swaggermint comic

So then, I’m going to be trying take a whole new approach to the comic, since we are after all only six pages in. I wanted to up the quality, so I’ve been drawing the newest pages on paper, and then digitally coloring them.

The next update will be three pages, drawn entirely like these headshot previews I’m providing today, from my sketches. I have to say, I think I’m going to be sticking with this. You guys okay with this, for the rest of the comic?

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There is a certain lack of consistency that is bothering me as I draw this comic. Hopefully as I get comfortable with it, these issues will go away. Still, I should practice drawing them more, to practice. Well, hope you like this update!

Next update, you’ll be meeting the PR team, and one of the lawyers. This will totally not end in a complete trainwreck.

Here’s the WIP of the next page.

Apologies for it taking so long, I spent too much time on the lineart. I am still working on fixing that last panel (it’s iffy) and I’m still going to color this in. I will also be cleaning up that text. If you spot anything else, lemme know before it’s finished.

So anyhow, just letting y'all know. That it’s getting there, since I’m taking so long.

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SO I am coloring the pages in now! I finally got finished drawing the three pages, now that I’m done with the lawyer and  PR team designs, and I got those birthday stories out of the way. So yes, this is the first panel, of the first page at the moment. Just thought I’d update those who are interested.