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im watching the netflix asoue and honestly i know it was added in (or at least i think it was - its been YEARS since ive read the books. but im pretty sure.) but the stuff with gustav and jacqueline is a nice addition IMO because it was always SO stressful to me that there were like ZERO adults helping these kids and now even though i know its futile im glad theres at least some reprieve from the endless tragedy

Don’t Worry, You’re Stronger (1940 words)
by Khemi

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: MS Paint Adventures, Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jake English, Grandma (Homestuck)
Additional Tags: Inspired by Fanart, Family Fluff, Childhood Memories, Melancholy, kind of, Guns, and pumpkins

It’s been a while since you looked at them.

You do, time to time, the nostalgic need ebbing and flowing like a tide in your chest, through relative calm to tight, urgent want. They’re just guns, you tell yourself, you have a thousand guns all piled up and ready to admire.

Except these pistols… They aren’t just guns, and the emotion they never fail to pull from you is visceral, like nothing else - but perhaps the scent of burning wood and hair - ever can.

A little melancholy fluff written for the ever perfect Jay based on this beauty here