swagger couple


Part 1

~Hey guys! Back with a multi chapter fic oooooh my first one too! So @iivakana has been throwing around their Grease AU and it’s inspired me to write about it! I hope I can do this AU justice. Thank you Ivana for letting me write this AU! I hope I can get the next chapter out soon. I hope you guys like it!~

Magic. Mark lay in bed that night, thinking over the past summer and just how magical it was.

Mark had met Jack that summer. Jack was perfect. He was funny, charming, and someone he felt he could act like himself around. Before Mark knew it he and Jack were going steady. Summer nights with Jack were electrifying. They would go and walk along the beach and hold hands, telling each other about themselves. Then they would sit and watch the sun go down.

But that evening Mark had to say goodbye to Jack. Jack was going back to Ireland and they might never see each other again. Mark reassured Jack that they would see each other again. But Mark was still worried they might not. As Mark walked jack home that night they shared one last kiss and then Jack hugged Mark and quickly ran inside, leaving Mark to somberly walk back to his dusty old car.

That was last time he would see Jack. Or at least, he thought it was.


Mark woke up that morning and slumped to the bathroom. First day back to high school. Mark glopped a large amount of Hair grease and slicked his hair back. Mark smirked into the mirror and slid back into his bedroom and pulled in his usual outfit. White shirt, black pants and his trademark leather jacket. Soon enough he was walking up to his high school. He swaggered over to a couple of girls to flirt around. Just to get back into the mood.

“‘Ey look! It’s Mark!” someone called out behind him. He turned around and smirked at Arin, Danny, Barry and Ross. He sauntered over to his little group of friends.

“So, Markimoo, what have you been up to all summer?” Ross asked.

“Oh you know, not much just hangin’ out by the beach.” Mark said casually.

“Meet any hotties while ya there buddy?” Danny poked, laughing. The group snickered as Mark remembered the nights he spent with Jack.

“Uh, yeah yeah. Heheh. A real hottie I tell ya. Skinny, short hair, and unbelievable blue eyes.” Mark spaced out for a second thinking about Jack’s eyes and how he would get lost in them.

“Aw, she didn’t turn you into a sappy boy did she?” Barry asked as the rest of the guys chuckled and Mark elbowed Barry in the side as he started to walk into the school.

“Of course not. No one can soften a guy with this much muscle!” Mark flexed and laughed along with the guys.

Meanwhile Jack was just arriving to the same high school he had been transferred to last minute. He awkwardly walked up to the school when a girl walked up to him and introduced herself as Holly. They connected quickly and Holly noticed Jack’s accent.

“I’m a transfer student. I am from Ireland. I’m going to miss all my friends back home though.” Jack said slightly sad about having to leave.

“Well I’m try and make you year fun!” Holly said with enthusiasm.


Jack giggled as Holly excitedly dragged him towards a table with a few other kids already there. Holly pulled Jack down and he tried not to spill his tray of food on the girl he almost sat on.

“O-oh I’m sorry!” Jack sputtered out quickly.

“It’s no problem! Are you new here? My name is Suzy.” Suzy put out a hand that Jack gently shook.

“And I’m Kevin.” a guy said from across the table. Jack waved a little and Holly butted in with a question.

“So what have you guys been up to over the summer?” Jack tuned out the gushing teens and thought about Mark.

“Hey Jack what did you do over the summer?” Jack looked up and smiled.

“I spent a lot of time at the beach. I met a guy there.” Jack said with a small smile. Holly giggled and they three other teens at the tabled poked for more info about the hottie he met at the beach.

“Well, he’s muscular. Bright blue hair. Always slicked back with grease. He’s really handsome and charming.” Jack listed.

“Well tells us more!” Holly said excitedly.

“Well he was so sweet. We’d go out and he’d take me to the arcade and then we’d spend the evening at the beach. But at the end of summer we had to say goodbye because we both thought I was going back to Ireland.”

I wonder if he still wants me.

Mark and his gang were hanging out on the bleachers talking and messing around when Mark’s summer became the subject.

“Did she have a nice chest?” asked Ross

“Did you go very far?” questioned Arin.

“She was crazy for me. We played around at the beach. Like I said a real hottie. Not much else to say.” Mark said smoothly. He was starting to get a bit nervous about all this lying.

“Oh come on. Did you guys kiss a lot?” Barry asked

“Yeah we made out a lot. We had a lot of ahem fun, if you know what I mean.” They group laughed and nudged each other and the group got onto another topic much to Mark’s relief.


Lunch ended and Jack walked with Holly, Kevin, and Suzy.

“So what was his name?” asked Suzy.

“Mark. Mark Fischbach.” Jack heard the three of them choke a little at the name and looked to them.

“Well maybe if you believe you two will meet again, maybe you will. Very soon. Let’s go Suzy.” said Kevin walking off with Suzy.

“We should be getting back to class.” Said Holly quickly, pulling Jack around once again.