swagger jagger!

so here's a bunch of extracts from articles praising raúl esparza:
  • “Raúl Esparza, dripping in curls and melancholy-”
  • “The actor’s presence collects a feverish response best described as an collective orgasm.”
  • “Given the subliminal intensity that hums through Mr. Esparza’s deadpan presence, you sense that flood warnings should probably be posted.”
  • “Mr. Esparza is generally a pyrotechnic actor, sending sparks and smoke all over the place.”
  • “…-his passion so persuasive it made you rethink the notion of going too far. When you have the discipline, confidence and hair-trigger emotional volatility Mr. Esparza has at his fingertips, too far is exactly where you should go.”
  • “As the flimflammer in the mirror-ball jacket at the center of all of this, Esparza is full of the devil. He pushes his vocals to the roof, sometimes squeezing his pipes into Patti LaBelle squeals. He stalks the stage with pursed lips and the look-at-me swagger of Mick Jagger. Esparza goes big, bold and a little buggy, but he’s never boring.”
  • “Chief among them is Esparza, a devilishly sexy showman who hard-sells emotional intensity like few others”
  • “the seductive Raúl Esparza, a Broadway star whose energy is as fierce as his talent”
  • “Raul Esparza sizzles like a firecracker”
  • “There’s something wonderfully dirty about the thirty-nine-year-old Cuban-American actor Raúl Esparza. He’s a leading man who is expert at infusing his roles with illicit feelings, and he can also bring a perverse cuddliness and joy to his gloomy characters.”
  • “Any concerns that Raúl Esparza might be too dynamic a performer for the role of Bobby, who more or less functions as a blank slate upon which the neuroses of his friends and lovers are writ, are dispelled by this extraordinary actor’s expertly calibrated performance. He underplays the part with offhand humor and the occasional wry observation until the penultimate scene; when this Bobby shouts “Stop!” to finally silence the nattering of his married friends, it’s a primal scream from the soul, so violent and seemingly throat-searing that Esparza’s subsequent, gorgeous singing of the cathartic “Being Alive” is all the more astounding. “
  • "Rare is the performer labeled a force of nature. A force of nature is dynamic, electric and totally unpredictable, in a positive way. Actor/singer Raul Esparza is a true force of nature,”
  • “Is it too early to accord legend status to this actor? In a brief, six-year career on Broadway, Esparza has racked up both rapturous reviews and following, which are testaments to an incandescent, very special kind of talent perhaps unseen since Bernadette Peters. He’s the kind of ultra-generous genius, with a soul-searing need to perform that makes his every appearance, however brief, something to cherish.”
  • “Wearing a sleek blue suit suggestive of a Sinatra-era Las Vegas player, Mr. Esparza employs his silken voice and dark good looks to cut a manipulative figure as Iachimo. And yet the surface charm tends to obscure the almost nihilistic depths of his character: Mr. Esparza’s Iachimo is more sexy than truly sinister.”
  • “Theater fans get an added treat in the return of Raúl Esparza, who as Iachimo enters with a hilarious lounge-lizard production number and proceeds to be wicked and touching in equal measure.”
  • “Bobby, played with unusual depth and intensity by Raúl Esparza in the musical’s 2006 revival. The sheer capaciousness of Esparza’s voice—it’s as though he had a microphone built into his vocal cords, complete with reverb switch—helps give Bobby’s personal breakthrough in "Being Alive” an almost cosmic resonance.”
UK Eurovision Gothic Meme
  • You sit down and turn on BBC One for an evening of torturous music made bearable by Graham Norton’s hilarious commentary. But the voice you hear is not that cheery, camp, Irish voice. Graham is ill today so we have a new presenter in his place. Who’s voice is that? It’s familiar. Oh God. The only person who was free tonight was me, Jeremy Paxman. Holy fuck, this will be a very different show this time.
  • It’s Eurovision 2016 and this year, all countries have made a collective decision to properly represent their own countries by singing the songs in their native languages. Where before there was only a few songs you needed subtitles to understand, now you don’t understand any. If you want to know what the songs are about your only choice is to put up with the severely delayed, live subtitles all night long. You go insane as time after time, the singer gets to the 2nd verse but you are only just reading the words from the 2nd line. 
  • Eurovision 2055: Russia wiped out the majority of Europe long ago. For what? Not for power, land or money. But so that the fear instilled in those countries that are left makes them vote 12 points to Russia every year. Russia has come away with full marks for the last ten years, which was the last time a country stood up to them, gave them nil points, and ended up being nuclear bombed to oblivion. Russia will always win now, for all eternity. 
  • Australia is never the same again, after they took part in the 2015 Eurovision. They are scarred. At first it was fun. But then the PTSD kicked in. Now they all have nightmares of the flashing lights, the cheesy techno, the tedious voting system and the sickly one liners “united through the power of voice, it’s so beautiful”. No NO it’s not beautiful, it’s terrifying.
  • The UK has lost all hope. Yet again they failed and came home a laughing stock. We don’t care anymore, send a dog wearing a tutu for all I care. But we send Cher Lloyd and she’s a roaring success. How? Nobody knows what Cher Lloyd did to them, that memory has somehow been wiped from our minds, and when we ask her; “Cher, what did you do to win?” She smirks, winks at the camera and whispers “swagger jagger”. We will never know what that actually means.
  • We’re flying the flag, all over the World, flying the flag for you. Air hosts and hostessed. Flags. Aeroplane. Innuendos. Scooch. That’s it, that’s the horror.

Music Shuffle tag!

I was tagged by sweet @sarangimjaebum <3

Rules: shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs that come on🎧 

  1. Vertigo - Marianas Trench
  2. Off With Her Head (acoustic) - Ghost Town
  3. Fuck U Over - The Summer Set
  4. Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench
  5. Scene One: James Dean & Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping With Sirens
  6. Alive Again - Marianas Trench
  7. Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd
  8. Out Of the Woods - Taylor Swift
  9. The Only One - Parachute
  10. Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold

I tag whoever wants to share their music!

A playlist with songs to wake up to and to put you in a good mood, so you can start the day with positive energy!

1. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield / 2.Circle of Life - The Lion King / 3. Good Morning Good Morning - The Beatles / 4. Beautiful Day - U2 / 5. Wake me up before you go go - Wham! / 6. Domino - Jessie J / 7. Beautiful Day - Michael Buble / 8. Walking on sunshine - Katrina and the Waves / 9. The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars / 10. That’s not my name - The Ting Tings / 11.Good Morning - Kanye West / 12. Wake Up / Arcade Fire / 13. Here comes the sun - The Beatles / 14. Good Life - One Republic / 15. Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall / 16. Spice up your life - Spice Girls / 17. On top of the world -  Imagine Dragons / 18. Have a nice day - Bon Jovi / 19. Wake Up - Hilary Duff / 20. My first kiss - 3oh!3 ft. Ke$ha / 21. Flawless - Beyonce / 22. Why not - Hilary Duff / 23. We are golden - Mika / 24. Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd / 25. Neon Lights - Demi Lovato / 26. Burn -  Ellie Goulding / 27. Wings - Little Mix / 28. Walks like Rihanna - The Wanted / 29. Bad Bitches - YLA / 30. Freak Out - Avril Lavigne