Cover of Only Ones Who Know by Arctic Monkeys

I try not to cover their songs because I can’t do them justice, but I hope you like this all the same
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BTS Drunk
  • Jimin: Why doesn't anYONE lOVe me. I have the bodY OF A GOD. ((downs another bottle)) ziimiinnnn ((passes out))
  • Rap Monster: yoU KNoW. ((Hiccups)) I'm not reALLY a master of her bra. ((Has trouble tying his own damn shoe))
  • Suga: ((pulls out his big ringz)) aAye shawty. Lemme show you ma big car wHILe I take u to Ma Big houze. Swaggggg. $$$$
  • Jin: ((passed the fuck out after one shot))
  • J-Hope: ((on his 3rd bottle)) life is great guyZ. I love all of you. Did you know that. You're all so wonderful. You bring hope into MY world. ((Rap Mon throws his shoe at him))
  • V: ((has full on conversation with a lady bug)) you and me are the sAME. I remember I had to be like you beFore. I felt...fRee.
  • Jungkook: ((looks at his hyungs with disgust)) Bunch of fucking lightweights. ((Downs his 10th bottle of apple juice))

BEARDED DRAGON SWAGG “offical music video” (by Jager Wilson)