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How to ask a girl out?

Get that motherfucker alone, so no one else is with you. Sit her the fuck down and sit down right next to her. Give her something, like idk chocolate or whatever the fuck girls like, tampons or some shit. Hold her hands, both of them, not just one cause that’s fucking pussy. Look into her eyes, deep as fuck, do that shit don’t just think about doing it. Stay there for a few seconds, hold that position then when you have big enough balls ask the bitch out. Just five simple words “Will you be my girlfriend?” cause that shit’s cuter that “Will you go out with me?”. After all this you will have a girlfriend then you will come back and thank me for this. Have fun being in a relationship fuckers.

Did you put “Go to the gym more” on your New Year Resolutions list by accident?

Guuuuurl, me too! This New Year Resolution is finna get broken by the end of next week! But until then, Here are a few tips for you from a Plus Size Girl! Pop a Squat and we’ll begin!

Find a local gym
-You know good and well that you won’t go work out if the gym isn’t close by. Try to find a good gym nearby your work or home. Have your bag already packed with the essentials you need for the gym. You are less likely to find an excuse if your things are all together.

Make sure to eat before working out
-I cannot stress this enough. At the very least, have a light snack or fruit before hittin’ the gym. I’ve experienced light-headedness too often from lack of food. It usually ends up cutting my workout in half. 

No one is going to make fun of you working out
-I repeat; NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU WORKING OUT, I promise you! (If they do, you let me know and I’ll go exchange a few words with them). Everyone who is in the gym is there to work on their body and I feel like this is the last place they should be fat-shaming people. Be confident in yourself. Walk in with your head held high. You are there for YOU and no one else.

Take a friend if you are scared

-A new gym can be intimidating at times, so share you fears with a friend! Having a buddy there will encourage you to try your best and make gym life a little bit more exciting.

Don’t be afraid of the equipment. OWN IT

-Sometimes gym equipment can be so disrespectful. For instance, when I first started working out on the elliptical, the machine would cut-off if I wasn’t going fast enough. Rude, I know. Don’t let that prevent you from continuing your exercises! You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable
-The gym isn’t a fashion show, so you don’t need to have the latest in designer wear to work out. Wear an outfit that you think you can effectively work out in.

Have a Booty poppin’ playlist

-Listening to the right set of music separates you from completing a workout or finishing it halfway. When your favorite jams are pumping through your headphones, it heightens your motivation to finish strong!

Don’t overdo it
-If you’re exercising with the mentality that you’re going to lose weight fast, then you’re going to be a little upset…It may take longer than expected, so don’t give up! The first thing to go is water weight, then fat. At times, you will hit a plateau, but that’s nothing to worry about! If your main goal is to lose weight, then you will get there!

You don’t have to work out at the gym
-There are different places and things that you can do to exercise your body. You can go to the park and enjoy nature, swim laps, join a dance class, yoga, participate on a community sports team, play Wii Fit, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Take a break
-Your body is a machine and every once in a while, you will experience some malfunctions. Maybe the weight you’ve been lifting at for the past two weeks is difficult to lift now. That’s okay. It just means that you may be pushing your body a little hard and a rest day is definitely needed.

Ask for help
-You don’t have to do it alone. If you are struggling, ask someone for help. Gym employees are there to help you have the best gym experience that you can possibly have. They are also knowledgeable about the equipment. So before you strain your back on something, ask them to clarify exactly what this machine does and what part of your body it works on. It never hurts to be well-informed.


-I used to think that the less food I consumed, the quicker I would lose weight. That is not the case. Starving your body of nutrients and healthy carbs will force your body to hold onto the fat that’s already in your system. It’s not helping your body when you do not eat. Make sure to Eat!

I hope these tips helped for those who are wanting to start their new year in the gym! Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you don’t work out!

[I work out daily, not with the sole intention to lose weight, but to tone and keep my body limber. To me, exercising is one of the ways that help clear my thoughts and make way for coherent ideas]