Shiny, Happy Mathaf People

Last night was the opening of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art’s new exhibit, Swalif and of course they have not failed to attract the most stylish people in the country.

We can see that maxi skirts and colour-blocking is the current trend in Doha!

Look out for more looks from the opening.

First flight...

Well, y’all know that you really don’t know your route until two minutes before departure when you nonrev, look at this, my original flight plan was FLL-ATL-MCO-SJU, now I’m flying FLL-ATL-MDW>BHM>MCO-SJU, but I will admit, this first flight FLL-ATL has been a breeze, I had a row to myself, the flight attendants were so attentive, they even offered to log into their SWAlife (Southwest Airlines employee’s resource website) accounts and check routes for me. I’m writing this on our descent into ATL, sipping a cuppa, and improving the world, because SWA donates green energy to Peru for every 1lb of coffee brewed inflight. There’s a reason I fly Southwest Airlines, and it’s because they care! Also, if you fly Southwest Airlines in this month (March 15) check Southwest Magazine’s page 20, I’m sure it will make you smile! Alright, by the time I finally get reception to post this I’ll be in ATL checking in for my next flight. Thanks for reading! I’ll see y’all soon!

PS, how am I going to survive MDW?! I’m wearing shorts and all I packed was beachwear! If I don’t post again, look for the frozen man in Chicago Midway Int’l! Haha.