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I’ve reposted the sigil on teepublic without the HBO triggering tags.  Fingers crossed, we’ll see how long it lasts… It’s not like I’m making millions on this thing, I just really wanted some Sansan swag and I thought others might like some too.  And speaking of Sansan swag, I’ve got about 25 sigil stickers for people who helped me out on my OP.  Mutuals please send me a PM if you want a sticker and I’ll send you a freebie. : D

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Tuesday Theatre Talk: The Hobbit plzzz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Ok so unfortunately this will be our final episode for a while because I’ve only been in five shows BUT THERES GONNA BE ONE FOR MUSIC MAN COMING SOON SO PLS HOLD

OK SO TODAY WE GONNA TALK ABOUT THE FIRST PLAY I WAS EVER IN- The Hobbit. In this show, I played Oin the dwarf, and it’s been like 3 years so let’s see how much I remember ok letsgo 

• so I was frickin terrified when I auditioned for this show, the only people I knew there were Eggplant (you guys remember Eggplant right? From the Wizard of Oz story?) and his brother. I was in eighth grade at the time and there were like 12 high school seniors in this show so I was p e t r i f i e d

• so when i walked into the audition I didn’t really understand the hierarchy/pecking order and that older kids got to have priority for good roles; but lil 13yo me was all like “I wanna be Smaug!!!1!1!1” so like I went on stage to read some smaug lines and tried to growl and ended up making a really weird snort noise in front of everyone ugh it makes me cringe to this day 

• this was the first time I met the director of the winter shows and I think I came off as show-offish to him because I’m pretty sure he hated me until he saw that I was actually a good actor in Wizard of Oz

• my first ever line on stage: “assorted cheeses, if you please”

• so in Bilbo’s house there were like all these fake food props used in the scene where the dwarves came in and trashed his place and I remember there was like one single rubber chicken leg that everyone would try and grab

• none of the dwarves had beards except for Balin, mostly because there were a bunch of girls in this show

• the guy who was cast as Thorin was like freakin perfect for the job; like he was the most assertive/commanding person ever and he honestly fit the role of Thorin like a glove; and also fun fact he made the actual map we used in the show and like singed the edges with actual fire so it looked old

• the “smash the bottles” chant at Bilbo’s dinner table was the most lit things ever, like we were pounding on tables and junk it was so great

• one of the trolls had to say “You’re a swag-belly, Essie” and of course our 13 year old asses thought it was hilarious and called each other “swag bellies” like all the time

• and also we’d pester the guy who played Balin for ballin’ too hard

• Bombur had to have honey cakes in like a lil bag and the dwarves would eat them, but we had like little almonette cookies and they weren’t super tasty but hey they’ll always remind me of this show

• OH MY GOSH I FORGOT ABOUT THE GOBLIN FIGHT SCENE OK SO- like me and the girl who played Kili (@moo-marie, she’s hilarious) had to like latch onto the big goblins legs and like he’d walk around with us like attached to his legs; during rehearsals big goblin would wear these like camo pants with this like bungee drawstring on the pocket which we’d always pull and it would drive him up the wall (fun fact: big goblin also was the wizard in wizard of oz)

• the elven blade was a real heckin sword

• Okay so there was this board along the wall in the green room and everyone drew ducks all over it and it became “The Duck Wall” but unfortunately it got painted over rip in peace 


• Smaug ended up being like a giant dragon head controlled by four actors backstage and it didn’t get finished until like the Thursday before opening night but it was cool because it could blink and open its mouth 

• I think like the first night of tech with costumes like all the girl dwarves with long hair got together and like when the second act started we all walked in with our hair like wrapped around our faces and pulled into a ponytail at our chins so we could have beards (kinda like this? I literally couldn’t find any pictures to help explain this besides this lone picture of ariana grande)

• ONE TIME DURING TECH GANDALF MISSED A CUE- (I think this is partially my fault because I think I forgot a line in that scene and it may have been his cue to like get ready) but all the dwarves were like on stage screaming for Gandalf for like 3 minutes because he was a no show

• OK SO ON THE SECOND NIGHT after the one part where all the dwarves and Bilbo finished floating down the river and crawled out of the barrels, the guy who played Fili forgot his lines and started add libbing- he didn’t sound like his character at all but like for years afterwards he was remembered for saying “YA KNOW WHAT” on stage and it was great

• after the second night of performances the seniors ditched everyone else and went to Buffalo Wild Wings instead of Dairy Queen and for the matinee everyone had written #scumbagseniors on their arms

• after we finished striking our set I announced “I’d never do this type of theatre stuff again” BOY GEE WAS I WRONG ASF

anyhoo, this finally wraps up my spectacular theatre adventures, but stay tuned, i plan to be in more plays so i can tell more stories; now i gotta get off tumblr for the day because i gotsa write an essay for history so best of lucc to all my humble meme lords and farmers- hope ur gardens continue to yield spicy harvests i lov u all

i love how predebut minghao had so much swag and was basically too cool for school wearing all those swaggy outfits with those jeans and the beanie and dat hair and those cool v-signs and poses that he does and that one piercing with his dance squad but now he’s all really adorable and delicate and shy and quiet and precious cinnamon roll too good for this world .. too pure i love minghao how much u gonna bet in a few years he’s goin to show his full on swag and just b-boys everywhere like yOOOOO

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why ok i’ll do it

sequel to this (if you’re too lazy to read it, it’s basically that Warner’s across the country at the capitol)

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I have waited for so, so long for a song where all of Seventeen would sing.

Sing, not rap.

Sing, because they all can sing albeit different in level of skill.

So I can’t really help my tears when they finally made it happen. Laughter really showcased their singing. And the last I heard some of these boys actually sing where you can actually really, really listen to the progress of their voice was way back their trainee days. I’m floored by how much they have all improved.


We know he can sing. He’s done it a lot of times, but not many times enough. We all agreed he needed to sing more, so even if they all got short lines to cater to everyone, I love how they made him sing the first part of the song. It somehow felt special like that, especially because he’s the leader.


I’ve always thought that Hansol can sing, just not the high notes they ask him to do. His voice is really, really nice to listen to, especially when he sings these. It’s somehow calm and easy.


I just want to stress how his voice has improved so much since their debut. Jeonghan was in vocal line, but he needed time to grow vocal-wise, too. He’s a lot more stable now and he can even hold notes. I love how he was able to make me feel light-hearted with his voice the  very second he sang.


He has this really unique voice color. I don’t think it was emphasized too well here because of how short the lines were, but we all know how his voice is a perfect mix of gentleness and honey, especially with the way he pronounces his words. It’s really, really pretty.


Oh. We know he can sing. He has a sort of lowkey nasal quality of voice that just works. His voice turns from sweet, sweet love song lullabies to rapline worthy kind of edgy. His voice just delivers without fail no matter what kind of song he’s singing.


Main vocal for a reason. One of the most raw and powerful voices I’ve ever heard, and it’s a voice that never fails to move me and make me tear up. Honestly, this boy has so much soul in his voice and it just oozes out of him the second he sings.


The melody suits his voice. I’m not sure about it, but when hear I hear him rap, I feel as if his voice isn’t too forceful or like, filled with swag, like other rappers. To me, his rap flow is that kind that can easily be turned into a melody if you want to sing it instead of rap it, so I thought maybe this boy could be a real good singer if they let him. And here we have the proof of that. 


This boy’s voice is so comforting. It’s got this sort of warmth that makes you feel like you’re in your room in a silent night cuddled up with your favorite pillow and blanket. I wish he’s able to sing more, because his voice speaks with emotion so much.


His voice. It’s adorable and precious with that accent, but he can sing and he can rap pretty well. And his mellow voice is just. I wish we can hear more of him singing soon, because the world needs more of Xu Minghao, and we need to see all the improvements he’s been having that we’re yet to be blessed with.


This boy, I swear. I have heard too few of Dino’s singing to actually say he was good at singing, but I felt that he was, because what can’t our maknae do? Powerful dancing and equally powerful rap. I felt like his voice was steady enough to sound good if he were singing, and I was just hoping, hoping, hoping to hear him sing at least once. And I’m ranting about it right now because I never thought it’d actually happen, and he’s as good as I thought he would be. Probably even better.


I’ve talked about DK’s voice a hundred times, maybe. Voice clear as water. Main vocal for a good reason. There is just no way he wouldn’t be noticed for his voice now like that one time they didn’t realize he was main vocal, too, at Seventeen Project.


Jun said lines rather than sang them, but the way he delivered them floored me. He has good control over his voice as he speaks. It’s beautiful to hear. I wish they let him sing because his voice is soothing as well, but I’m not at all disappointed, because while Jun didn’t sing, his voice quality while speaking those words went straight to my heart and warmed it.


He has this really beautiful voice. Like a lonely prince that sings his heart out with a deep, gentle voice that makes you feel so nostalgic in that sense where you feel solitude yet you’re also filled with warmth.

This was a long post, but I had to get it out there. I really can’t help but feel overwhelmed and proud because I really wanted something like this, where they all would sing, to happen. Seventeen really has a way to make us happy in every sense of the word.

Support these boys. They deserve all the love in the world.

Handy-Dandy new app~

Dear convention-going friends,

Even if you’re not a cosplayer, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increasing numbers of cosplayers who pass out business cards. Heck, you might even be one of them. 

I’m also sure we are all aware of the struggles of keeping track of business cards when we’re getting tons of other free swag and cards and the like that generally get dumped into one bag to be sorted through later when you’ve forgotten how to match the memory to the memento.

WELL. Let me tell you a thing.

There’s an app called Haystack that is 100% FREE for individuals. It’s a business card app. As in you put in your info and it creates a business card for you. 

Bam. Look at that. Someone takes your photo, you pull out your phone and have them take a picture of that immediately after. And then they can actually connect the dots and find you and tag you in that shit! :o

AND! If the other person ALSO has the haystack app, the app will SCAN business cards! Both paper cards and app ones. And organize them all nicely in a list.

AND not only that, but you see there on the left side (edit: RIGHT. RIGHT SIDE. I KNOW MY SIDES.) where the logo/black photo bubbles are? THAT’S ACTUALLY A PHOTO GALLERY. So let’s say the cosplayer’s card you just scanned is from the Haystack app. When the app recognizes that (I’m assuming via phone number or email listed), it will give you that person’s FULL Haystack card, meaning if they’ve uploaded other photos of their cosplay, you’ll get to browse through those.

For cosplayer’s that’s great way to showcase each cosplay you’re doing throughout the con or for photographers to showcase samples of their work.

It’s also super easy to go in and change/update your info! No more wasting money on cards. No more leftover cards. This app could seriously change up how photographers and cosplayers share their information at conventions.

DOWNLOADS!! iphone vs other guys

BTS: My First Bias <3

So I was not an ARMY in the beginning ..it took me a bit to get into BTS.. like I had to put effort in to get to know them and their songs. I got into them a month ago FINALLY . Where I know all their names positions and etc and can actually say I am an ARMY! But at first, I sorta followed them in their debut in 2013 

I guess I didn’t stan them at first because I thought they were another hardcore rap group, in which I don’t mind buut I had to check them out.

So in 2013, I did see No More Dream and the very first member I fell for was and was like: WHO IS THAT FINE MAN ?? was:

like literally Rap Monster is life! This man is talented. I thought his name was odd at first but nevertheless I thought he was really really cool. And had swag like no other human being. 

And his mix tapes and pre debut music and style are AMAZING!!!

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He is so awesome. I love his rapping and I thought he was handsome but

He is Funny/silly:

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And why on EARTH are there so many rappers nowadays that are ADORABLE?? Rap Monster is one of them: 

He can dance:

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Can twerk:

He many not have the skills like J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook but he is good! And has made tremendous progress! 

Plus he has some great hairstyles in the eras:

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I ship NamJin :

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….although not gonna lie Minjoon is cute:

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I have so much more to say, but it will be  A LOT! He seems to have a great personality and very sweet

I am glad he is in BTS just like the other members. I can talk all day about how a wonderful leader he is and his ENGLISH ASDFGHJKL?? I love it so so much! 

He was the one that made me really get into BTS! Like all the songs I did listen to I knew Rap Monster’s part and got super excited but I had to venture out and see the other members and I’m glad I did. They are all my biases! And still wish them all the happiness in the world!!