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I’m Yours (Jason Todd x Reader x Dick Grayson)

Requested: NOPE.

A/N: I’ve been having mixed feelings for both Jason and Dick lately and all I could think about is taking them both….at the same time, so here I am sharing my fantasy with you freaky hoes. You guys should really listen to sexy music while reading this, it helps A LOT! I LOVED WRITING EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS BTW!!!!


Words: 2,965

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The morning light streamed through half-closed blinds. The pounding migraine in your head made you groan loudly. You shifted your naked body under a soft blanket. You turned your head, laying your cheek against a pillow and opened your eyes slightly. You saw Dick’s back, peacefully rising and falling. He was laying on his stomach, his head turned towards the wall, with one arm flung over your waist.

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Wingman - Dean Ambrose

Summary: James goes to Dean for advice on asking you out. However, you and Dean are much closer than James thinks. 

Warning: Slight smut!

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Title: There’s Some Darkness In You

Pairing: SidLink 

Rating: Everyone 

Tags: Angst, Angst and Comfort, Comfort, Emotional Hurt and Comfort 

A/N’s: Thank you for the request! I actually don’t know that much about Dark Link but the research I did described it as ‘Link’s dark feelings manifesting’ so I went with that. Anyway, sorry this took so long and hope you like it! 

This has been cross posted on AO3 so if you’d prefer to read it over there! Reblogs, kudos and comments are very much appreciated! Thank you! 


For a moment, his mind couldn’t comprehend what his eyes were seeing.

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Secrets Kill 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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Chained Up

The drabble game Chained up (VIXX) with Monsta x Minhyuk Love your blog ❤️

Note: I know, it’s short and it’s taken me forever, but I tried really hard, so I hope it’s all worth the wait. Thank you for requesting, anon. Also, since this is a drabble (it is super short) should I make a part 2? I wasn’t sure if I should make this smutty or nah so idk let me know. Love you all~ Mami x

Find Part 2 of this here –> Pt2

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Lee Minhyuk is the biggest nightmare to every living father of a daughter. He’s tall, dark and mysterious; his eyes glint with secrets and smirks. He can whisper sweet nothings to lure in anyone he chooses as his pray, and he can pull anyone into his seemingly warm and inviting embrace only to leave them stone cold once he’s finished tearing away all emotion and trust from his victim’s heart. 

You know all of this; yet you’re still here.

Your heart races against your ribcage as his fingers drift from your stomach to the small of your back. It was like he could read you like clockwork, knowing all the right ways to push you beneath his control. You felt as though you were chained up in the palm of his hand. He had you right where he wanted you. 

“Of everyone that comes to me, {y/n}, you were the last I was expecting.” He looked down, not condescendingly, but something close as he pulled you in, his hands gripping the back of your shirt.

“Why would that be?” You tried to sound confident, despite knowing you’d never gain the upper hand. Minhyuk is known for being like this, a natural dominative figure. He walks the university halls as though he owns them, and grabs men and women alike to his leisure. He has a small group of friends; and they’re all somewhat similar to Minhyuk. They think they’re better than everyone else, because people let them believe. You’re strengthening that belief just by being here, by portraying Minhyuk’s toy. 

“Because you’re {y/n}. The straight edge that doesn’t step a food outside after 9:00PM. The one that studies hard and is oh so perfect to the darling parents.” your breath is taken away when he lowers his lips to your neck. 

“And despite all that, you came to find me. Why?” 

You swallow hard. Adrenaline pumping. Lip quivering. 

“You’re an escape from all that. I figured being with you would make me forget… even for a short while.” He pulls away, a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He must have worked out you were using him as much as he was using you; but he seemed perfectly alright with that. 

“Honey, you won’t remember your name never mind anything else.”

“I wish I could come with you baby, just take me in your suitcase…” I whimpered. His kissed me on the forehead as he snuggled up to my chest as we hit the hay one last time before his week long business trip.

I awoke to complete darkness. I was cramped, stuffy, and sweating. A zipper sound opened up above me and I saw Josh’s head as he smiled at me. “Good afternoon baby! I’m glad you thought of this, now you’re here with ME!” My eyes squinted from the pain of the light. “That’s great sweetie… now can I get out?” I asked. Josh smiled and I saw the most evil grin come on his face… “not just yet… I have this fantasy” His ass sat down on the suitcase and a noise and smell filled the bag as he let out a fart followed by two more. “Let me OUT!!!” I cried as my nostrils felt sensations that brought tears and fear all over me. The heat in the bag intensified. “ARE YOU TAKING SELFIES!?!?!?!?!” I screamed. “I’m on vacation baby. Give me this one thing okay? I swear I’ll make it worth it… look I only packed one thing in the bag with you… It was this pair of underwear that… lets just say give an allusion that his ass is even larger than it is. Not that that’s necessary, his ass was the largest I’d ever seen on such an in shape man.

*Day 2*
PPHHHRRRMMMBBPPHHH!!!! My throat was dry from coughing so much from his constant gas.

*Day 3*
FFFFRRRMMMMPPPHHHHHHHH! My dick was rock hard from being his live in slave. I ached to touch him again. That’s why I wanted to go on the trip with him in the first place. I didn’t want to lose the physical touch of our relationship this long.

*Day 4*
PPPPPRBBBBBBPPHHHT! I rubbed my dick to each fart. I imagined his beautiful ass swallowing my nose and pumping gaseous blast after blast into every inch of my body. His business meetings lasted 10 hour a day and I used that time to sleep. When he was in the hotel room I was wide awake to sniff all his gas. He even brought my suitcase prison to bed with him… under the sheets. The amount of gas he had during the night was unbelievable.

*Day 5*
“Tonight is the night” he cooed. FFRRRMMMMMMMMPPPPHHH!!! He left the room after slipping a photo of him into the suitcase hole… It was of him in nothing but a bowtie. He was holding a pair of handcuffs. I fell asleep with a raging boner.

That night the suitcase was opened and I experienced fresh air as Josh pulled me out and began to kiss me. He threw me onto the bed and straddled my chest. My cock was aching it was so rock hard. He flipped around and began to blow me as his ass was aimed right at my face. BBRMMMPPPHH! PPPHHRRRBBBTT! The farts didn’t cease but I didn’t care at this point. Everything about him was hot. I felt up his abs, pinched his butt, pressed my face into his crack and sniffed deep. One load, two loads, three loads, he began to stroke harder using his hand instead of his lips. His ass moved into a sitting position against my face. Four loads, five loads, six loads, 7 loads. He handcuffed my hands to the bed as he moved his ass onto my cock. I whimpered because my cock was in so much pain… but his tactics got more alluring each round. Josh grinded, and grinded, then came more farts, and the  bouncing  My cock shot it’s 8th load… then 9th… it was blank. He milked me dry. But didn’t let up.

That next morning we headed back home in the rental car. Luckily I got to ride in the car instead of the trunk. He threw away the suit case due to the stink permanently sunken into it. Before I got into the car he demanded “No baby… Your head goes through the seat in the back.” His driver side back rest was lifted up for my head to fit through… my legs dangled above my head in the back seat, and his ass sat on my face the whole ride home.

This was a new start in our relationship… I never knew he was such a fart fetishist!

Roots (Part Six)

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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When you woke, the first thing you felt is that you were alone.

You sat upright, your heart beating in your chest and you stared at the wide empty space next to you. You felt tears springing into your eyes, as you reached out to touch the empty mattress beside you,

‘Idiot,’ you groaned, I am an idiot.

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Request :  Stefan shower smut, I mean who doesn’t love Stefan and smut (ME)

Imagine : Stefan joining you unexpectedly in the shower. (SMUT)

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

The hot water cascaded you body, causing you to sigh and tip your head back. You had been stressed recently, and the warm water relaxed your muscles better than you thought.

You squeaked in surprise when hands slid easily around you hips, and you jumped at the new touch. A chuckle sounded from behind you, and you turned to see Stefan. He was giving you a shit eating grin, his hair already damp although you had hogged the water. “Are you going to let me get my hair wet?” he asked in a seductive voice.

You smacked his chest playfully as you allowed him to switch places with you. You took a moment to admire his body, eyes lingering longer than necessary on his member that you could see growing harder by the second. “Something tells me that you’re not up for water conservation,” You told him with a cheeky grin as your eyes travelled up his body again, meeting is.

Stefan grinned in agreement, taking your cheeks in his hands. “You’d be right,” he said with a smirk. He then kissed you, your lips meshing together passionately as Stefan backed you up against the wall of the shower. You shivered at the cold tile on your back, but moaned as Stefan’s hands began to roam down your body.

“I knew you liked spontaneous places, but I never thought the shower would be one,” you told him with a shit eating grin as he began to suckle on the smooth flesh below your ear. You let out a throaty moan, your hands wrapping themselves around his neck to keep him in place against you.

But by the way he was paying attention to your actions, your body and the way you responded to him, you knew he had no intentions of leaving until you were fully satisfied. 

His lips slowly began to move down your body, his large hands massaging your breasts as he moved past them, his tongue licking a strip down the valley of your breasts.

You bit your lip, completely at his mercy when he got to where you needed him most. “Stefan,” you moaned. 

“Hmm?” he hummed, nipping gently at your clit, causing you to gasp, arching your back. “What is it darling?”

“I-” your own moan cut you off as his tongue dove into you. Every time he did this, you felt like you had died and been to heaven. He knew exactly what to do with his tongue, and how to make you fall in love with him even more.

You were so close, leaning against the wall of the shower while Stefan kneeled before you, his tongue digging into you hungrily as you screamed out.

But, he pulled away. You whined, unable to form coherent sentences as he kissed up your body, one of your legs following his wake, wrapping around his waist. “In time, baby,” he growled. “You don’t get to finish unless I am inside you.”

You cried out as he slipped into you in one smooth action, gripping both the wall of the shower, and his shoulder tightly.

“Stefan,” you managed. “Oh, Stefan. Don’t stop!”

Your cries continued as he gripped one breast roughly, his hot breath on your neck. Sex was almost always extremely intimate between the two of you, and this time was no different as he plowed into you, hitting your sweet spot in your aching core.

“You’ve gotten so tight,” Stefan cooed as he continued his onslaught on your sensitive pussy. “You’re going to cum soon, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” you chanted, feeling your eyes roll back into your head as the bubble of pleasure got more intense. 

Stefan grunted as his hips went faster, if that was even possible, and you were screaming now, begging him to let you release. The mixture of sweat, hot water and steam was proving to be too much for you as you released, but only after Stefan’s command. 

“Let go,” he whispered in that chilling voice. “Now.”

Stefan calmed your quaking body expertly. It wasn’t until you dropped from his waist did you realize that he hadn’t had his release.

“Stefan,” you said quietly.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said with a smile. “I just like giving you pleasure.”

But you, being you, didn’t except that as an answer. You dropped to your knees, taking his length in your hand, one pumping, the other cupping his balls as your tongue licked up and down his shaft.

Stefan groaned, trying to keep himself in composure. But could he do that when you deepthroated him, sucking harshly and fondling his balls.

“Y/N,” he managed, gripping your wet hair in his hands, his hips bucking towards your mouth. “Y/N, oh god!”

He released in your mouth, which you swallowed all immediately. You pumped the rest of the cum from him, cleaning him before kissing up to his lips. 

He kissed you messily, thanking you wordlessly as he panted into your mouth. “What did I do to deserve someone so perfect?” he whispered, cupping your jaw.

“You were yourself,” you reminded him. “I love you, Stefan.”

“I love you, too,” he told you, smiling and pecking your lips once more.

The Earthworm

Prompt: A huge worm bursts from the ground and catches you off guard. You fall back; the breath is knocked out of you. The worm’s heavy body pins you down and what you THINK is its head shoves past your lips. Something jiggly is forced down your throat; you can do nothing but swallow the indeterminate flow pumped into you and try to breathe. When you come to, the worm is gone and your jeans have popped open around a stuffed, squirmy belly. You hiccough and a little earthworm falls into your palm.    

First time submitter here.  I hope you like it, Anon.


You couldn’t have asked for a better day. Both of Tenarus 4’s suns shine cheerfully in the azure sky with only a scattered handful of puffy clouds to break up the view of nearby galaxies glittering faintly through the atmosphere. Leaving Earth was the one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, but the promise of free land to those willing to cultivate it tempted you away as it had so many others. Safe and extremely fertile, Tenarus 4 held the promise of a good life. And you were more than happy to take a chance on it.

It’s only been a few days since you made planetfall, and now that you’ve gotten your prefab up and all of your belongings safely stored, it’s time to get a feel for the land so that you can start planning out your farm. That’s why you rose at first light, pulling on your favorite pair of jeans and buttoning up an old flannel shirt before heading out to explore your new homestead.

A lush forest surrounds the open fields of your property, bordering the grassy plains with the vibrant blues and greens of local flora. Someday soon you’ll have to take a hike back there and see what wonders lie hidden beneath the canopy. For now, however, you’ll stick to potential fields and areas that might need fencing off. The next few months were bound to be a bustle of activity as you start getting everything into place, and you won’t need any new adventures to distract you.

A curious spot far from the house and on the very periphery of your vision catches your attention not long after you start, and you head off in that direction to find out what’s going on. From afar the terrain seems extremely uneven, and as you get closer you realize that it is because this area is covered in large, freshly disturbed mounds of soil. They almost remind you of the little worm mounds you always found in your father’s garden while you were growing up, though these are much bigger and obviously not created by any worm you’ve ever seen.

It’s strange, and when you finally reach the place, you give one of the piles a little kick with your boot. The soft, damp soil scatters easily. “Yeah, it’s just dirt,” you say aloud to yourself. “But how did it get here? This is just weird.”

The ground in front of you suddenly erupts in answer to your question, the force of the explosion knocking you flat on your back. Your mouth hangs open to gasp weakly for oxygen as clods of dirt fall around you like hail, the impact leaving you momentarily stunned and struggling to catch your breath.

There weren’t supposed to be any aggressive fauna in this area. What the hell is that?

Looming over your prone form as the dust settles is an earthworm, rust red and segmented, easily twice as long as you are tall and as thick as your arm at either end with a much bulkier middle. The sight is almost comical, at least until it drops down on top of you and traps you in place. It’s denser than it looks and its weight forces what little air you’d managed to obtain right back out of your lungs, but before you can push it away, a pointed end that you can only guess to be the creature’s head is unceremoniously shoved between your lips.

The taste of dirt slams into your tongue at the same time you finally gather enough of your wits to grab at the worm and yank it back. Unfortunately for you the worm isn’t letting itself go anywhere; its muscles are firm and flex solidly beneath your hands as it pushes itself even deeper, the worm’s bristled head forcing itself over your tongue and towards the back of your throat.

You’re frantic now, slapping, kicking, arching up against the creature, but to no avail. You don’t dare bite in fear that it would break your jaw, or worse. You can barely breathe around the worm’s girth, and you have no idea what it’s trying to do to you, at least not until you feel its body pulsate and swell even larger in your mouth, rhythmically squeezing something gooey out of its orifice.

The warm, gelatinous mass has nowhere to go but down your esophagus.

Pinned as you are to the ground, you have no choice but to gulp it down, desperately trying to steal quick breaths around the worm’s body between batches of the stuff.

You don’t know what it is giving you or why.

You don’t want to swallow it, but you don’t want to drown or suffocate in it, either.

You can feel tears dripping down the sides of your face, fear squeezing around your heart and clenching your chest like a vise. Already starved for air, you quickly succumb to the specks of darkness invading your vision, the worm still pumping something down your throat.


The light of the suns has faded to a soft glow on the horizon when your eyelids finally flutter open again. You’re alone, lying on your back in the grass with the dirt mounds still at your side. Everything is a little hazy. Perhaps your memories from earlier are all the result of a rather vivid dream brought on by something weird that you’d eaten. Perhaps you just found a nice spot to lie down in and take a quick nap after your walk. You have to believe that it’s true.

It takes you a few minutes to get your bearings. Your stomach is audibly groaning and gurgling, but you don’t feel hungry. If anything, you feel… full. Too full. One of your hands raise to rub soothingly over your belly, but instead of the flat, slightly muscular stomach you sported when you woke up this morning, your hand finds a taut, round dome.

You gasp, hauling yourself upright and moaning a little at the unexpected difficulty of the task. Your flannel shirt is strained tightly over what looks to be a belly in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, most buttons barely holding the fabric together while one had come unfastened to reveal your bulging navel. Your jeans have completely given up the fight, and you can feel them lying wide open beneath the mound of your distended belly.

The worst part is that not only are you full of something, but that something seems to be alive and moving. You can feel whatever the worm injected you with squirming and wriggling around, and the bulge of your belly visibly shifts and rolls. You’ve never felt so bloated before in your life, your stomach stretched well beyond its normal capacity. What’s in there? How will it get out? How will you get back to the house? You’re not sure that you can even stand in this state.

Suddenly your diaphragm lurches, surprising you with an intense hiccup. “Hic!” You instinctively clasp a hand over your mouth as only seconds later another one hits, and then another, your belly jerking with the force of them. “Hic…hup!”

Something tickles your throat.

You cough and then hiccup into your hand again. When you drop your hand away, you find a small earthworm lying in your palm, a miniature clone of the creature which violated you earlier. It’s covered in clear goo and tries to undulate across your skin. You toss it away, disgusted.


Another tickle, another cough, another hiccup, another worm. The internal spasms seem to rile your unwelcome guests, making them squirm and writhe around in your gut even more than before. Your stomach burbles loudly, just as miserable as you are.

You’re not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity of it all or cry.

The next hiccup brings up two worms. Hopefully it’s just your imagination that they seem a tiny bit bigger than the last few.

You have a feeling that it’s going to be a long night.

No Touching [a Barry Allen Smut AU]

Request: Sorry if this is like waaaaaaay too specific but could you write a drabble where the reader works at a museum and evil Barry comes in and won’t stop touching stuff and maybe some smutty smut ensues? ;)

a/n: he is an asshat but….


It is just a normal, boring day at the Central City museum. You greet people who come in and flick through a book in your spare time. It isn’t that fun. When the big brown wood door swings open, you look up. “Hi, welcome to the Central C- Hey, don’t touch that!” you scold, standing up from your office chair.

Completely ignoring your request, he smirks, fingerless black glove reaching out to touch the glass display case that holds a sparkling diamond. This dude is really getting on your nerves. Stomping over to the lanky brown haired man, you cross your arms over your blue polo, eyeing him. “I love history, don’t you?” he smirks, strolling towards a polished vase, picking it up.

“Put that down!” you grunt, ripping it out of his hands. He sighs, fixing his gray hoodie while he steps toward another display. “Don’t you dare lay a finger on that!” you warn, squinting at the young man.

His green eyes twinkle in mischief, quickly glancing to you then the precious jewel necklace. “Hmm… what about-” his hands grab your breasts, “these? Can I touch these?” he bats his long eyelashes, fingers twitching over your shirt. Oh. Oh, that’s such a dick move.

Your face flushes and you growl slightly. Peering around, you curl your fingers in his baggy black t-shirt, leading him into the supply closet. A sly smirk remains on his lips as he leans forward, sucking on your neck. “Oh…” Wait, what’s his name again?

“Barry.” he mutters, pushing your work shirt up, revealing your smooth violet bra. A moan escapes your lips while he unbuttons your blue jeans, slowly pulling them down. “Mmm, baby…” he hums, fingers dipping in your underwear.

You gasp, grabbing the wall as you feel his long fingers enter your pussy. “Barry…please.” you beg, hands flying to his light brown locks, tugging it roughly.

A struggled groan passes through his pink lips and he makes a ‘come here’ motion inside you. “You’re so hot… You sure I can’t touch the stuff?” he whispers, pumping his long fingers in you. His hoodie falls off one of his shoulder as he pants slightly, a Cheshire Cat smile stretching across his face.

Breathless, you tug at his hair again, feeling a knot in your lower stomach form. Biting your lip, you peek down at him; Y/C/E eyes finding his hazel ones. “I…I’m close.” you warn, swallowing.

He nods, pumping his fingers faster, making you throw your head back. You groan, feeling yourself cum on his digits. “Mmm…so responsive.” he purrs, slowly pulling his wet fingers out. You watch his swollen lips wrap around his pointer and middle finger, sucking off your juices; eyelids fluttering closed. A whimper leaves you and he hums, lips vibrating his fingers while he pulls them out with a pop. “Still don’t want me to touch anything?” he smirks.

Hooking Up w/ My Freshman Roommate

               Note: This story is not about the man pictured above!

It was after New Years and my roommate and I returned to campus 2 weeks before the start of the new semester. He was there for swim team practices and I was there for my on campus job. There weren’t many people on campus and only 2 of us in the dorm for the first week we were back. We were busy during the day, but would hangout in the evening. We’d get food and watch movies or go to other dorms to hang with other students.

The third night back, we were hanging out with about 10 other students in the dorm next to ours. They were a combination of kids from the swim team and some other students that were staying on campus. They were really cool and fun to hang out with. We were drinking and playing different drinking games for hours. At around 1am I saw Andy disappear with a girl to one of the rooms. I figured that he what’s going to bang her because he had been complaining the night before how he hadn’t gotten laid in weeks. I was super jealous and wished I was going to get the chance to.

He reappeared about 30 minutes later and seemed really annoyed. He asked me if I was ready to go and I told him yes. On the way back to our room, he was stumbling and I had to help him walk. He was clearly drunk and complaining about how the girl had given him blue balls. He was saying how he really needed to bust a nut soon or he was going to go crazy. We got back to the room and I helped him get in his bed. He just laid there for awhile. I asked him if he wanted me to help him get undressed, and he said sure. I helped him take his shoes and socks off first. I pulled his shirt over his head and threw it in his hamper. He started to fumble with his belt, but was unable to undo it. I asked him if he wanted help with that too and he said yes. My hands were shaking as I undid his belt and unzipped his fly. He pulled his pants down to reveal the black boxer briefs he was wearing. My mouth was watering realizing how close I was to his package. I could tell that he with slightly erect from his encounter with the girl at the party. I was fighting the urge to pull down those underwear and stick his cock into my mouth. I helped him pull his pants off and put them on his chair.

He laid down in the bed and closed his eyes. As I changed into my pajamas, I was admiring how sexy his body was and how much I would love to pleasure him. I noticed as he was sleeping that his cock was getting harder and harder. I  myself was getting hard just thinking about tasting him.

I turned the lights off and got into bed. I slowly started to rub my hard cock under the sheets. I was doing this for a couple of minutes when I heard noises coming from Andy’s bed. I froze and I hoped that I wasn’t caught. I slowly turned my head to see what was going on and almost creamed my self. Andy was rubbing himself through his underwear. I stayed frozen because I didn’t want to make a sound and risk waking him up. He was stroking himself an making his cock harder. I heard him mumbling “yea girl, grab my dick.” That’s when I realize that he was dreaming about hooking up with some girl.

My mind and heart were racing. My cock was throbbing in my hand. I’m not sure what came over me but I slowly got out of my bed and crawled on the floor over to him. With every movement I was hoping he wouldn’t wake up from his dream. When I got over to his bed, he was still slowly stroking himself. I slowly reached my hand up and grazed his dick with my hand. I quickly laid back down on the floor to see if he would notice, but he didn’t wake up. So I rubbed my hands against his cock again, but this time I did not lay on the floor. I continued to do this for a minute or so. I then decided to be more bold and grab his cock through his underwear and start to stroke it. His hands stopped moving and he stirred a little bit. I stopped moving my hand to see what he would do, but he didn’t wake up. I kept stroking it, slowly at first, but then a little faster. It was growing in my hand and my excitement was growing as well.

I was becoming more bold and wanted to see his cock. I slowly pulled down the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down to where the head of his cock was out. The head was big and leaking precum. I took a little from the tip on my finger and tasted it. It tasted so good. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to taste some more of him. So I slowly moved my tongue towards the head of his cock. The tip of my tongue reached the tip of his cock and I swirled my tongue around it to get the precum up. He stirred a little and I heard him moan. I did that a couple more time and saw his cock throb and leak some more precum.

I decided to put my lips around the whole head and start to suck on it. His cock throbbed some more as I felt precum hit the middle of my tongue. He moaned some more and thrusted his cock into my mouth a bit deeper. My cock was rock hard and needed to be released from its cage. So I pulled my cock through the front of my underwear. I was stroking myself off while his cock head was in my mouth.

I was in total bliss until I felt him move and say “Dude, if I knew you could suck cock this well,I would have had you suck me off along time ago!” I looked up and saw him looking at me. "How long have you been awake?” I asked. “No one could sleep through a blow job that good” he replied. I was frozen in shock that he had been awake this whole time. I was brought back to the present with him asking me if I was going to finish him off or leave him with blue balls again. “Hell yea” I replied.

I pulled his boxers down and grabbed his cock in my hand. It was still rock hard. I was shaking with excitement. I couldn’t resist any longer and engulfed his cock with my mouth. He moaned deeply and I felt his cock throb in my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, applying suction as I got to the tip. His cock was throbbing hard and I could taste the precum leaking out the top of his cock. I tried to take all of it into my mouth but would gag before I could get the last inch or so into my mouth. He really liked when I started gagging because he grabbed my head and started thrusting his cock into my mouth so I would do it more.I was so turned on by all of this that I started stroking myself. I could feel my own precum oozing out the tip of my dick. I used it to lube my dick as I stroked it.I started choking on his dick and he stopped face fucking me for a bit.

I started stroking his cock slowly at first, but then faster. He started to squirm in the bed and I knew that he was getting closer. He told me to put it back in my mouth and suck it some more, so I did. He grabbed my head it and started face fucking me. I felt his cock getting harder in my mouth and it started throbbing more frequently. I knew he was getting closer.

He started moaning “Oh fuck” and finally said “I’m going to cum!” he push my head down onto his cock one final time as I felt him explode into the back of my throat. I gagged a bit and then started to swallow as he pumped more and more cum into my mouth. It seemed like it was limitless, but his cock eventually stopped throbbing and grew soft. I kept it in my mouth the entire time, not wanting the moment to end. Eventually he grabbed my head and pushed it off of his cock.

I got off of his bed and went back to mine. He pulled up his boxers and thanked me for the awesome blowjob. I smiled and told him anytime. He chuckled and rolled over on his side. He told me that I better not tell anyone about what had just happened. I promised him that my lips are sealed. He said “good” and finally went to sleep. I started to stroke my still hard cock until I busted all over my stomach. I cleaned it up and laid in my bed replaying what had just happened in my head over and over until I finally fell asleep.


Ok like that baek smut was kefhjdsjsj but can u do another one where you wanna try something new and he suggests u dominate him ? Love u ❤


Okay so…here’s more awkward Baek smut. :S Love you too!! <3

-Ray :)

Originally posted by yixingofficial

“You want me to what?”
“Dominate me.” Baekhyun repeated innocently. Your mouth fell open.
“Why?” You asked confused as to where this was coming from. The two of you were just fine a minute ago, lying on the couch together watching television. But somehow watching television turned to Byun Baekhyun wanting you to dominate him in bed. 

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Hold Me Tight [ Part 7 : Park Jimin ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 || Kim Taehyung || Park Jimin ||

What better way to end this than car sex with Jimin. Enjoy !

Originally posted by chimchams

Day 7; 9PM

You ended up going to the wrong address, or getting the wrong one you didn’t really know, but it wasn’t where you were supposed to be so in the end Jimin had to personally pick you up.

He was the cutest, you deemed, out of them all. His eye smile blocking all the words coming out of his, plump and deliciously intoxicating, lips from reaching your ears. You only smiled like an idiot while he opened the door for you. He was fast but smooth, just the act of walking looked as if he was dancing.

The ride was relatively quiet on your part since he spent half of it talking on the phone while you, subtly, stared at his body. He appeared small and short but had one of the best bodies you had to see yet, his veins bulging out on his forearm as he gripped the wheel tightly, you followed them until they disappeared into his shirt to find a muscular built hidden under the plain white fabric.

“ What are you thinking about ?” He looked at you as he stopped at the red light.

“ How amazing it would be to do it right here ” You unconsciously spoke out, slapping a hand over your mouth and looking away in embarrassment. Jimin just laughed, the car moving again, he looked ahead and his smile slowly turned into a smirk. Jimin slid his hand up your legs, forcing them apart, pushing your skirt up and massaging your inner thigh with a firm hold.

“ You could start by putting that beautiful mouth of yours into work ” He whispered and you didn’t need to be told twice to understand what he meant. You smiled undoing your seat belt and reaching over for his.

“ This is dangerous you know ” You looked up at him while moving your hair to one side.

“ Isn’t that the fun of it ?” You shrugged unzipping his pants having to wait another red light to peel it down along with his underwear. Just enough to let his member spring free and for him to still be able to drive.

You wrapped your fingers around the base making small pumps as you teased the head with light licks. Jimin squirmed a little under your touch and you had to grip his thigh firmly with your free hand while pumping him harder and sliding your tongue along the sides of his length. His breath hitched and could feel the subtle throb of his veins against your lips.

You pulled away for a second after slicking his member then sunk down completely, taking him fully in your mouth. He abruptly loosened his grip on the wheel earning him a few insults and threatening honks from the other drivers before he sped up again groaning in frustration.

“ A little warning would do ” Jimin momentarily glanced down at you as you released him with an obscene sound with a smirk on your face.

“ Where’s the fun in that ?” You shot back and laughed.

“ I’ll get back at you for that ”

“ I’ll be waiting, right here ” With that you took his erection back in again hollowing your cheeks and straightening your tongue. You bobbed your head with slow and deep thrusts.

Jimin bucked his hips up just as he passed over a speed bump and you felt the head in the back of your throat, almost making you gag, his knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly trying to hold back his moans.

His fingers tangled in your hair while he onehandedly drove you closer to your actual destination keeping you from teasing him too much and pushing you down his length in a rhythm that searched for his release.

“ We’re almost … there ” He breathed out, voice hoarse and deep unlike the squeaky mess it had been, running his hand over the strands falling on your face. You quickened the pace as the car turned dark when he went inside the parking lot, wanting to make him come before the car comes to a halt.

“ Y/N ” He warned having to make sharp turns to reach the basement parking and didn’t need the distraction. You ignored his threatening tone using your hand to to squeeze his member while you teased his sack with your fingers until you felt the salty taste of semen darting into your mouth.  

You stilled as he emptied himself inside your mouth stopping the car in the middle of the driveway and letting out deep grunts while you milked the last of his orgasm with shallow pumps, swallowing what he had to offer before leaning back up to wipe the side of your swollen lips.

“ Let’s go up ” You suggested but you were cut short when he leaned over pulling you into a long deep kiss, tasting himself on the tip of his tongue as he slowly let it lick inside your mouth, a soft rumble vibrating from his throat.

“ I’m not done here … yet ” Jimin parked in the farthest spot in, somewhere no one would go. You sat up a little moving from the passenger’s seat to straddle him, as he commanded with a strangely dominant voice, shivers running down your spine every time he touched you.

He gave your lower lip a slight tug before pulling away to look at them, puffy and slick. “ What happened there ?”. You stared at him wide-eyed for a second not knowing what he meant until you let your tongue unconsciously lick out the cut from the day before and you shied away from his heavy gaze.

I can’t wait to overwrite each and every single one of them ” Jimin whispered before attaching his lips to your neck letting his hands wander down to your thighs and then waist, pushing your skirt away then letting his fingers slide down your slit from behind.

You pushed back against his fingers, searching for more stimulation, which he gladly gave. Jimin pulled your underwear aside to have full access to your dripping heat so he would let his digits slide in to twist and turn inside of you.

“ Jimin … ” You moaned loudly, your heart rate quickening with each drag of his fingers inside your walls.

“ What do you want, kitten, just tell me ” He used his free hand to turn you back to face him, pecking your chin then pulling away to look at you with dark lustful eyes.

“ I want you to break under me ” You arched forward capturing his earlobe into your teeth and gently nipping at it to draw those deliciously satisfying low grunts from him. It was music to your ears.

He chuckled lining himself up with your entrance letting you sink in until your ass is rested on his thighs.  You immediately start rolling your hips against him slowly.

Jimin pushed his seat back as far as it could go to give you more space to move freely and you silently thanked him by pulling up to the head then letting yourself fall back down. A loud sound of skin against skin, intensified by the sweat covering both your bodies, echoed through the car and you wondered if anyone would have heard. It excited you to think that it was possible.

You used the headrest as leverage to pick up your pace, feeling in control while he writhed and squirmed under you with flushed skin, his length brushing just perfectly against your spot with each thrust. He breathed heavily against your junction of your neck before sucking in open mouthed kisses under your ear, teasing the sensitive skin with his teeth.

Soon you couldn’t see outside from the blurred out windows, small water drops racing down, it was fascinating to watch them if you weren’t too busy with the clear knot in your lower stomach pushing you over the edge as all of your muscles shuddered.

Jimin prompted up putting both hands on the steering wheel and pushing you against it to gain the control you gladly gave away. Your head fell back while he continued to pound through your climax looking for his second one which wasn’t far away, the tightness of your heat around him clamping down on his throbbing erection making it hard for him to last longer. He soon followed spilling himself in warm and powerful strings inside of you.

You sat in their for a few minutes his forehead on your chest whispering words you couldn’t hear while you tried to steady your breathing, the stuffy car filled with the aroma of what just happened blocking fresh air from reaching you.

“ I’m afraid I’ll have to claim more from you ” Jimin chuckled and, somehow, managed to appear cute even with the after-sex heat radiating from him onto you. He slowly pulled out of you rejoicing the slight whimper you tried to hold back from coming out. You blushed moving to your side, finally feeling the weight of what you just did, quickly fixing what could be saved of your appearance while he tried to sloppily put his pants back up.

“ How about we continue this upstairs … and for as long as you want ” He added before opening the door to his side.

Day 8, 10 A.M;

You were back in the same office with the same woman smiling mischievously at you, as she did before.

“ So … ” She started putting the paper you previously signed in front of you “ the week is over ”

“ The week is over ” you repeated. It was indeed over and being here again, you felt that you were a different person from where you started. Well, of course, you were a lot richer and covered in more hickey and bruises than you’ve ever had in your short life. However, you felt happier, if that was possible, and much more open. Literally and figuratively.

She put down seven separate files in front of you as well each with a name and a picture of the seven men you’ve been with.

Kim Namjoon

Kim Seokjin

Jeon Jungkook

Min Yoongi

Jung Hoseok

Kim Taehyung

Park Jimin

“ Who do you choose ?”


Thank you to everyone who followed this serie and sent me amazing messages and supporting ones along with the ideas and the feedback. I’m always grateful to you guys

Thank you.

I was going to just pick one and go with it but that wouldn’t be fair since after all the choice is YOURS so, hmmm, who would you choose ? Let me know.

anonymous asked:

a story (or whatever its called) where reader and spencer are in a relationship and reid kisses another girl. (or drunkenly has sex with another girl, whatever creates conflict really cuz im thirsty for drama) and the reader sees it?? basically lots of fighting and angst idk why im in the mood for this lmao but happy ending tho cuz i'll cry haha

Oooooooooh, some DRAMA!  Yes, I can definitely do this!  Here is your wonderful dose of drama, comin’ ‘atcha!  There was also a request for Spencer getting some oral lovin’…so this is in here as well, Mr. Anonymous!

Stretching towards the morning sun, Spencer lobs his hand over, hitting you on your back as you groan and stir.

“Morning, beauitful,” he says, grinning as he rolls over and pulls you close, his nose burying deep into a pile of purple hair.

Purple hair…

Purple hair!?

Jumping out of bed, his naked form tensing as he realizes you aren’t in bed with him, he squeals as he snatches his robe and throws it around him, the strange woman groaning again as she furrows her brow, turning her gaze toward Spencer as she smiles lightly.

“Well, good morning to you, too,” she says sarcastically, slowly pulling herself out of bed.

“Um…uh…er…” he stutters, watching the stranger slowly get dressed as she picks up her stiletto heels and slings them over her shoulder.

“Don’t worry…I don’t know your name either,” she croons, winking at him as she saunters over and places a kiss on Spencer’s cheek.

Furrowing his brow, he rushes the woman out the door, running his fingers thru his hair as he picks up his phone and dials your number.


Hitting redial, he tries again.


“Hey, it’s me.  Please call as soon as you can.  We really need to talk.  Oh my god, I’m so sorry…please, just call.”

Running back in to his room, he looks into the trash can in the bathroom, taking in the site of the 3 used condoms sitting on the bottom.

“Oh, god, really!?” he screeches, kicking the trash can as he runs back into his bedroom, throwing on a set of clothes and grabbing his messenger bag.


“Y/N!” he yells as he bangs on your door.  “Y/N, please.  Open up!”

Met with silence, he takes out his key ring and flips thru his keys, trying to find the one to your apartment that you had given him a few months ago.

It’s not here?

Cursing, he throws his keys down the hall, kicking your door and yelling again.

“Y/N, damn it!  Open up!” his voice cracks, laying his head on the door as he feels a light tap on his shoulder.

Whipping around, he sees you, staring at him with bloodshot eyes, holding his keys out for him.

His jaw opening, he takes them from you as you slowly slide past him, opening your door to go into your apartment.

As he tries to follow you, you spin around and hold your hand out.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” you ask, your face contorting with your anger.

“Please, pleeeeease, can we talk?” Spencer whines.

“No,” you say matter-of-factly.

“Please,” he whispers, his hand slowly moving to your face.

Slapping his hand down to his side, you try to slam the door in his face, only for his foot to be standing in the way.

“Don’t you think for a second that I won’t call Morgan,” you threaten, holding your phone, ready to dial.

As Spencer stares at you, he slowly opens your door, his eyes lined with tears.

Staring at him, he slowly shuts the door behind him, locking it in true Spencer fashion.

“We don’t leave until we have a conclusion,” he says, slowly setting his messenger bag down.

“My conclusion?  I want you out,” you say, pointing your finger to the door.  “Your stuff is in a box in my room.  I want it, and you, out.”

“Y/N, please,” he pleads, taking a step towards you.

“Don’t you dare, you disgusting excuse for a man,” you seethe.  “God, you know…at least Morgan has the decency to only do one woman at a time!  Sure, he bounces around, but when he is with one, he’s with one!”

Seeing your words cut deep with every wince, you continue with you rant, “You probably didn’t even know her name when you woke up!”

Sucking in a bout of air, Spencer’s tears fall as he confirms your answer.  “Do you even remember me coming in to the room?”

As his eyes widen, you laugh and shake your head, taking your phone and tossing it to him.

“Go to my videos and press play.”

As Spencer watches the scene unfold, him whipping around as he puts on a condom, he watches himself scream and rant at the woman he proclaims to love, calling her selfish and absent…

And stupid.

Oh my god, he called you stupid.

As the tears freely pour, you go into your room and kick his box of things out into the main room, not even wanting to touch it with your hands.

“Oh, my god,” he shudders, the video ending as he slowly sets your phone down onto the kitchen counter.

“So, what do you have to say for yourself?” you say, crossing your arms.

“It’s been a year!” he yells, throwing his hands in the air.

As your eyes widen and your lips part in shock, the anger bubbles to the top.

“I tell you I love you every damn day of the week!  And you haven’t said a word of it back!” he admits.

Your anger turning in to confusion, you clench your fists. “And screwing some bimbo from a bar is supposed to show me that!?”

“Well, it’s better than a constant state of blue-balls!” he screams, inching closer to you with every argument.

“What blue-balls!? You have me whenever you ask! Hell, I’ve NEVER turned you down!..and, in order to have blue-balls, Spencer, you have to actually HAVE A PAIR!”

“What is wrong with you!?  Why can’t you just let me in?  I want to give you everything!”

“I never said I wanted your everything!” you yell back, stunning Spencer into silence.

“I never said I wanted any of it!” you continue screaming, inching closer to his face, your finger held out to poke him in the chest.

“It was you who poured all of this on me.  It was you who wanted to date.  It was you who picked the broken girl who declared she only wanted a fuck buddy.  Spencer, damn it, when we started screwing around I told you how damaged I was!  How irreversibly damaged I had become, and I told you, straight up, not to fall in love with me!”

“Then why did you take your apartment key with you!?” he screamed, throwing his keys over your shoulder and across the room.  “If this,” he motions between you two, “doesn’t mean a damn thing, why did you leave with your key!?”

“BECAUSE IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME DURING THIS ARRANGEMENT TO SLEEP WITH ANYONE ELSE!” you bellowed, sending him hurling back as you shove his chest.  “It never occurred to me to sleep with anyone else, because you gave me everything I needed.  You fulfill me every damn time we sleep together, and walking in on you with someone else…it just…it just…” you throw your hands up in the air, tears barreling down your cheeks.

“…it just solidified my fears,” you whisper, turning your back on him as you quickly wipe away your salty excuse for keeping your emotions in check.

“What fears?” Spencer’s voice softens lightly.

“The fear that I don’t fulfill you!” you rage, whipping back around to him.  “The fear that, even with our arrangement, you would need others!  You wouldn’t just need me!  Not like I just need you!”

As his eyes widen at your shaking body, he says, “Y-you…you need me?”

“Of course I need you, damn it!” you say, barreling over to him as you take his face in your hands, crashing your lips against his soft, beautiful, plump pink lips.

“I’ve always needed you,” you whisper in to his mouth, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist.

As he stumbles into your bedroom, crashing you onto the bed, he rips at your clothes to get them off, your breath hitching and your body reddening under his grasp.  You rip his shirt over his head and yank his pants down as he flops himself back down on to you, his hands frivolously caressing every inch of you as you toss your anger into your kiss, biting down on his lip and yanking it forward.

“Ouch!” he yelps, pulling back as you use your feet to pull his boxers down.

“Oh, shut up,” you growl, pulling him back to you as you grab his hair, tilting his head to one side and throwing him on to his back.

Nipping at every piece of skin as you trail down his body, you come to his throbbing purple erection.

“I guess she just didn’t do it, did she?” you smirk against his length, running your tongue up his pulsating vein as he moans underneath you.

“Not even close,” he growls, his teeth clenched as he wrings his hands within your hair.

“Quit stalling,” he says, shoving his rock-hard length into your mouth, pushing to the back of your throat as you take a few swallows to keep your gag reflex in check.

“Oh, good Christ,” Spencer moans, grinding into you as your fingertips dig into his hips, pulling his body closer to you as your spit starts to gather at the base of his dick.

Bobbing your head slowly, you look up at him as his gaze works intently on your face, his chest glowing red as his core jumps with every suck you give to his tip, taking him all the way back to your throat as his tip crests the curve down your throat, widening it as he thrusts his hips back and forth.

“Ooooooooh…good….gaaaaaaah” he moans, his hips rolling and bucking as you try to hold him down, your fingertips leaving marks as he thrusts down your throat, growing bigger and bigger with every pulse as you swallow, the walls of your throat marking time around him as your name drips off of his lips.

“I’m gonna…I’m gonna…oh aaaaah!…Y/N!”

And with one last thrust, you feel his warm, salty juice pass your mouth and down your throat, his balls curling back into his body as you swallow every pump he gives you, your name being repeated on those lips that you were about to assault.

Feeling him start to slowly sink back down on to the bed, your fingertip marks turning a light shade of blue on his hips, you give one last suck, taking your saliva with you as you trail it back up his body, his face flushed with sweat as you part his lips with your tongue, running it on the roof of his mouth as he gushes below you, his body trembling.

“Oh, did you think we were done?” you ask, looking down at him as you cock an eyebrow.  “You still have some apologizing to do.”

Situating yourself onto your knees, you slowly drag your wetness up his chest and over his mouth, his eyes widening at the position he now finds himself in.

“How sorry are you?” you look down as you grab the headboard for leverage, your knees slowly lifting yourself off of him as he takes a breath to answer.

“This sorry,” he says, pulling your hips down onto him as he thrusts his tongue inside, lapping up your juices before licking a long, slow, torturous line up to your throbbing mound.

Your breath hitching in your throat, you feel him growl in to you as his fingers dig deep into your thighs, trying to move you back and forth.

“Oh, shit yes,” you say, a devilish smile crossing your lips as he gives you permission to grind on his face, your forehead leaning in to the headboard as you find your hips digging deeper and deeper into his tongue.

“Oh…god yes,” you moan, feeling his finger enter you as your legs begin to shake.

“Just like that,” you breathe, his tongue flicking as he takes a deep breath, a second finger entering you.

“Hhhhoooooooooo,” you let out, your body shivering as your core begins to jump.

Grinding faster, he pushes his tongue down on the top of your mound, your hips bucking wildly as the phrase finally drips from your mouth.

“Oh, god…just like that.  Yes…oh god, Spencer.  I love you, I love you, I love you.”

And as he sees your face flush with your orgasm, he brings his other hand around, working his finger slowly into your asshole as you throw your head back, moaning his name as your core tenses and your orgasm washes over you.


Breathing heavily, your body slumps up against the headboard, giving Spencer plenty of room to wiggle out from underneath you, his dripping face leaving a trail of juices up your back as he plants a kiss along every divot of your spine, slowly working his arms around your waist as he pulls your spent, limp body up off of the pillows and in to his lap.

“Did you mean it?” he whispers, his face buried into the crook of your neck.

“Yes,” you whisper, still trying to catch your breath.  “Dear lord, yes.”

“I’m so sorry,” he chokes, feeling him blink back tears.

“I know,” you coo, bringing your arm back around, running your fingers thru his hair.  “Oh, I know.”

And as the two of you collapse onto your bed, the smell of the air tainted with your sex, you drift off to sleep in each others arms, still shaking and limp from the fervid apology session that had taken over your evening.

anonymous asked:

A huge worm bursts from the ground and catches you off guard. You fall back; the breath is knocked out of you. The worm's heavy body pins you down and what you THINK is its head shoves past your lips. Something jiggly is forced down your throat; you can do nothing but swallow the indeterminate flow pumped into you and try to breathe. When you come to, the worm is gone and your jeans have popped open around a stuffed, squirmy belly. You hiccough and a little earthworm falls into your palm.

Friday Night by Headlight (2/2)

One Week at Quantico


Scully awakes as a single bar of light slips through the messily closed drapes and meets the tan line of Mulder’s arm stretched over her body. His breathing is even, calm and matches her own, even as she begins to wonder why she isn’t feeling panic at the dwindling hours between her and exams. Why isn’t she worried about having to escape his quarters unseen in daylight or the potentially disastrous consequences, personally and professionally, of extending her involvement with Agent Mulder? Casual sex is not a new concept to Scully, and rum-fuelled rebellions at med school had taught her that Catholic guilt was more stubbornly present in her than she’d believed it would, but this morning she feels nothing but contentment. Strange.

She waits for the self-questioning to set in as she slips out of Mulder’s embrace, for the test-day adrenaline as she creeps about his bathroom freshening up and slips on her t-shirt and panties. Scully is pleasantly surprised when her morning-crumpled face is all that looks back from his mirror, there is no sign of the sordid sickliness of bad decisions and gathering regrets. Returning to the bedroom she pauses to admire him, to revel in the lean lines he cuts through the chaos of the bedclothes. He stirs but does not waken and the movement reveals the start of the inviting hollow between hip and groin. Scully’s body responds reflexively; a delicious heat builds in her stomach and all returning rationale is lost. A sideways glance at the alarm clock lends her wilder self the conviction that there is time enough to have her fun and make it out before the campus awakes, and that’s all the convincing that this morning’s version of Scully needs.

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Make It Up To You

A Ricky Horror Imagine

Word Count: 2,022

Warnings: smut, language

~Requested by Sydney on WattPad~

You looked at your reflection in the mirror, making sure that you were ready for the night ahead. You and your boyfriend Ricky were going out with the band for chicken wings tonight. You loved to hang out with the band because you always had a good time whenever they were around. Not to mention, you also loved chicken wings. It was another thing that you had in common with the guys. Once you were ready to go, you let Ricky know. A few minutes passed, then you both were on your way to meet up with everyone.

Ricky drove with one hand on your leg and the other on the steering wheel. During the drive you played some music on your phone, mainly songs by H.I.M, Ricky’s favorite band. You both took turns singing along to the songs, also singing together at some points. You two knew every word to every song that played. At red lights, Ricky would take a few moments to turn and face you, smiling as he looked into your eyes. You would smile back, often telling him to pay attention to traffic if he looked at you for too long.

The drive was almost over when Ricky started rubbing your thigh with his hand. He slowly moved his hand upward, closer and closer to your crotch. You turn to face him, raising an eyebrow. He doesn’t see you, his eyes staying on the road. When you ask him what he’s doing, he only smirks, rubbing your clit through your jeans. You usually wouldn’t turn Ricky down whenever it came to something like this, but you guys were already a little bit late.

“Ricky, we can’t do this now.” You say, looking at him.

You see his smirk go away, turning into a frown instead.

“Why not? It won’t kill them if we’re a little late.” Ricky says, turning to look at you for a moment.

“I know, but we were late last time because of this and they all figured out why. The guys wouldn’t stop teasing us about it for weeks, imagine how long that will last if we do it again.” You tell him.

Ricky says nothing, continuing to drive. After a few minutes, you speak up.

“Are you mad?” You ask.

“Yeah, but not at you.” Ricky says.

You laugh, then reply, “I’ll make it up to you afterwards, ok?”

“Promise?” Ricky asks, smirking at you.

“Promise.” You say.

After a few more minutes, you arrived at the restaurant. The guys were all waiting outside for you and Ricky, waving as you drove by. Ricky parked the car and you guys got out, greeting everyone happily. Eventually you all got a table, so you sat down and started talking. Everyone ordered chicken wings, along with drinks and some desserts. After ordering, you all had a nice conversation while waiting for your food.

Chris talked about some music ideas he had and Ricky pitched in here and there, since he worked primarily with Chris on MIW’s music. Ryan shared some amazing musical ideas as well, since he was helping to write music a lot more now. You listened to him intently, interested in what he had to say. You asked him many questions, which he answered eagerly. You soon got lost in conversation with Ryan.

Ricky was starting to feel a little jealous, but you didn’t notice. He didn’t want to say anything to you about how he was feeling either, because he felt it would be embarrassing. He watched silently as you gave all of your attention to Ryan. You spoke with Ryan while the rest of the group talked about other things. Ricky listened to both conversations, but paid extra attention to you and Ryan. He thought about how you would usually talk to him about music and get excited. Now you were talking to Ryan about it and seemingly having just as much fun.

Of course, you and Ryan didn’t talk about music the entire time. After discussing musical thoughts and ideas, you talked about your families and how they were doing. Ryan told you about his sister, then mentioned other various things. Ricky continued to be almost entirely ignored by you. He was growing more angry and irritated by the minute, but he tried not to show it. When your food came, you finally averted some of your attention away from Ryan. Ricky watched you as you ate, hoping to grasp your attention once you were finished.

There wasn’t much talking throughout the meal. You all ate quickly, very much enjoying your chicken wings and drinks. Your desserts arrived just as you all had finished eating, so those who ordered dessert continued to eat. After you finished your dessert Ricky attempted to catch your attention, but he was unsuccessful.


You did not hear Ricky, because you were already back in your conversation with Ryan. You had not been meaning to ignore Ricky, you and Ryan had just hit it off tonight. You usually didn’t talk to Ryan very much, but tonight you both were finding lots of things to discuss. Even though Ricky was aware that you weren’t intentionally trying to piss him off, he was still irritated. He didn’t bother trying to get your attention for the rest of the time at the restaurant. Ricky told himself that you would make it up to him later, like you promised. He already had some ideas in mind.

After a while longer, everyone decided that it was time to leave. You all had stayed at the restaurant for a long time after eating and Ricky was anxious to get home. All of you got up from your seats, saying goodbye to each other while exchanging hugs. Ricky was quick to grab your hand, holding it tightly. You didn’t think anything of Ricky’s rushed actions, you barely even noticed them.

Ricky drove home faster than usual. You noticed this, but you didn’t say anything; he didn’t go over the speed limit, so you didn’t see a reason to intervene. You guys listened to music again on the way home, but this time only you sang. You figured that Ricky was just tired and didn’t feel like signing. When you guys got home, Ricky followed close behind you, walking at a quick pace. You glanced behind you and saw the look on his face, finally noticing what was really going on (for the most part, anyways).

You both rushed into the bedroom. A mere second passed before Ricky smashed his lips onto yours. You had finally sensed his lust and now you knew what he wanted. His needy hands roamed your body as you tugged on his shirt. Ricky slipped his tongue into your mouth, the two of you kissing quickly and sloppily. Your hands traveled under the black material of Ricky’s shirt, clawing at his chest. He moaned in a low tone, the deep sound arousing you.

Ricky then pulled off your shirt, breaking the kiss for a few moments. He took off your bra, throwing it across the room. Ricky’s tattooed hands squeezed your breasts, massaging them as you kissed. Eventually he pulled away from you, trailing wet kisses down your neck. You moaned as he sucked on your sweet spot, leaving a hickey. Your hands were entangled in his dark hair as his lips moved down to your collarbone, sucking the soft skin. After a few minutes Ricky stopped and took his shirt off.

You stared at his toned body for a moment before kissing him again. You both made you way to the bed, Ricky crawling over you as you laid down. He pulled down your jeans, then his. After Ricky’s jeans were off, you stopped him from kissing you. You smirked at him, your hands on his muscular shoulders.

“Stand up.” You tell him.

Ricky gets up from the bed, standing up. You got on your knees and toyed with the hem of his boxers, teasing him.

“Time for me to make it up to you, Ricky.” You say, biting your lip.

“Just like you promised, Sydney.” Ricky says, his voice erotic.

You pull Ricky’s boxers down, taking his hardened cock in your hands. You pump it a few times before licking the tip. Ricky lets out a breathy groan, putting his hand in your hair. A second later he lets out a deep moan as you take him in your mouth. You immediately deep throat him, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. You gagged as you continued to deep throat him. Ricky moaned continuously, the sexy sounds making you wet.

“Fuck Sydney, I’m so close.” Ricky says, his voice raspy.

You continue to please him, swirling your tongue around his shaft. More moans left his wet, bitten lips as he came closer to his climax. He tugged on your hair gently, his eyes shut as you pleasured him. Ricky moaned your name repeatedly as he came, you swallowing his load. You pumped his cock a few times after he came, taking deep breaths yourself.

“Fuck.” Ricky swore, breathing heavily.

You stood up and Ricky pulled you close to him, kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and slipped your tongue into his mouth. Ricky let your tongue have full dominance, his arms holding you tight. You both moaned as you continued to kiss. Once again, the two of you made your way to the bed. You laid down, Ricky positioned towards the end of the bed.

“What are you doing?” You ask.

“Now it’s my turn.” Ricky says, pulling your panties down your legs.

He threw your panties onto the floor, spreading your legs. You smile at him and lay down flat on your back. You moan as Ricky licks your clit slowly, teasing you. You let out a shaky breath just before he began passionately sucking on your clit. You moan and grip the sheets, your back arching slightly.

Ricky moaned repeatedly, sending vibrations to your sensitive clit. You continued to moan, letting him know just how much pleasure he was giving you. You put your hand in his black hair, pulling on it as he continued. You felt your climax approaching, coming closer and closer. Ricky’s tongue came in contact with your g-spot, increasing your delirium. Your cried out, yelling Ricky’s name along with a string of profanities.

Soon your legs are trembling, your pleasure consuming you. You screamed Ricky’s name as you came. Your back arched off the bed as Ricky continued to lick your clit. Soon he stopped and gave you some time to come down from your high. A few minutes passed, the only sound in the room being your heavy breathing. Ricky then inserted a finger into you suddenly, catching you off-guard.

You moaned loudly as he started pleasuring you again. He quickly inserted another digit inside you, your pleasure intensifying. You moaned in a deep tone as Ricky continued, your voice carnal. You could feel your second orgasm building up in the pit of your stomach as you moaned Ricky’s name. Again he reached your g-spot, his fingers brushing against it. You whimpered as you came to the very edge or your orgasm, pleasure washing over you.

You swore and screamed Ricky’s name as you came undone around his tattooed fingers. He kissed your thighs some before crawling up to you. Ricky kissed your lips and slipped his wet tongue into your mouth as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You two held each other as close as possible, kissing and moaning quietly. You loved the feeling of his lips on yours.

“That was amazing Ricky.” You say, still out of breath.

“Yeah, it was.” Ricky says, kissing you again.

You both got under the covers and Ricky held you in his strong arms. You snuggled into his warm chest, kissing it softly. Ricky kisses your forehead, stroking your hair. The two of you fell asleep minutes later, smiles on your faces. Little did you know, Ricky would wake you up with another amazing and very pleasurable experience.

metalwarrior22  asked:

Idk if you're still taking prompts, but I once saw a text post of a table full of guys and a girl. All the guys are hitting on the pretty waitress but in the end it's the polite girl in the group that ends up with the pretty waitress' phone number. I was thinking Korrasami with Korra being the waitress bc she dated the whole krew at one point or another. As for more than two guys (Mako and Bolin) I don't know who else they could be :P

It’s technically my birthday now and I am feeling significantly less terrible, so have a gift from me!

I knew I had read this text post before, but I couldn’t quite remember it and when I wrote this I was on a plane and couldn’t actually look it up. So I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what you were looking for, but I hope it’s entertaining anyway!

The restaurant was actually kind of nicer than I expected; at least for a place that the guys frequented, anyway.

I figured that a place called “Kwong’s Grille” would have been some sort of sports bar, or something. A place clean enough for Wu, hipster enough for Iroh, cheap enough for Mako and edible food for Bolin. So when I walked in I was surprised to find that Kwong’s Grille was actually kind of… put together. There were black, cloth napkins and white menus without pictures. There were plush barstools uniformly pushed up to a slate colored bar, with enough liquor to drown the entire city behind it. It must have been that extra “e” in “Grille”. It’s where all the class came from.

But just because Kwong’s Grille wasn’t a total shithole didn’t mean I was happy to be there. Wu had been hounding me for weeks though, and after the week I’d had, I could definitely have used a drink, and I figured one Happy Hour with the guys couldn’t hurt.

“Asami! Over here!” Mako called as he waved at me from a high top close to the bar, and I made my way over.

“Oh my god, you actually came,” Wu squealed as he pulled out the chair next to him in invitation.

I slid into the seat. “I actually came,” I mimicked with a smirk. “Now who’s buying the first round?”

“That’d be Iroh,” Mako said, nodding towards him. “He bet Bolin a round you wouldn’t show.”

Iroh groaned. “I thought it was a pretty safe bet.”

I laughed. “To be fair, I would have too.”

Bolin grinned around a mouthful of bread, reaching into the basket for another roll. “Yeeeesssshh!” He swallowed thickly as he pumped his fist in celebration. “One of those strawberry slushies, please!”

“A strawberry daiquiri, I keep telling you,” an amused voice behind the bar tells him. “If I have to keep stocking strawberries just for you, at least learn the name of the drink, will you?”

The bartender was walking out from behind the bar, carrying another basket of rolls. She’s pretty—her black t-shirt hugs her body in all the right ways and there’s a bold tattoo on her dark skin peeking out from under her sleeve. But as soon as her eyes flicked to mine, she wasn’t just pretty anymore. She was gorgeous. He mouth curled into a small, almost secretive grin and the different fractals of blue in her eyes sparkled with mirth.

She slid the basket across the table and Bolin looked positively delighted. “Ohhh my god, I love you. Did you know that? Seriously Korra, love of my life.”

“You’re such a romantic,” Korra said wryly as she picked up his empty basket. “I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to say when I bring you your burger later.”

Wu eyed Bolin with thinly veiled disgust. “He’ll probably ask for extra ketchup.”

“So that’s a strawberry slushie for the man-child, the shittiest beer on tap for Mako, a Moscow mule for Iroh, and a vodka cranberry for Wu?”

I raise my eyebrows in mild surprise. “I guess they really do come here often.”

Mako cleared his throat. “Asami, this is Korra. She plays on my club team.”

“And is our incredible, perfect, waitress!” Bolin interjected.

Mako rolled his eyes and continued, “Korra, this is Asami, our boss.”

“Nice to meet you,” Korra said, extending her hand towards me. “And yeah, they come here pretty often.”

I took her hand. Her grip was firm and warm and I probably linger in the handshake just a second too long. “Nice to meet one of the players that has carried Mako to victory all those times.”

Korra laughed, loudly and freely, and I can’t help but smile in return. “I like her, you guys should bring her more often.”

“Korra carries the whole team, isn’t that right, Korra?” Iroh says dully, leaning back in his chair and slinging an arm over the back of it.

Korra shrugged, either not noticing or deliberately ignoring Iroh’s awkward bravado. “Nah, everybody’s great. Even Mako.” I have seen my fair share of false humility in the business world, but Korra’s words didn’t carry a drop of insincerity in them, which was almost startling. She turned to me. “So I know their order by heart, but what about yours?” she asks.

I blinked, caught off guard. “Um, I hadn’t actually thought about it. Do you want to surprise me?”

Korra tilted her head, studying me. “What are you in the mood for?”

I thought about the week I’d had, and the contracts that had yet to be reviewed waiting on my desk. I sighed. “Something simple, but significant.”

Korra quirked her mouth into her endearing, crooked smile. “I can do that. Be right back!”

Once Korra had returned to the bar, Iroh sighed. “She is so hot,” he said, a little bitterly.

“Why don’t you ask her out instead of just flirting with her?” I asked, unable to keep my own bitterness out of my voice.

Iroh frowned. “I have. That woman is uncrackable. Maybe she’s a lesbian.”

Bolin shook his head. “She’s not though, Mako made out with her after you guys won that tournament, didn’t you?”

Mako blushed but couldn’t suppress a small, pleased smile when he stammered, “Ah—uh, yeah, we did. But that’s all it was, she turned me down when I asked her out on a date later.”

“I can’t imagine what her deal is,” Wu said haughtingly, “she’s turned me down too and—”

“Shut up, Wu,” Mako said, exasperatedly.

“Yeah, shut up, Wu,” Iroh echoed.

Wu crossed his arms and huffed. “Well fine.”

Korra returned, carrying a tray full of drinks. After she had served everyone—and added yet another basket of rolls to the table—she set the last glass down in front of me. “Something significant, as requested.”

It was a light amber color, tinged with red from the muddled cherry at the bottom. I gave Korra a skeptical look as I picked up the glass and made of show of inspecting the drink. Korra smiled as she watched me, her eyes drifting to my mouth as I brought the glass to my lips.

It was rich, a little sweet and tinged with lemon. I licked my lips and Korra followed the motion. “Oh, whiskey, good choice. What else?” I asked.

Korra tilted her head. “A stiletto. Whiskey, amaretto and lemon.”  

“It’s delicious.”

Korra’s grin grew wider. “I’m glad you like it.”

We ordered a few appetizers to share—except for Bolin, who ordered some ridiculously huge burger with bacon jam and extra ketchup to go with his fries—and I started to loosen up a bit. It was nice, actually. I know I can sometimes be stiff and aloof at the office, but the guys have never held it against me. After a few drinks my “I’m your boss” vibe sort of naturally fell away, and I couldn’t help but get swept up in their infectious laughter and irreverence. It was everything I didn’t know I needed.

“Okay, okay, but why do I get killed every time?” Wu squawked indignantly.

“Because no one wants to fuck or marry you,” Iroh said seriously. “It’s your turn, Asami. Let me think of a good one…”

I giggled, my face feeling hot as I sipped my drink—a manhattan this time, thanks to Korra. “Alright Wu, I’ll pick you to fuck this time. Go ahead Iroh, make Wu one of the options.”

Iroh grinned. “Fine. Fuck, marry, kill: Wu, Bolin and… Korra.”

I gulped my cocktail a little harder than I meant to. “Pfffft—sorry Wu, I can’t do it. Kill you, marry Bolin, fuck Korra.”

What? You couldn’t even kill Bolin instead?”

I shook my head, and pointed at Bolin with my drink. “He’s my assistant! I need him!”

Wu pouted. “You guys suck.”

“Aww, poor baby,” I cooed as I pinched Wu’s—surprisingly soft—cheek. “Tell you what, I’ll go get a round of shots. That’ll make you feel better.” I slid out of my seat a little clumsily, but still gracefully, damnit.

“Shots! Shots!” Bolin started the chant, and the others picked it up. “Shots! Shots!” I waved at them over my shoulder as I made my way to the bar.

I had to weave around several bodies—the restaurant had gotten quite a bit busier—and shoved myself between two occupied barstools. Korra was there, entertaining several young women by lighting a row of shots on fire. I watched as the girls gleefully take the shots, then turn to each other in surprise. “It tastes like warm pumpkin pie!” one of them trilled.

Korra winked as she collected the empty shot glasses. “Told ya.”

She took a few more orders, and I was happy just to watch her all night. She laughed easily and often, and hardly seemed to notice the more aggressive patrons. After a few moments she spotted me, and stopped to say something quietly to the other bartender working with her. He laughed and nodded before taking over her spot on the bar. She sauntered over to me and slapped a rag onto the counter. “What can I get you this time?” She asked, leaning close to my ear. “A sidecar?”

Christ, I was so ruined for her. “Sounds good, but I’m also in need of five shots.”

She pulled back, her eyes wide in surprise. “Boss lady cutting a little loose, huh?” she observed as she pulled out six clean shot glasses.

“I’ve been known to have fun occasionally,” I told her as I watched her pour various liquids into a shaker.

“I don’t doubt it,” she said with a smile and a lingering look.

I might have been a little drunk and a little out of practice, but I could certainly pick up what Korra was putting down. “What’s that?” I asked with a pointed look at the shaker. “Sex on the beach?”

Korra laughed. “Sorry to disappoint, but this is a washington apple. Keeping you on the whiskey menu tonight, I think.”

Okay, so maybe I was more than a little out of practice. “I only need five,” I tell her as she poured out the rosy liquid into the shot glasses.

Korra glanced at her watch. “Well I am off work in about thirty seconds, so this one is for me.”

I bite my lip in what I hope is an alluring manner. “In that case, I think you can take two more.”

I must have been at least somewhat successful, because her eyes found my mouth again before returning to my eyes. “What about your friends?”

I leaned my elbows on the bar. “You’re better company. And besides, I see those guys every weekday.”

She smiled. Not her small, secretive grin, but an openly pleased one instead. “I don’t know how you do it,” she said as she picked up her first shot.

“By drinking heavily,” I said as I selected my own glass. We take them, and it’s a smooth burn all the way down, with a little bit of sour at the end. “Wow, that’s really good.”

“Good, because you’re about to drink two more,” Korra said with a chuckle.

When I returned to the table, sans shots, Iroh looked at me confusedly. “What the fuck?”

“What happened to the shots?” Mako asked loudly before hiccuping harshly.

I shrugged. “I got something better,” I said as I brandished the cocktail napkin with Korra’s number on it.