swallow kite

If you watch The Legend of Korra backwards, it’s an epic story about a superhero who comes home from a wonderful gaycation with her girlfriend, only to find that everything has gone to shit and Republic City’s covered in moss. So, she builds a giant robot for a sexy orphan to rebuild the city (with her magical purple laser) and goes on a three year long journey where she ends up sitting in a wheel chair because she was tired of walking for six months straight. 

After that, she tangos with four swell assassins who want to put world leaders back in action, and then they kindly put themselves into specially accommodated housing. She also breaks apart the Beifong sisters and Lin and Suyin never speak to each other again. At the same time, Korra kicks all of the Airbenders back to where they came from and takes away Jinora’s tattoos. 

Two weeks later, she discovers that she’s really bad at flying kites (even though she swallowed a blue kite not three few minutes ago) and her uncle helps her get a black and red one stuck in a tree, and then they go sledding and party together. Mako gets demoted at work and Bolin drops out of Hollywood and loses all of his money.

A few months later, back at Republic City, our brave superhero pulls a man out of the water with her magical vacuum powers and gives him a free mask. The Masked Man goes around the city giving everyone free bending powers, because he’s just that nice. Our hero reunites her girlfriend with her CEO father and gets a free race car ride as a thank you, but Korra dumps her at a party. Mako, Bolin, and Korra try their luck at sports, but get progressively worse and worse as the story goes on; ending with the Bending Brothers firing Korra for her lack of talent and replacing her with a more reasonable waterbender named Hasook.

Fed up with everyone’s shit (and a heterosexual love triangle she didn’t ask for), Korra takes a ship down to the South Pole and locks herself and her dog away in a magical ice fortress, like Elsa from Frozen.

Scissor-tailed Kite (Chelictinia riocouriii)

Also known as the African Swallow-tailed Kite (not to be confused with  Elanoides forficatus of the Americas), the scissor-tailed kite is a species of elanid kite ( Accipitridae, Elaninae) which is widespread in Africa, where is occurs throughout most of northern Africa as well as most of “the horn”. Like other elanid kites, scissor-tailed kites feed mostly on insects and spiders, but are known to take small lizards and rodents as well. Scissor-tailed kites are a gregarious species, and are often seen in communal roosts. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Accipitriformes-Accipitridae-Elaninae-Chelictinia-C. riocourii

Image: Ron Knight