Rancho Mastatal 2

Working at Rancho Mastatal for three weeks was a deep look into democratic space and program. The continued functioning of the small farm and education center entailed many different and constantly changing jobs, such that it would have taken a few people working solely on management to run it. However that was not how Mastatal worked.

Every morning all twenty something of us would gather after the communal breakfast and choose our tasks for the day. This ‘morning meeting’ process happened every day, and though maybe not always the most efficient, allowed the ranch to be run by each and every one of us.

No one was forced to do any task they didn’t want to, and people were encouraged to try a variety of different tasks so that everyone would have the skills necessary to do everything if need be. Trust in each other came not from idealism but knowing that we all shared the necessary skills. There was a core team of interns who were able to assist and lead, but even their jobs constantly changed.


This kind of management is necessary in a place where volunteers come from one week to two months, and interns stay from three to six months. Constantly in flux, the ranch needs to have dynamic leadership to reflect the dynamic working environment. The owners, Tim and Robin are the models of collective leadership, not only letting go completely of any top down management (which is amazing to actually witness functioning full on), but also welcoming a constant stream of new faces into their home.

During my time there I was able to see and work on site development for increased food production, soil management, rainwater management, natural building, food preparation, gardening, animal husbandry and preparation, and communal living, among other projects. It was incredibly full, and I look forward to returning when I get the chance. I had not thought about going back at first, but the richness of the community completely changed my mind.

Ownership is a theme that has come up often during my field study, and I have found it to be a major factor in quality of work. I need to feel connected to the work I am doing, that it is being done for a good cause, and that my work is not perpetuating some problematic element of our society. Feeling comfortable in that allows me to give my all to the project. Mastatal provides this in spades, as it simultaneously seeks a healthier role in the environment while diversifying the management to equitably overcome changes and hardships. If I had stayed for the three-month internship, I could see getting very deep into making the place work better, which is an exciting thought.

All in all, I was blown away by Rancho Mastatal. My expectations were very high after having it recommended by three separate people, but I was not let down. I cannot speak highly enough of this place, and hope to see it grow and flourish in the years to come. Thanks to all the beautiful people whom I shared my time with, I love y’all!

El irlandés Conor Swail y su montura exhiben velocidad en el Trofeo Prosegur

El jinete irlandés y su montura han exhibido una vez más su velocidad en el Concurso de Saltos Internacional 4 estrellas de Casas Novas, una virtud que le ha dado su primer triunfo en la presente edición del certamen. Leer


El irlandés Conor Swail y su montura exhiben velocidad en el Trofeo Prosegur

A Coruña, 26 jul (EFE).- El jinete irlandés Conor Swail y su montura han exhibido una vez más su velocidad en el Concurso de Saltos Internacional 4 estrellas de Casas Novas, una virtud que le ha dado su primer triunfo en la presente edición del certamen con la conquista del Trofeo Prosegur.
La lluvia, protagonista de la primera jornada del concurso, volvió a hacer acto de presencia el último día del certamen, pero no empañó el recorrido perfecto de Swail, que montó a Simba de la Roque y paró el cronómetro en 55.46 segundos.
Su triunfo no tuvo oposición y aventajó en más de tres segundos al brasileño Bernardo Alves, que concluyó con un tiempo de 58.18 segundos, y volvió a quedarse a un peldaño de la victoria, algo a lo que se ha acostumbrado en la presente edición del concurso.
El podio lo completó el belga Pieter Devos (58.52), que junto al holandés Leopold Van Asten (59.34), tercer clasificado, fueron los únicos que bajaron de 60 segundos.
El francés Julien Epaillard, claro dominador en las dos primeras jornadas del concurso con tres victorias en otras tantas salidas a pista, se retiró después de haber sufrido penalizaciones en su recorrido con Pigmalion du Rozel, que le dio dos victorias en Casas Novas.
Conor Swail ya se había impuesto el año pasado en el centro hípico coruñés en el Trofeo Longines. EFE

Equitation - Mannheim: Les Etats-Unis au barrage

Après la première manche, les cavaliers de Robert Splaine avaient presque réussi le coup parfait et terminaient avec un total de un point, grâce notamment aux sans-fautes de Shane Breen et Conor Swail. Les Allemands, emmenés par Ludger Beerbaum et Christian Ahlmann les suivaient de près avec 4 points.

Mais les Coupes des nations se jouent en deux manches. Et cette manche B a été fatale aux Irlandais, qui se sont effondrés. 12 points pour Shane Breen, 18 pour Kevin Babington et 13 pour Shane Sweetnam. Conor Swail a eu beau n’être pénalisé que d’un point, avec son total de 26 points, l’équipe a dégringolé à la 7ème place.

C’est rarement le cas, mais le podium s’est joué au barrage. A l’issue des deux premières manches, les Allemands totalisaient 8 points, tout comme les Américaines et les Belges. Un cavalier de chaque équipe est donc reparti pour une dernière manche au chronomètre. Et c’est le « girl power » américain qui a pris le dessus. Beezie Madden et Cortes C ont bouclé leur tour sans faute et en 32,72 secondes et ont ainsi offert la victoire à leur équipe, 100% féminine (Lucy Davies, Kristen Coe et Laura Kraut). La Belgique prend la 2ème place et l’Allemagne la 3ème. Seuls deux cavaliers ont réalisé un double sans-faute, Ludger Beerbaum et le Belge Pieter Devos.

Les résultats

Lire l’original sur Eurosport : Mannheim: Les Etats-Unis au barrage

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Deutscher Sieg beim Nationenpreis der Springreiter - Sport-News ...

Deutscher Sieg beim Nationenpreis der Springreiter – Sport-News …

Deutscher Sieg beim Nationenpreis der Springreiter – Sport-News … Der 27-Jährige ritt auf seiner 15-jährigen Stute Mic Mac du Tillard fehlerfrei in 38,62 Sekunden über die Ziellinie. Als letzter Starter verhinderte der Ire Conor Swail auf Viva Colombia einen deutschen Doppelerfolg und verwies Mannschafts … Read more on Süddeutsche.de Merkel-Feinde fordern jetzt zum Boykott deutscher Produkte auf…

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