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Letting out an exasperated sigh Fushimi keeps your arm in a firm yet gentle grip not wanting to injure you further. “You and I both know that if these scratches do get infected then you will be in more pain than a simple sting from disinfectant”.

Fushimi continued to tend to the scratches until all of them were covered with some bandages then he released your arm. “There I’m done now. Try not to further injure yourself… Meaning have some self control and not fight for awhile”.

Fushimi looks you over for any other serious scratches or injuries and sighs. “When you move, tell me if anything hurts okay”.


“Hmph! How ‘bout you mind your own business?” Misaki snapped, turning her back towards the taller male. 

Avoid fights? – No, that’s just impossible. If somebody pisses her off, she will let them know. What a boring life those must lead who never get into a bit of a brawl. 

“This wasn’t even that hard of a fight. The opponent was lucky he got a few hits in, that’s all. I was the one who came out victorious though, quite obviously~ Those lil’ punks just can’t match my strength.” she boasted, the tip of her baseball bat hitting the ground with a soft ‘clang’. Now if only she hadn’t run into that stupid monkey…Having him see her like this was more embarrassing than anything. The female could almost predict his thoughts. He probably considers her weak, getting injured like that.