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<~Peace and Happiness~>

smtm4 is gonna be a blast yall

61lu asked:

nadja u need to prove someone i have swag

people. this is jente the swaggy master of the swaG

look at that swag wowwiwowowowow

she even has swag when she’s pretending to yawn 

beautiful swag

even when i try to swag she outswags me

back swag

close up swag

booty swag

scared swag

fetus #jentja swag 

everything jente does is #SwAg

lowkey this is my fave moment of jente swag so far bc im THERE in the FLESH *cough ksalkflmsdmfklds cough*

and last but not least current jente swag 

i have many more swag pictures of jente but she won’t let me post them even  though they truly show her swag more than any of these picture but alas 

– nadja signing off PEACE