You know what’s good shit?

  1. Raccoons jokes, just in general
  2. All of John’s impressions
  3. Zuckles everytime he says cunt (that’s a lot)
  4. Smii7y when he say “GOT DAM”
  5. Kryoz’s poly Bridge videos
  6. Mccreamy is some good shit
  7. Fitz
  8. Swagger when he laughs so hard he doesn’t even sound like himself.

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underrated things that hardly anyone talks about

-fitz calling smitty “smit”

-smittys curls


-fitz’s laugh

-kryoz’s little beauty mark things


-smittys laugh(in the drunk csgo video on fitz’s channel, you can hear him go “heeheehee” at on point and i just 💕💘💖💗💓💞💝)

-mccreamy’s voice




-swagger’s laugh

-bordie and kryoz’s love for anime’s


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i just woke up from a weird nap and had a dream that swagger defeated thanos by screaming yeet so loud it just made thanos kill himself.

and he was wearing this

so then i just kinda woke up really fucking confused, staring into the dark of my room wondering, “what the fuck.” now im gonna go back to sleep, night plebs

anonymous asked:

How old is everyone in Gbg?

GoodGuyFitz / Cameron - 22

TobyOnTheTele / Toby - 21

SwaggerSouls - in his 20’s

McCreamy / Jay - 21

Kryoz / John - 25

Zuckles / Mason - 19

RaccoonEggs / Ezra - 18

SMii7Y / Jaren - 21

GRIZZY / Nelson - 17

KugoTheMighty / Nick - 29

iNoToRiOuS / Matt - 22

Bordie / Brodie - 23

Daniel Harrison - 22

Jameskii / James - 21