swagger girls



I always wanted to be a member of TLC🎶 and I’ve been feeling super musical as of late so why not channel my fave childhood girl group and feel swaggy af. I actually didn’t get to posting any looks last week because I was prepping for a gig with my band Lowtops (👽🙌🏽shameless promo @lowtopsmusic check eet out !) 🚀

We’ve been having some colder days in LA this week so I got to bring back some warmer garms. The cropped hoodie and high waisted mom jeans is a perfect tom boy glam combo. It’s sporty but still shows a lil midriff and some curves. I threw on a fatty chain choker and some hoops just to add a lil more glam. Paired the whole thing with my Dr. Martens lookalikes and this pleather fanny pack to top the look off with a boyish touch. Yellow socks becos extra and pig tails becos cute and lip gloss is poppin! Tough Cutie. Cute but psycho. You know me. I’m a weird one. 💋🙃 follow me on insta if you’re weird too (@ipopharr)

Hoodie: Dad won it for me at a random xmas party years ago feels like forever ago. (DIY crop)
basic black crop top: Fashion Gal boutique
Mom Jeans: Thrifted
Boots: random shop in Paris, France
Socks: 99cents only store
Fanny Pack: Thrifted
Hoops: Gift
Chain Choker: Walmart