swaggy taggy

[12:02:21 AM] ~butts~: o m g

[12:02:24 AM] ~butts~: ur laughing

[12:02:30 AM] hannah: i aM

[12:02:30 AM] ~butts~: im

[12:02:35 AM] ~butts~: rolling off into the sunset

[12:02:36 AM] hannah: im srry

[12:02:38 AM] ~butts~: sun cw

[12:02:39 AM] ~butts~: rolling cw

[12:02:43 AM] hannah: off cw

[12:02:44 AM] ~butts~: motion cw

[12:02:45 AM] hannah: into cw

[12:02:53 AM] hannah: light cw

[12:02:54 AM] ~butts~: words cw

[12:02:54 AM] ~butts~: liv cw

[12:02:55 AM] hannah: liv cw

  • hi i’m going on a tumblr hiatus
  • this hiatus will only last a week or two or three depending
  • i need to focus on school and my happiness and tumblr is making me mentally and physically sick right now
  • i’ll have a very active ~quality~ queue so ya
  • message me anytime, i’ll check my inbox still
  • if you want to talk, add me on kik: kaylatyrell
  • or snapchat: lalavigne
  • or twitter: kaylatyrell
  • bye ily all and talk to you soon! :)