WIP of this is here

I still didn’t make any official description/summary of the au..ever since I made this.. last months.. April was it??

Edit: I changed the summary


Underswag AU Description:

This frisk is going places to mess up the timelines/AUs after having a deal with Chara. They grow up as a girl in this timeline and they don’t mind if they end up as a boy after jumping into another au or timeline(they love it anyways). Their mission is to save sans in every timeline/au by getting one part of his soul because sans fell into the void too, they want to save Chara and everyone at the same time.

Their nickname would be Francheska or Cheska. (or you can call them Swag!Frisk)

If you’re wondering why the name of the AU is Underswag because this frisk is a swag, and flirty freak. Not all the time they are like that anyway. Their story is dark and kinda funny at the same time.


Full design of Swag!Frisk is here
this au literally came from my jokes