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to all the kids | some pop rock/alternative/rock/pop punk/etc songs i think luke would like!!!

001. we’ve got a big mess on our hands // the academy is… 002. mileage // neck deep 003. fire // sleeping with sirens 004. love your friends, die laughing // man overboard 005. to all the kids // july 006. you’re not salinger. get over it. // the wonder years 007. stutter // marianas trench 008. crash // you me at six 009. nj legion iced tea // a day to remember 010. the patron saint of liars and fakes // fall out boy 011. fading // basement 012. drowning lessons // my chemical romance

[listen here]

  • hi i’m going on a tumblr hiatus
  • this hiatus will only last a week or two or three depending
  • i need to focus on school and my happiness and tumblr is making me mentally and physically sick right now
  • i’ll have a very active ~quality~ queue so ya
  • message me anytime, i’ll check my inbox still
  • if you want to talk, add me on kik: kaylatyrell
  • or snapchat: lalavigne
  • or twitter: kaylatyrell
  • bye ily all and talk to you soon! :)