BTS Reaction || Their child having a crush on another member.

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A/N: I read a similar one so props to that user for having such a cute and amusing idea. I had to do one as well. Btw, the child is of yours and the member and the child is no older than 10.

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J-hope: He and his child would never keep secrets, besides the secret of how babies are made, so when Appa Hoseok asked his daughter if she had a crush on anyone, he was a little surprised. “What? Sunshine, you like your Jiminie oppa?” He’d smile and laugh it off with her as his daughter would go off to do something else, he’d say to himself, “She’s growing up so fast.” His heart would explode because there’d be an overdose of cuteness. 

Jimin: “What?” He’d sit his child down on the couch and sit on his heels. “But Puddin’, don’t you think your daddy’s better looking than Seokjin hyung?” He’d ask as you made your way into the living room to get something. He’d start playing with his hair in front of your child and his wife, you, as he’d wait for an answer. “No.” The simple answer caused you and Jimin to break out laughing. You’d both be laughing at his defeat as the little child watched their parents in confusion. “I’d I say? I didn’t say joke.” “Don’t worry dear,” You’d say wiping away your tears from laughing so hard.

Jin: He’d be a little taken back as his princess told who she liked by giving little hints to who she liked. It wasn’t obvious at first as she said ‘he’s pretty’ and ‘handsome’ and ‘has a nice voice and is really really nice to me.’ But once she whispered the name into his ear, scared that someone would hear, his eyes widened and he looked at her with an amusing smile. “You have a crush on Jungkook?” “Mmhm.” After that he’d watch her with loving eyes as his princess would blush while giving her Jungkook oppa his daily morning peck on the cheek. 

Jungkook: He’d chuckle and smile at his child as she stood between his knees. “But baby, your Joonie oppa would break all your toys.” He’d say and she’d giggle as his fingers would find her tiny belly. 

Rap Monster: The kid would be the one to bring the topic. “I think I like swaggy oppa.” He’d be very interested on how she figured out her situation. She’d say that his coolness and ‘swaggyness’ got to her. As much as he’d love her, he’d want her to be safe by not getting a heart break. So he’d be very logical and kindly break the ice to his daughter that Yoongi was a little too old for her. And being the brain monsters child, she’ll understand it. “You know he’s too old for you right Pumpkin.” “Yeah…” she’d frown a little, of corse, and that would case him to let down one of his walls. “Okay, you are allowed to like that lazy bum, but he’s not allowed to be your boyfriend… And no boyfriend until your 18.” “And how long will it take until I’m 18?” “It will take a long time. You don’t worry, I’ll find you someone better by that then.” “Okay…” “Hey, how ‘bout we get some ice cream? That sound good?” “Ya!”

Suga: Yoongi would notice how his doll’s cheeks would change color as a curtain-someone would come in sight. “Flower, I’ve been noticing that you suddenly get blushie and quite around Taehyung. Care to explain?.” “Daddy I…” He’d hold a strong gaze on her, “C’mon, spill the beans.” “I…I think Tae oppa is really really nice.” The blank face would rest heavily as he and his daughter sat across from each other. “Is that why you act that way all of a sudden?” “I think?” “Is there anything else you’d want to tell me?” “I…I think oppa has a really nice face.” “He’s too old for you…But I’m glad you like someone like Taehyung. He’s a really good person.” He’d say as he’d pull her to sit next to him and give her a warm hug. Yoongi Appa is proud and happy.

V:  “What did you say Egghead?” He and his child would be walking around the park when she suddenly spoke up. But because of the hight difference, her voice was a mere squick. “I said that I think Hobi oppa is nice to look at.” “Oh! And why is that?” By now, he’d be suspicious and would pick her up. After she’d say that she liked the sunshine of the group and the person who twirled her and dance with her, he made sure have her baby have a cute little confession video chat his her oppa. “Hey Hyung.” “Hey, what’s up Tae.” “Well…” He’d bring his daughter in shot. “Egghead wants to tell you something.” “Oh really? What is it Angel?” She’d blush like crazy, showing off the infamous rectangular smile inherited by her father, and make a hand heart. “I l-love you Hobi oppa.” my heartu

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