I know that sometimes people tend to think that people’s opinion are the same as their muses.

But to just let you know, that isn’t always the case.

It was bothering me all day that a person thought I personally was being ruthless to an ask, even though there was no indication of such with an “ Mod: ” or anything.

Look I’m going to be 100% honest; if you can’t deal with a fictional character being rude, don’t follow Kellan. If one little thing bothers you about how he acts and how he talks, don’t follow the blog man.

I can’t censor up how I feel he acts. He’s a In-The-Closet overcompensating homophobe who has an attitude issue who uses slurs and constantly flirts with women.

That is all


I broke a rule i set for myseelllfffff

WHICH; is to keep my opinions to myself.

My opinion? Be able to draw whateva the fuck ya want.

How I know the world works? Looooads of peeps love them some buff gay enders~<3 I mean quite honestly, who would hate on them? 

same with anyother types of blogs, people be into the bomb lookin one-

WHOOPS- sorry don’t wanna get into nothin anymore

ALL I’m sayin is that I will /try/ to censor my opinion from peoples eyes, with the tag swagginopinion

So if you would like to avoid getting upset, pluck that bad boy into your tumblr savior and dont worry bout it no mo~<3 UuU

I have nothin but love for people, but even I wanna give pieces sometimes. BUT; if you would like to avoid such, just add  swagginopinion to your savior~! 

Im still trippin balls over that blender shit...

Like how was that thought to be okay??? It makes me flinch I cant even look at the original post itself anymore.

Dad Fuq do we live in the twilight zone or something??

askminorminers said: AWH, you shouldn’t have to censor yourself, you have good opinions! it’s a shame people get butthurt over trivial things. keep being your awesome self, swag <3

Aw thank you. However it is true, some opinions or observations about how ‘follower economics’ works, is not a favorite, so its better to offer an option for people who don’t want to see it, rather than repeatedly triggering and irritating people.