Here we have Solhan aka Hansolo from the new fetus group 13 (the average age) copying our one and only true pretty rap star and $wag god Min Suga.
The rich housewife headband style is not for everyone, we can see that Vernon Dursley is not yet on the rapper $wag level as swiggety swaggety Yoongz.

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Imagine Bucky learning modern slang words and trying to use them, but he always screws the wording up. (And b the way, that ImagineBucky playlist is helping me find new artists/songs to listen to - which I've been asking people to help me with for months!)

Steve adjusts his hair one last time in the mirror, then settles in on redoing his tie for the twentieth time. Sam set him up on a date, and while he’s not exactly over the moon about it, he knows that Sam was right- he needs to get out of this apartment more, interact with someone beside Bucky and Sam and Natasha. It’ll be good for him. He unties the knot and starts again, remembering how much time Bucky used to spend getting ready for the dance halls. Even when he was barely 100 pounds soaking wet, he’d always make sure Steve looked sharp- after all, there ain’t nothing like a dame. 

There, the divot’s in the right place now. 

He turns to Bucky, who’s been watching him from the doorway for the past few minutes. ‘Well,’ he sighs, ‘How do I look?’

A tilt of the head, a serious look on his face. ‘Steve, you look swaggety swig. Truly. She’s a lucky gal.’ 

And then Steve bursts out laughing, one of the biggest bouts he’s had in a while.