries from the sea?

namib is a strange place where the desert meets the sea, and diamonds can be found, and its plants and animals grow in a barren dunes, some of which are overwhelmingly impressive and could not be found anywhere else in the world;_;; and to think how dreadful the weather is and the condition there, but still there are things that can survive, and in fact, flourish. there’s this plant called the ‘quiver tree’ i’m not sure if you guys have heard about it, but there’s this remarkable plant in namib where it cuts off it own brancges when the desert gets too draught to avoid its leaves from getting deprived of water, like how mind-blowing is that i cant even 

and it’s this very same mindset is what i believe bangtan is trying to convey, that even though life can come with hardship, even though it’s inevitable that life comes with hardship, nothing is impossible if we have the guts and trust

a place where hope is, surely ordeal is there (too)
a place where hope is, surely ordeal is there (too)
a place where hope is, surely ordeal is there (too)
a place where hope is, surely ordeal is there (too)

fyi 있다/있네 is colloquial and can be used to mean ‘there is/are’ OR ‘i/you/he/she/they have’ although 있다 is usually only used to mean ‘i have’. 

있네 on the other hand, is used when you don’t have any knowledge prior to the existence of that something or if you thought you didn’t have that something with you, for example, 

여기에 다 있네 = there’s everything here (i didn’t know they’ve evrything here)
어, 나 펜 있네 = ohh, i have a pen (i didn’t know i have a pen with me)

so when bangtan says 희망이 있는 곳엔 반드시 시련이 있네 they’re really, reminding themselves and us fans that whenever we reach our goals, breaking records and getting recognized etc., and we experience happiness, we are also going to face hardships and difficulties that naturally comes with it, bad things that we may never think of, they could happen, and we should expect them to happen, because life can be like that yeah

a place where hope is
you know you know you know yeah yeah
a place where hope is
you know you know you know yeah yeah

and when yoongi says

i thought here is the sea but it turned out to be the desert
“nothing special, small (not famous) idol”, was our second name
being cut out of broadcasts, huh, can’t even tell how many times
someone’s fill-in (empty spot), our dream
ppl are saying our company’s small
that we won’t make it
i know i know i too, know (that)
even during those years when the seven of us had to sleep in one room
even with the belief, before sleeping, that tomorrow will be different 
even when i can see the shape of the desert mirage 
i couldn’t grab it then
in this desert that seems to have no end, i pray that we would survive
(that this is the) reality, i pray that it be not

in the end the mirage, i caught (it), and
the reality, it became, and
the desert i was once afraid
we filled with our blood, sweat, and tears, and it becomes the sea
but then amongst all this happiness,
what are these fears?
because this place is originally a desert, we know this all too well

and i wanna cry when they had their little conversation played back b e ca use

“i don’t want to cry, i don’t want to rest.”
“i know that but, why don’t we rest for a little bit?”
“no, no, no,”
“i don’t want to lose, isn’t (the situation we are in) originally a desert..”
“well then, let them all know everything,” 
“what’s a little more to being depressed, huh?”

fyi 더 울어야지 뭐 is rhetorical way of saying ‘we should cry/be miserable more in order to succeed’ the 뭐/what is just one of those colloquial words (in this context) that does not have a clear definition, since it’s not actually a question, nor a statement per se, but more like an interjection of 그래서/so/so what functionally, you say it like this when you have given up on something and accept thinsg as it is. so when hoseok says this, he is saying that continuing being depressed (going through hardships) is just perhaps natural in order to succeed, and that very fact, doesn’t even faze him anymore, which just goes to show how hard our babies must have had it in the past, and we can only know so much :’)

ocean, desert, the world
everything is the same thing
different name
i see ocean, i see desert, i see the world
everything is the same thing
but with a different name
it’s life again

when armys held up the slogan that last night of wings live tour final and the members cried so hard, it’s not just cos it reminds them of hardship or the fact they have us fans by them side by side since the beginning

우리 함께라면, 사막도 바다가 돼
if we are together, even the desert can become the sea

when armys put up the banner they were actually answering bangtan because remember when yoongi said “i thought here is the sea but it turned out to be the desert,” or when hoseok laments “i don’t know if right now it’s the waves i’m feeling, or if it’s the sandstorm that i’m still being chased away, i don’t know if it’s the sea, if it’s the desert,”

when armys held those banners they were saying that it don’t matter if you’re in the sea or the dessert you’re feeling happiness or despair, we’ll be there all the way, we can go through everything come what may because we’re in this together. we are in this together.

armys were actually consoling bangtan when they held those words because –돼 in this context gives out a commanding tone but in the softest, most reassuring way, affirmative, but gentle, the way a parent would to a child, or a loved ones would to their beloved. and it’s so beautiful because it just shows despite difference in ages, all fans are one when it comes to protecting and loving bangtan, and it’s all the same with the members towards us;_;;

when i wrote about how i feel the highlight reel “concludes everything" and “the sea gave it away, this is exactly what i mean.

it’s as if they were saying they were already there beside us from the start no matter what’s gonna happen because the sea can only get heavier as time passes by but it’s okay it’s always gonna be okay in then end because we’re there together. we’ll be together, right? 

we have to (be in) despair, in order to face all of those trials
we have to (be in) despair, in order to face all of those trials

honestly i feel 바다 resonates really really well with love yourself album because it reiterates everything about starting from within. and i can understand why it’s one of the hidden tracks, you can’t possible understand if you’re not a fan and only fans would purchase album’s physical copy, they just want us to hear them first T^T

bangtan was formed strong from the start, to guard, to boldly defend their music and value, their worth, amidst the pressure and prejudice that comes from being a small act. it was hard it was really hard but look at where we are now;;

which is why when namjoon said that they’re all gonna smile from now on i wanna cry because i’m so proudd look at this confidence they have now;; because they know they can get they had gotten through everything with fans by their side, they know they can go head strong now without fear now because of the trust they have us, in bighit. and because of the trust they have in all of us, they can take their mask off now;;

“just as always, mask on, and then there’s her, who always welcomes me with cheers, (my dear) i’m your star, and as if nothing’s wrong, i shine. (even still) the time i shine the most is when my mask (is) off.” –hoseok, outro: her

can you see me now?

i guess the first chapter is truly nearing the end now ohhh i’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us <33

“Nothing I do is ever good enough.” part.3 Ending

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 2,890

*WARNING* - The following content can be triggering. With mentions of depression etc. Read at your own risk as this chapter is quite ‘dark’, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3 ending]

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Seven love letters to the sea

1. You write a love letter to the sea. The sea swallows it. You write a hate letter to the sea. The sea swallows that, too. You write a technical manual about the maintenance of pre-1960s trainsets to the sea. The sea swallows it. You realise that the sea is like a cat. It basically does not care about anything other than coming in and going out and getting fed. When the sea has kittens, you are perhaps the only person in the world who is not surprised.

2. You write a love letter to the sea. The next day, there is a knock at your door. It is the sea. It has come to stay with you, and it has brought all of its stuff. It hopes the volume of your house is sufficient, but if not can it keep some things in your garden just whilst it’s getting back on its feet, so to speak?

3. You write a love letter to the sea and publish it in a well-respected literary magazine to which the sea does not have a subscription. The sea never sees your letter, which is probably for the best, since you are not really the sea’s type. The sea continues to not know or care who you are.

4. You write a love letter to the sea. The sea writes back. The sea has terrible handwriting and delivers its message by splashing water. You go home, change your clothes and consider the matter no further.

5. You write a love letter to the sea. The sea sends it back, six years later, in a bottle. It is heavily corrected in squid ink. Twelve years later you get an unspecified bill for editing services and for six years’ bottle hire.

6. You live far from the sea. You write a love letter to the sea. Astonishingly, it writes back in a way that you can read. You spend a few giddy years in correspondence, exploring each others’ depths in an entirely metaphorical way, your heart leaping when you see the mailbox is damp. Eventually, you move to be by the sea. The government investigates your relationship with the sea and decides that it is not genuine, and you are prosecuted for immigration-related crimes.

7. You write a love letter to the sea in the form of an international treaty. For ever after, the sea sends you the most glorious icebergs and the most musical hurricanes, this being the way that it shows its adoration to those it holds special.

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Glaucus atlanticus? One of my favorite creatures!

Hate it | Not my type | it’s ok | Good | Great! | One of my Favorites! | I LOVE IT!!

Yooooo These guys are awesome!!! they look out of this world!

 like honestly if i didn’t know they existed and someone just showed me a picture of one i would probably just think they were some weird high definition version of a creature someone created in Spore. 

They float at the surface of the ocean! their cool coloration is camouflage! they’re darker blue on one side and lighter blue on the other.  so one side is camo to protect against birds looking down on them and the other side camouflages them with the underside of the waves so fish don’t eat them! very cool example of countershading! 

They feed mostly on hydra (like the portugese man o war) and they can take the stinging cells (cnidocytes) from the ingested hydra and incorporate them into their own bodies! 

They really are what they eat! 

[sources: pic, videofacts.]

Antonym [m]

Genre : smut / Jongdae!Siren 
Summary : Princesses should know better than to listen to the song of sirens. But, you didn’t know any better and so you followed the voice of a beautiful man. 

“Your Highness, what are you doing here?” he asked, his breath blowing just above your lips.

“I-I don’t know,” You answered, unable to say anything but the truth. “I just came.”

There was a playful glint in his eyes, like he knew something you didn’t. “Is that so?” he smiled. 

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one sometimes sees claims in modern literature that “the ancient greeks had no term for the color blue,” but that is misleading. it’s true that ancient greek did not have a generic term for blue as we understand it, but there were many specific terms; these, like other color terms in ancient greek, often assigned more importance to the brightness or darkness of the color than to its hue.

ἀέρινος, aerial; light blue or grey
γλαυκός, gleaming; later, of eyes, blue or grey
καλάινος, turquoise-colored
κυάνεος, dark-blue, glossy, (of the swallow, the deep sea); dark or black
οὐράνιος, heavenly; sky-blue
χαροπότης, bright; light blue; sky blue

20 Favourite Songs

1. Coldplay - Swallowed In The Sea
2. U2 - Every Breaking Wave
3. The 1975 - Settle Down
4. Coldplay - Warning Sign
5. Coldplay - The Hardest Part
6. The Killers - All These Things That I’ve Done
7. Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
8. Fleetwood Mac - Sentimental Lady
9. M83 - Splendor
10. MGMT - Time to Pretend
11. Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light
12. M83 - Moonchild
13. Coldplay - Ink
14. Arcade Fire - Here Comes the Night Time
15. Coldplay - Square One
16. The Lumineers - Big Parade
17. Lana Del Rey - Ride
18. Crystal Castles - Baptism
19. Vance Joy - Georgia
20. Foals - My Number

genre: mermaid!au, prince!au, fluff, angst, smut

pairing: reader x Taehyung

preview word count: 453

You eyes flutter open, blinking several times as they focus on the clouds above your head. Their contents now empty, leaving behind light grey traces of mother nature’s fury. Sand was under your fingertips, but you didn’t know how it had gotten there. And although the storm was strong, the current wasn’t enough to drag you from the docks all the way to the beach. Especially not when your foot was caught in a fisherman’s net.

The cool post-storm air stings your lungs as your body tries to push out the rest of the salt from your system. Soreness setting into your bones as you slowly push yourself up off the beach. You look around, searching for possible clues as to how you got here. But there is not a human in sight. No one but you was stupid enough to be around the docks during one of those storms.

A long groan escapes your lips when you realize your phone is still in your pocket. You pull out the soaked device. There was no way a bag of rice was going to fix it. Jimin had probably already called the coast guard to send a search and rescue team to find his idiot lab partner. You knew that once he laid eyes on you, after making sure your limbs were still attached, he was going to chew your ass out for making him have a heart attack. He would be clutching at his chest, sending you on a very long guilt trip for the rest of your time together.

Out of corner of your eye you see it. A flash of red against the grey storm. Your wet hands paw at your shirt, trying to clean off as much wet sand as you can before you rub your eyes. You had to be seeing things. Slowly, you stand up from where you had washed a shore. The soreness of your legs making the short trek to the water seem like it was a thousand miles away.

It’s not until you’re waist deep in the water that he even brings his eyes up to meet yours. His face isn’t that different, older, but still very much the same. The two of you stare at each other in silence and you’re not sure if he recognizes you. After all, it had been almost 15 years since the first and last time you saw each other.

You reach your arm out tentatively unsure if you had in fact swallowed too much sea water. Or maybe you had actually drowned and were now stuck in a dream. But your hands hit skin as your palms cupped his face.

He felt too real to be a dream.


Chopsticked (Vore Animation)

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When Song Ruowei went to the famous Ramen Dragon restaurant, she was welcome with a bowl of chef Gunnar Low’s famous ramen noodles. Little to her knowledge, chef Gunnar Low was accidentally dropped into her ramen bowl.

Voice Acting:
Song - Hestia042 https://www.patreon.com/voiceofHestia042
Gunnar - Plofficer http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ploff…

Special thanks for
Kink-Master-Canine and Jeschke for providing sound effects.