Shiny, Happy Mathaf People

Last night was the opening of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art’s new exhibit, Swalif and of course they have not failed to attract the most stylish people in the country.

We can see that maxi skirts and colour-blocking is the current trend in Doha!

Look out for more looks from the opening.

anonymous asked:

yaa naas tukfoun fehmaaw ina m9a7aab 7aram walla jaad entaw mu mstaw3ben? w haman wayed ashya2 '3air elm97ab 7aram gimna insaweha bs 3ashan we impress people😩 tukfoun trkaw 3ankum hal swalif! mataboun eljanah? taboun 3athab elgabir w jahanam? alah yastir 3alaikum yaraab w yahdeekum! w btw ana magam agoul hal 7achy iny walla angid 3alaikum bs 7abait an9a7kum قال عمرو بن العاص: "لو يعلم أحدكم حقيقة جهنم، لصرخ منها حتى ينقطع صوته، ولصلى حتى ينكسر صلبه"


anonymous asked:

I gave him my number w kalamni whatsapp 3 days kan benna swalif 3adya nothing interesting bs kan always ho ele yfta7 mwa'9e3 w ys2l 3ni w ana mdre kef ashr7lk bs k2ni mst7ya glel asolf w ktha... W now 6fa ele benna a7s khala9 lazm aswy step aw lazm ho yswy step l2n bs sakten w ana ma a3rf kef afta7 mwa'9e3 aw shay all i know is that im kinda in love with him😢 last time we talked i said to him i miss you and he said i miss you to w bas sktna? Im lost

You should put more effort in the relationship, even if you guys both like each other. He always starts the conversation its your turn, mo lazm daym ho. Put more effort into making the conversation last (talk more), y3ni la tslkeen 3shank mst7ya w the convo ends. You should also be open about how you feel, and be honest tell him enk mst7ya, if he likes you he’ll make it more comfortable for you. Hope everything works out!!