You know what? I’ve seen so many people in the MC fandom (including myself) feeling down in the dumps lately, but life has so much to offer and give.

I think we all need a lil’ pick-me-up. 

SO~! What I’d like to start up/ get goin during the summer, is a “ Happy - We Are From Minecraft ” Flash for all to see.

For those unfamiliar with this, the gist is that people lip sing along with the song “ Happy ”, much like the music video for the song.

But what I would like to do, is make a major collab with everyone; with/or without their characters, to get a lil happiness flowin’ into the fandom! 

Anyone interested in being in this flash~?

Although I would be centering in animation, any extra help would be great. 

Again, this won’t be kicked off in production until around the summer time, so there isn’t any rush.

We all deserve to be happy, so why don’t we work together and have a lil fun~!