swagger vets and double moon

Swagger Vets and Double Moon

The swagger vets
Yes, they pull flowers too
And a voice cassette of road diary
Beautiful vets drag your knuckles down
And don’t need every TV
Just a bottle and a woman
Faithful as gold
Or cold food
Your family perfume
Never touched the ceiling
Or slapped your roman nose

The lines of the face are desert roads
I slide down Emerald St. like a double moon
A tipping veteran who has combed his hair
And saw a fateful air god eat cloud food

The swagger vets the come
Pension waive
Pens in your arm
I’ll leave you to you now
Leave armys to the ants
You can be your own
Master of matingale
Sometimes it’s all too slow

I slide down Emerald St. like double mon
While every murder has a dance to do