Here it is, the full list of the most shittiest things I’ve done here. Feel free to request more of this, also scenarios for the families that haven’t been done yet. Tsukinamis as well. Please, let me know if any of the links is broken.


Help me! S

Hug me! M

Sick: S

Wake up! S

Kissmark: M

Jealousy: M

Blurred: M

Nightmare: S

Biteback: S

Let’s have a dog! S

Don’t! S M

Period~ S M

Damn Elevator: S M

Bloody Lips: S M

Nope: M

True Shit: M

Hocus Pocus Bitches: S

Kurwa mać: S

Too close: M

Can I have a taste? S

I’m scared! S

Right before: S M  

One shots:

Don’t look! (Shu x Reader, slight NSFW)

Run, kitten, run! (Kou x Reader, songfic)

Monster (Reiji x Reader, NSFW)

A Sacrifice (Ruki x Reader)

TentaKou (Tentacle x Kou, NSFW)

No Title (Carla x Reader)

Bullied (Ruki x Reader)


Wife Headcanons Masterlist

Christmas: S 

Why Sakamakis haven’t passed their driving test?

Angry Bird: M

Little couple habits: S 

What kind of shit would they be

Diaboys as DRRR!! characters

Kanato’s oral headcanons


MBTI matching

Spray painting Shu


Diabolik Emoticon Pack

Yandere Shitty Things:


Random Yandere Shitty Thing

Random Yandere Shitty Thing 2

Random Yandere Shitty Thing 3

Random Yandere Shitty Thing 4